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FAQs about Sea Squirts Identification 6  

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floating eggs?      4/23/16
I came across a floating egg case in about 60ft of water on surface( south side of Maui). The eggs were black and resembled Cane Toad eggs but these were in arranged in a tube about 3ft in length by 12in in height. Sorry I didn't think to take pic but any ideas on identification? Thanks
<Salps? B>
Re: floating eggs?

Thank you Bob. It does appear to a Salp chain, it was my first encounter and thanks again for the info.
<A practice guess. No fish egg rafts fit the description... the colonial ascidians do. BobF>

Strange growth?       10/11/15
Hello there. Just want to firstly thank you for the wealth of information you share here. You are my number one spot to research everything. Now, for my question. I have a 55 gallon salt water tank that has a cluster of mussels (no longer living) which I collected from the ocean (Atlantic coast southeast Florida).
There is a very strange, but beautiful growth spreading slowly on it and I'm not even sure what to search to try and identify it. Could you help?
<Yes; this is a colonial Ascidian... the "Flat Tunicate", Botrylloides nigrum >
The picture is taken close up, the grow is about the size of a dime currently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Strange growth?      10/12/15
Thank you so much!
<Ah welcome. Thank you for sharing. BobF>

Growth on Hammer Coral       8/14/15
Hello and thank you so much for all the valuable information you guys provide.
<Welcome Shel>
I have been reading and researching on your site (and others) for several years now and this is the first time I have posted a question. In April I upgraded my tank from a 75 to a 180 gallon mixed reef tank.
Things are going very well, but today I noticed an unusual growth on the side of my hammer coral. The hammer is usually fully extended, growing nicely and is very beautiful. Today I turned my lights off while acclimating a new chalice coral and a maxima clam and as a result of the lights being off the polyps retracted on my hammer and I saw this large growth on the side of its skeleton. I have looked online and the only thing I can find as a possibility are the vermetid snails, but the pictures I can find don't really look anything like what I see on my hammer. I am attaching a picture and was hoping that you will be able to tell me what in the world this is and how I can get rid of it. Thank you again. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
<The reddish bit? Tis an Ascidian, A Sea Squirt... unless it's physically bugging the Euphyllia, I'd leave it... interesting animals; not harmful; and indicative of good conditions, care on your part. Bob Fenner>

full size pic

Re: Growth on Hammer Coral       8/14/15
Oh my, what a relief! I was thinking the worst. It doesn't seem to be bothering the coral in the least and when my lights are on the hammer is so extended that the sea squirt is completely hidden. Thanks again!
<Ah, welcome! BobF>

Can you identify this?       5/3/15
Hello! I started finding this in my tank a few months ago. The kinda look like eggs but nothing seems to hatch. Seems to spread quickly.
<Ahh; very nice. These are colonial Ascidians; Sea Squirts. Indicative of good conditions in your system. Not harmful.
Bob Fenner>
Thank you!!!
Tamara Marshall
Ocala Reef

Re: Can you identify this?      5/4/15
Thank you! I really appreciate it! I have looked in so many books and couldn't find it!
<Ahh! B>

Re: Please help identify this please     4/28/15
Thank u for your help can u help me one more time please I bought a colony of star polyps and found this it's soft and has 2 protruding what looks likes mouths that retracts when touched I thought maybe a sponge of some kind thanks for any help
<Mmm; two mouths, retracts when touched... my guess is that this is an Ascidian/Sea Squirt of some sort. Not harmful; in fact indicative of good care, conditions. Bob Fenner>
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