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FAQs on Lined Wrasses, Genus Pseudocheilinus Systems

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Four vs. Six Lined Wrasses, Temperament and Sand Bed    7/22/17
Hello crew,
I'm interested in adding a wrasse to my 55 gallon tank. Current residents are a percula clown, a canary blenny, a yellowtail damsel, and a red fire fish. The owner of my LFS advises against a six lined wrasse; he says they
are extremely aggressive (I get the impression from reading that they vary in their temperament).
<He is correct. Most Pseudocheilinus (the genus of Lined Wrasses) can be very pugnacious>
He says the four lined wrasse is much more peaceful (although a lot more expensive!) Do you agree that the four lined wrasse is a better bet if I want to preserve the safety and sanity of my other fish?
<I do; and it stays smaller>
Also, I know these wrasses bury themselves at night.
<Mmm; no; not this genus>
I currently have a rather shallow bed of sand in the tank. How many inches of sand would be needed for these wrasses?
<Hide in and amongst rock work, corals by day and especially night>
And my quarantine tank has no sand, of course. Would it be too stressful for one of these fish to spend a month in quarantine, with no sand?
<I would not quarantine small wrasses (too stressful; not a good trade off), but instead do your best to secure a healthy specimen, expedite it through a dip/bath procedure as gone over on WWM (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/dips_baths.htm ). Bob Fenner>

Sixline Wrasse or other choices? 2/13/11
Hello everyone. Felipe here from Miami, Fl. I find a lot of my answers here on WWM and I think you guys and gals are great. Now to the question at hand. I have a 20 gallon reef that's been up and running for about 1 year and all is well. My question is pertaining to stocking it with one more fish. I currently have 1 Ocellaris Clown and a Pink Spotted Goby. Both get a long great. I have a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Porcelain Crab, Blue and Red hermits, some snails, red and green mushrooms and a brand new green
Ricordea Florida which is now splitting into two. Now I tried a Chromis
<Not enough space...>
in my system but my Clown went nuts on him and he died in 2 days. So I was thinking of maybe a Sixline Wrasse
which I've read has a little more attitude...but I'm afraid maybe it has too much? Would you guys suggest anything else that would do fine that's not a Cardinal? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Best regards. Felipe.
<Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/setup/marsetupindex1.htm scroll down to small reef livestocking articles and FAQs. Bob Fenner>

Pseudocheilinus evanidus, the Pin-Striped or Striated Wrasse sys. & Tridacnid comp.    2/26/10
Dear Bob,
Does Pseudocheilinus evanidus, the Pin-Striped or Striated Wrasse eat Tridacna clam?
<Mmm, is possible>
Is it wise idea to put them together in a 30 gallon tank?
<I would not... the "Disappearing Wrasse" is far too skittish to be kept happily in such a small volume>
I really want to be careful with my clam because a Tridacna clam is rare.
It is because it's illegal in Indonesia to sell it.
<? Really? A restricted species?>
Thank you for your information and attention.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner> 

Six Line Wrasse acting very sluggish   8/12/09
About 5 weeks ago I purchased a 15 gallon tank with 15 pounds of live rock and 10 pounds of live sand, waited for it to cycle until the ammonia and nitrite levels were 0. I maintained weekly water changes of
about 15 - 30 %. Currently my nitrates read 15 ppm, and the pH is just at 8.3. Salinity is at 1.024 ( I'd rather keep it up because I plan on putting some coral in the tank as well) I have only one fish, A six-line wrasse, they are so beautiful and really... that's the only fish I would like in there...
<Mmm... really needs more room than this>
My problem is that the six-line wrasse seems very very sluggish lately.
I offer him a small portion of brine shrimp every day, but I NEVER notice him eating.
<Likely picking at the life on, about the rock. Artemia not a good standard diet BTW>
He constantly is laying on the bottom
<Mmm, not good behavior... though not active fishes to speak of, the Lined Wrasses should be up and about during all the daylight hours, cruising through spaces, amongst hard structure>
unless bothered, and at times even when he's bothered he just chooses to keep laying on his belly. I do notice the mucus he emits,
<This tank is likely "too young"... has chemical, physical issues from the rock, life...>
also, it seems like he could be having trouble breathing, stress probably, but I really don't know why he would be stressing out being in such a solitary area (he's the only fish in there). He's been like this for about a week now, (I've had him for two weeks total, Acclimation time was 24 hours, drip).
Do six line wrasses pick at live rock?
<Yes, for sure>
Is that how he getting his food?
<Highly likely, yes>
If so I never see him picking at it, water is pretty much crystal clear, maybe I just got a bad wrasse...
What do you think's going on with him?????
<Really, just this system being too new for it, and too small for such a species...>
Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!
Jacob Bishop
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: Six Line Wrasse acting very sluggish   8/12/09

Thanks so much! I'm prepared to let my friend take care of him, as his tank is much much larger and much more well established than mine, looks like I'm gonna have to pick out another beauty.. Perhaps a green clown goby?
<Mmm, no... read re... not suitable for this setting either>
I'll do the research on it. Just wanted to say thanks for your great advice!
<Real good. Be chatting Jacob. BobF>

- Six line Wrasse - Hi all... I've posted this on the chat forum but haven't really gotten much of answer. <Let's see if I can do any better...> I'm hoping someone can help before the kids ask to go fish shopping this weekend. I moved my 2 false Percs and yellowtail into the main tank this evening after going fallow. My yellowtail didn't make it. I uncovered the tank to check on them and he was being eaten by the shrimp and hermits. So sad to see that. I'm guessing I screwed up on the dip during transfer although the clowns appear to be fine. (Swimming normally now). Anyway, I don't plan on replacing him unless hubby really wants me to. (Especially after having most of you tell me I shouldn't even have him.) Here's my question: I know that a lot of wrasses are known to be jumpers. Is the six line one of them? <I'm afraid so.> How much of an opening do they need to jump? <Smaller than you would think.> Would it be compatible with the following: 2 false Percs, 1 strawberry Dottyback, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 fire shrimp, 1 peppermint shrimp, 1 turbo snail, 3 hermits? <Sure, although it 'might' take out your shrimp one day.> Also, a yellow fish is very much wanted do you have any suggestions that would work with this crew? <How about a Citron Goby?> My tank is a 29g with live rock/DSB. No corals or anemones although I would like to have some mushrooms. I think I have enough light for those. (2 Coralife 20 watt 20,000K bulbs) Do you think my light is still too poor? <Not for mushrooms and polyps, but it might be rather tight quarters for all these fish - do consider something a little larger - perhaps a 40 gallon tank if you want this mix to persist. The extra size will also lend some stability to the whole system too so it's a double bonus.> If so, then  mushrooms will come off the Christmas list and have to wait for a lighting upgrade and or larger tank. <Get the larger tank first - your fish will thank you.> Thanks.
<Cheers, J -- >

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