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FAQs on Lined Wrasses, Genus Pseudocheilinus Identification

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Lined Wrasse sel., ID  10/16/08 Hello I have had luck with the 6 line wrasse, but in the past have had no luck keeping the 12 line wrasse... I was wondering if they are not as good shippers as the 6 line or if I am just doing something wrong. <The "twelve line" that is the eight-line (this and the four are mistakenly sold/labeled/called the twelve) is a bit more skittish, does not adapt as easily, well as the four and six line. The Fourline is about the same in hardiness as the Six> The 12 line is also not found as often as the 6 line... Any ideas to keeping one of these??? Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia <The four-line? It's care, housing is identical to the six... Pretty much as the bit-larger 12... See here: http://wetwebmedia.com/pseudocheilinus.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner> Thank you, Paul

Re: Lined Wrasse sel., ID   10/17/08 Bob, <Pablo> So what you are saying is basically once you have one adapted.. they are about the same to take care of as the six line or do they have more requirements? <The former... very similar> Thank you again Bob... Paul <Welcome. B>

Wrasses Are there any wrasses referred to as '12-line' wrasses? If so do you have any photos or tips on identifying them? <Lots of lined wrasses of the genus Pseudocheilinus... here's our coverage of the genus: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/pseudocheilinus.htm but not twelve... maybe try "lined wrasse" on fishbase.org (I did). Bob Fenner>

Pseudocheilinus ocellatus Wrasse 7/10/03 Bob, <Anthony Calfo in his stead>     You have a photo of Pseudocheilinus ocellatus on your website. I have had several specimens of what I thought was P. ocellatus but they are slightly different. Photo attached. Is it the same fish? <it appears to be the same. Indeed... most fish have at least some variation in the species. Some have dramatic differences... yours is subtle at best and there really are no congeners that look remotely like P. ocellatus> Larry <see more here from Scott Michael: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/feb2003/Fish.htm>

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