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FAQs on Lined Wrasses, Genus Pseudocheilinus 2

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Mystery Wrasse Patch/Discolouration        9/7/18
Hello Team!
<Hey Anik>
First, thanks for all the help. This site has been very helpful over the years.
<Ah, good. Welcome>
My question is in regards to my Mystery Wrasse. I’ve had the fish for 3 months now, it a 55 gallon quarantine tank, with no medication yet, along with a Flame Hawkfish.
I noticed on the flank, closer to the tail, the Mystery Wrasse has a small area of “discolouration”, not white or fuzzy, but like a small patch of new skin/brighter skin than the rest of the fish’s body. Any idea of what this could be? Is this something normal?
<Mmm; maybe just a response from bumping into something likely>
The Wrasse is eating well, being fed krill/Mysis shrimp soaked in Selcon. He’s swimming well, not scratching and hasn’t exhibited any abnormal behaviours.
The only thing I can think of is that 4 days ago when I added the Flame Hawkfish; the Wrasse did show some curiosity and aggression and the two fish did take some nips at each other. They now completely ignore each other, even when in close proximity...they sleep in the same PVC pipe lol.
I’m going to start my normal prophylactic quarantine procedure with Praziquantel (PraziPro) followed by Cupramine; but would like to know what your thoughts are before I proceed.
<Well; am out at MACNA in Vegas, attended the Rising Tide program today; someone spoke on culturing Neocirrhites armatus... they are aggressive toward other fishes and their own kind>
I’ll try to get a picture, but it’s proving pretty difficult to see in the pics!
Thanks Team!
<I wouldn't worry over much re this; as you state the fishes are getting along now. Bob Fenner>Re: Mystery Wrasse Patch/Discolouration     9/8/18
Thanks Bob! I know your right, and it’s probably nothing to worry about but I’ve attached pictures just for you to see and for the site if you want to post them for anyone else in the future. Let me know if you still believe it’s nothing to worry about.
<Well, bigger than a bite for sure... likely a physical/mechanical injury... still naught to do or worry about>
MACNA in Vegas is a bucket list event for me! Sounds amazing. Yeah, these little red beauties can be mean! I’m pretty sure that’s where the Wrasse took a nip from the little flame.
Thanks again Bob and Team!
<Welcome Anik! Wishing you were here. BobF>

Wrasses; request for pix     8/23/17
Dear friends, send me please two photos of Pseudocheilinus dispilus in high resolution for using in scientific paper. I assume both fishes from
Reunion. Is not it?
<I have images of this species from Mauritius. Attached here. Bob Fenner>
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/SWPOTD964.htm -- 
best regards Sergey

Four vs. Six Lined Wrasses, Temperament and Sand Bed    7/22/17
Hello crew,
I'm interested in adding a wrasse to my 55 gallon tank. Current residents are a Percula clown, a canary blenny, a yellowtail damsel, and a red fire fish. The owner of my LFS advises against a six lined wrasse; he says they
are extremely aggressive (I get the impression from reading that they vary in their temperament).
<He is correct. Most Pseudocheilinus (the genus of Lined Wrasses) can be very pugnacious>
He says the four lined wrasse is much more peaceful (although a lot more expensive!) Do you agree that the four lined wrasse is a better bet if I want to preserve the safety and sanity of my other fish?
<I do; and it stays smaller>
Also, I know these wrasses bury themselves at night.
<Mmm; no; not this genus>
I currently have a rather shallow bed of sand in the tank. How many inches of sand would be needed for these wrasses?
<Hide in and amongst rock work, corals by day and especially night>
And my quarantine tank has no sand, of course. Would it be too stressful for one of these fish to spend a month in quarantine, with no sand?
<I would not quarantine small wrasses (too stressful; not a good trade off), but instead do your best to secure a healthy specimen, expedite it through a dip/bath procedure as gone over on WWM (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dips_baths.htm ). Bob Fenner>

Sixline Wrasse Pair     1/6/17
Hope your having a good night Bob.
<Hi Jason... This is Gabe>
I have a few questions for you tonight involving a pair of Sixline wrasse I have in my 40G breeder tank. When I bought them they were in the same tank and I watched them for about 20 minutes and saw zero chasing nor any aggression between them and decided to buy them hoping they might be a bonded pair.
<Possibly a bonded pair. Did you talk to the people at the LFS? They may be able to confirm this>
The larger one is about 2 1/2-3 inches and the smaller one about 1 1/2-2 inches and they have been in there together for about 3 weeks. There still is no aggression nor any chasing and they often swim near each other.
<Sounds good>
The both eat well and pick thru the live rock. In the tank with them is a fat 3 inch Singapore Angel that will get moved in the next few months,
<This angelfish will need to be moved as soon as you can. Singapore Angels should be in tanks of 120 gallons or larger
a tuxedo urchin,
<Be aware that Sixlines enjoy picking at Urchins. It is one of their favorite live foods>

two large peppermint shrimp, some Xenia, some mushrooms, Tongue coral, and some Duncan's. There is also zero aggression between the wrasses and the Angel.
<This is good, but the angel will still need to be moved regardless of how happy it is now.>
Do you think they may be a pair and stay relatively peaceful towards one another or do you think they will eventually fight with one another?
<I can't honestly say for sure. I have personally kept pairs of Sixlines in the past but only because I can confirm with the wholesaler that they are a pair. Only time will tell. If you do notice any aggression at all, you should move one of them.>
Do you think removing the Angel could change the dynamics between the wrasses?
<It could, but I don't think it is likely>
After removing the Angel I would like to add something else but don't want to chance changing the dynamics between the two Sixlines, any thoughts?
<It is up to you. You can pick and choose specimens that you want, and experiment with what works and what doesn't>
I have a juvenile red Coris wrasse around 2 1/2 inches
<Not reef safe or invert safe. They will eat your corals and the peppermint shrimp>

and a 2 1/2 inch Ctenochaetus binotatus in separate quarantine tanks right now.
<The tang could work with the wrasses>
Do you think the Singapore Angel, juvenile red Coris wrasse, and Ctenochaetus binotatus would be ok together in a 55G until I set up the 6ft 135G I have in the garage or should I leave in quarantine until the 135G is setup which might take up to 6 months from now?
<I see now... You weren't planning on putting the Coris wrasse in the 40 gallon. My bad. If you think it is going to take you six months to set up the tank, I would definitely leave the two in quarantine. It would be better for them both>
Thanks in advance for any and all help and advice. I really appreciate the hard work you and your team do to keep this website up and running with the valuable information it contains. Have a great night! Jason
<Thanks for using WetWeb, Jason. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions. Cheers, Gabe>
Re: Sixline Wrasse Pair    1/7/17

Thanks for the reply Gabe!
<My pleasure, Jason>
I really do enjoy reading the website and learning, just ask my wife.
<Haha! I believe you>
You are correct that is was never my intention to put the Red Coris in the 40 due to their eventual size and the fact they would eat what I have in the tank.
<Glad to hear it. The Coris would've demolished everything it could>
Based off of your comment about the tang do you think it would be ok in the 40 at least till I make room in one of my 75g if not long term, I know 40 is small when it comes to tangs.
<The tang should be in a 75 or larger as you already know. It really depends on how long it will take to get the 75 gallon ready. How big is the QT tank that it is currently in?>
I can't really move the Singapore right now as it was originally intended for the 75g till the 135 could be setup but the Powder Blue Tang that is in there didn't take too kindly to his presence which isn't unexpected and I'm not sure the Singapore is big enough at 3 inches for the 5-6 inch Rhinopias that is in my other 75G.
<You really need to find a tank for the angel. You might have to move some other things around to find it a home.>
I know some of the animals I have are in too small of a tank but IME they should be fine in the short term and took advantage of acquiring healthy individuals.
<It pains me to admit it, but I have kept large fish in small tanks as well. It really depends on the health of the fish, how happy it is and how it behaves in the tank. Some species do better than others in small(er) tanks.>
Thanks again! Jason
<The pleasure is all mine, Jason. Write us any time you need help, and let me know if you have any further questions. Cheers, Gabe>

6 line wrasse question    8/22/12
Dear Crew,
I recently had to take my 6 line wrasse out of my main tank as he was attacking new clownfish arrivals.
<Not atypical aggression from this Pseudocheilinus species>
 It took tons of work and removal of my live rock to catch him. Now that I have the wrasse in a separate tank he has hidden himself in a piece of live rock I put in there for him and he won't come out!
<Also to It's been 3 whole days and he won't eat or come out of his hiding place. He is still alive and I know he is traumatized but do you think he'll ever come out and start eating again or is he a goner!
<Will very likely resume feeding, become more outgoing... though this Lined Wrasse genus is more secretive, reclusive than most fish groups>
I'm curious to know your thoughts.
<Do read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pseudocheilinus.htm
the linked files above. Bob Fenner>
Re: 6 line wrasse question    8/22/12

Thank you for your time and your reply!
<Glad to help. BobF>

Pseudocheilinus ocellatus, gen. 5/14/09
Dear crews of WWM,
I was informed that the Mystery Wrasse () which origins from Marshall Island or Hawaii looks different from those that is found in Vanuatu.
<Mmm, have dived in HI several hundred times and never seen this fish there... Am wondering if I've mistaken it for the very common P. evanidus?>
Those from Hawaii/Marshall Island are more purplish in colour from juvenile till adult but will lose its bar as it grows old. However, those from Vanuatu are more pinkish in colour and the bar will stay throughout its growth.
Is there any where I could read up more about them?
<Mmm, yes>
I have read through http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/feb2003/Fish.htm but could not get
my answer. I have attached the picture of 1 from Hawaii and another 1 from Vanuatu.
Hawaii mystery picture courtesy of liveaquaria.com
<Don't know that I have seen any reference to different care for the one geographical race vs. t'other... What little I know re them, the genus period is archived on WWM. Otherwise, recent tomes covering Labrids... by Kuiter/Debelius, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Scott Michael... Bob Fenner>

Nasty Six-Line Wrasse - 5/2/2006 Hello to all the Wet Web Media Gurus- <<HA! Happy helpers, :).>> I have developed a problem with my two favorite fish- both wrasses. After recently re-entering the hobby, I have been operating a 30 gallon reef tank for about a year. Parameters of the tank are: 76 degrees F PH 8.1 SPG 1.024 All my tests show that ammonia, nitrite/trate, calcium, alkalinity, etc. are good and consistent. <<Numbers are always helpful.>> I do a 5 gallon water change every week. <<Good to hear.>> The tank has live sand and rock, a substandard protein skimmer (upgraded SeaClone 100), <<Ouch>> a power head for circulation, some air stones for aeration, and a three stage trickle filter with a sponge, carbon, and bio-balls (which I just heard are bad???). <<Not BAD, just not a favorite of many.>> The tank is crowded- residents listed are in the order added: 1 blue/green Chromis 1 cleaner shrimp 1 peppermint shrimp 2 small snails 1 fairy wrasse <<Many species possible.>> mushrooms 1 small clown fish (1 1/2") lawnmower blenny <<Tank is much too small for this guy.>> 2 turbo snails 1 hammer coral 2" bubble tip anemone 1 six-line wrasse 3 feather duster worms Also, looks like there are some zoos, small brittles, a hermit crab, and unfortunately a tree or colt coral that all came in as hitchhikers. Now before you yell at me - I realize the errors of my ways and I am currently in the process of setting up a 72 gallon tank to house these guys. <<You read my mind! Are you running proper light/feeding the anemone?>> Here's my problem: The six-line has been bullying the fairy wrasse. <<Not uncommon.>> She has marks on her body and a small piece of her fin is nipped. <<Poor girl.>> I've pulled her out of the display and put her into a 10 gallon quarantine tank. I've tried giving the six-line a "time-out" in the quarantine, rearranging the tank, etc. Should I even attempt to put my poor beat up fairy into the 72 gallon with the six-line? I suspect that the current crowded tank is exacerbating the bullying problem. <<I agree.>> I'd like to keep both of them if possible but I really don't want to keep the fairy in quarantine for the rest of her life. Please advise. <<Get the larger tank set up ASAP. Introduce both fish at the same time, and watch them. You may need to choose one over the other, but my guess is larger quarters will go a long way here.>> Thanks, Stephanie D. <<Glad to help. Lisa.>>

Mystery Wrasse and Masudes Hog... Incomp. of Pseudocheilinus and Bodianus spp. 4/8/06 I am getting a Mystery Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus ocellatus) tomorrow and want to know if I can add him to a 90 gallon reef tank. <This is a very gentle species, genus...> I have a 4" Bodianus masudai in a 90 gallon along with a few other fish. <In the same tank?... Might be a problem> The masudai has only been aggressive to one other fish (a Halichoeres chrysus that is no longer in the 90 gallon.) Otherwise he seems to leave everything else alone. I also have a 58 gallon reef tank that is only 2 months old and has two Tangerine Skunk Clowns (Amphiprion sandaracinos) and a Candy Hog (Bodianus bimaculatus). <The genus Bodianus, Hogfishes can be quite territorial...> I would really rather put the Mystery Wrasse in my 90, it is much more established, and in a more prominent area of the house, but I hate to take a chance with a $200 fish. What is your advice? Thanks, Bill Edgel <... To place this fish in yet another system... not with a Bodianus/alpha fish present... too similar in appearance, users of similar niche... Likely to be trouble in either tank here. Research before you buy... Bob Fenner>

Cocoon Swallowing Wrasse 3/28/06 I have a problem with my Six-Line Wrasse. For the two weeks that I have had him he has being doing fine in my 50 gallon tank with his Engineer and Clown Goby pals. This morning I got up and was surprised to see that my wrasse was still hanging out in his sleeping cocoon. <Late sleeper?> After breakfast I saw him spit out and then suck back in a small wad of his cocoon material. <Not uncommon... some consume this...> He kept on doing this and it looked like he was choking on it because his breathing seemed a little labored. That was a few hours ago and I can no longer see the wad of cocoon that was in his mouth. He keeps his mouth partially open and swims kind of funny. He will not eat now when just yesterday he had a huge appetite for the Mysis that I feed him. <Perhaps it just over-ate?> sometimes he shakes and twitches and I think the wad of cocoon is still in his throat or something. Is there anything that I can do to help him? <Mmm, just good care, maintenance> It is now the next day and he has disappeared. All day yesterday he was acting as I described above. In the evening he returned to the hole where he likes to sleep and just sat there breathing heavily. At this point I could see more cocoon material hanging out of his mouth. I would have guessed that he spits out mucus to create the cocoon but I seems to cause him so much trouble. Around ten thirty I could not find him anywhere and have not seen him since. I just don't know what to do. He didn't look very happy at all when I saw him last. Sorry that my original query was not written well. I didn't realize that was a requirement. <Ah, yes... all is posted... I wouldn't worry here. If your other livestock and water quality are fine... Bob Fenner>

Peppermint shrimp to rid Aiptasia ? Or feed a wrasse? - 2/4/2006 Hello to the crew ! I have a relatively simple 50 gallon reef, which has slowly been over run with Aiptasia. I went to my LFS and was told peppermint shrimp should do the trick, so I purchased three of them. The following day I looked for them and they are no where to be found ? <Maybe> I'm wondering what could have happened to them. I only have two fish, one being a yellow tang and the other a six-line wrasse. <The last could have consumed them> Do either of these fish have shrimp on the menu ? <Yep> I also lost a cleaner shrimp about two months ago, which I had for approximately one year. One day he was there, the next gone. Any clues ? What about the possibility of a bristle worm ? If one of these guys is the culprit, what is the best way to deal with my quickly spreading Aiptasia problem ? <See WWM re... Bob Fenner> Thanks for the input. Trever from Santa Barbara, Ca.

The Legend of the Predatory Six-Line - 2/4/2006 Hello gang, <Hi Fred.> your site and books ;-) have been invaluable to me and I thank you again (and ahead of time). <Quite welcome.> My issue at hand is my skunk cleaner shrimp. He is wonderful and cool but he is constantly stepping on my zoos, mushrooms, yellow polyps and candy cane coral. <Sounds like normal Lysmata behavior to me.> This causes them to never be fully open for very long. In addition he steals whatever food they collect. <Ditto on the above comment.> I cannot use the inverted soda bottle method because my corals are far to spread out, it would be easier to place him in a soda bottle (which of course isn't happening). I've thought about giving him away and replacing him with a six line wrasse. <For what? These wrasses are not 'cleaners', they will not remove parasites nor dead tissue from your other animals. A neon goby would be a much better choice for this.> I've read that the six line would eat my only hermit crab and eventually eat my snails. <No they stay relatively small for wrasses, your hermits and herbivorous snails are safe generally speaking. The six-line wrasse is much more of a threat to your micro-fauna and 'pod population than it is your 'clean-up' crew.> So to those who keep six lines, what do you do about algae? <See above, and remember live animals are not the only way to keep algae at bay, look into refugiums and nutrient control in general.> I'm afraid that without my team of snails my tank will be over run with algae. Will the six line really eat 2" turbo snails? <No.> Or is he more of a danger to tiny snails? <Very tiny snails, such as those 'pyramid' snails that afflict Tridacnids'¦many clam keepers love six-lines for this reason.> I have a 55 with zoos, mushrooms, yellow polyps, candy cane and a short tentacle plate. Current inhabitants are a Coral Beauty, 2 Scissortail gobies, red legged hermit crab, few assorted snails. I'd like to add two ocellaris clowns a six line and a fridmani Pseudochromis sans the skunk cleaner shrimp of course. Any thoughts? <I would skip the fridmani, I'd say your full up after the addition of the clowns and the wrasse.> You guys ROCK!!!!! <Thank you.> Fred <Adam J.>

My 6 line wrasse needs help 2/1/06 I am trying to save a 6 line wrasse I bought about 4 weeks ago. It had a large abdomen at the time but seemed otherwise healthy. Over the last few weeks its abdomen has swelled greatly. Its now has severe buoyancy problems, it tries to wedge its self to stay upright and flips upside down if not moving. Its vent is inflamed, and at times a thick ivory colored mass seems to protrude then retract. I am treating with MelaFix <Worse than worthless> in a hospital tank, and suspecting an intestinal worm or other parasite. <Maybe> The fish is still eating well. Is there any thing I can do to help this fish or is euthanasia the best option? Thank you for your help, Kim <Only if in your opinion the animal is "overly" suffering. I would add a level teaspoon of Epsom Salt per ten gallons of system water here... and see if "this too passes". Bob Fenner>

Re: my 6 line wrasse needs help 2/2/06 Hi Bob, Thanks for the response! I will try your suggestion, I hadn't considered Epsom salt. <A very useful, inexpensive, readily available, safe cathartic> I did use PraziPro last night, which is fish Droncit and ordered Discomed on line last night when no one in town had it. I gave a brief, 2-3 minute dip, which it didn't seem to enjoy much as it thrashed about, I removed it when its breathing became labored. But right away worms began being expelled. <Interesting> They were almost ½ inch long, very thin on one end with the thicker part the last to come out. <Likely either nematodes or acanthocephalans> One was still alive but died right away. I looked at it under a microscope and didn't see any obvious segments. <Cutting a coronal section near the distal (head) end and looking end-on may reveal a roundworm definitive triradiate esophagus> The fish abdomen was much smaller this morning and it seems a bit better able to maintain its balance. Two more questions if I may: If it survives, I am wondering how I will know when it is "cured" and safe to go into a tank? <A few weeks...> This is my first experience with this problem, so I am also wondering how infectious this type of problem can be? <Mmm, as in spreading to other fish species? Not very in general... and all fishes (and humans for that matter) have gut and parasite fauna> I had hoped the MelaFix would help with the vent inflammation, I take it your not a fan. I will stop using it today. <I would (stop)> Looking forward to seeing you again at the WMC, Morgan tells me he may be coming as well. It should be a great time. Thanks again for your help. Kim <Will indeed... and twill be a hoot. See you then/there. Bob Fenner>

Re: Much improved but still has balance problems... 2/7/06 The 6 line wrasse I wrote you about is doing much better, the swelling is about gone. Tomorrow will be 1 week on the dewormer so I plan to stop that treatment. <Good> I have been using the 1 tsp per gallon Epsom salt treatment as well. The only remaining symptom is the balance problem. This hasn't gone away. <May, with time, or no> Other than a few more days on the Epsom is there anything else you would suggest to correct this problem? Thanks, Kim <Only good nutrition and water quality... and precious time going by. Bob Fenner>

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