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FAQs on Freshwater Crustaceans: Gammarus (Scuds)

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Are these Gammarus shrimp?     6/2/16
Hello wonderfully helpful people!
<Howsit Sab?>
I turned on my light in my 10 gallon freshwater tank today and was greeted with the sight of tiny crustaceans zipping around that most definitely should not be in there. They're brown and tiny, only about 3/16 of an inch.
I've managed to catch 4 into a container, but there's at least a couple more. After scouring the web I came to the conclusion that they seem to be Gammarus shrimp, but would like your expert opinion.
<I do think this is Gammarus as well>
Provided that they are Gammarus shrimp, should I put them back in the tank or should they be removed?
<I'd keep them as useful scavengers. Neat animals>
Thank you very much!
<Welcome! Bob Fenner>

Re: Are these Gammarus shrimp?     6/2/16
Hello Bob!
Is there a chance of them taking over the tank or harming my Pygmy cories?
They're kind of freaky looking.
<Not much chance of either; however if the Corydoras or other egg-laying fishes were spawning, these might be consumed. BobF>
Re: Are these Gammarus shrimp?     6/2/16

I was hoping the Corydoras would spawn but I read that these shrimp hide in the substrate and can't be eradicated,
<Mmm; well... can be... by chemical means... Poisons that target Arthropods... And to some degree via purposeful predators>
so I suppose that dream is out the window. I guess I'll return them back to the tank then and let them eat the detritus. Thank you for your help once again!
<Cheers, BobF>
Re: Are these Gammarus shrimp?      6/7/16

Yikes I definitely don't want to use poisons. Is it common for tanks to acquire a variety of tiny crustaceans?
<Yes; healthy ones do quite often. Especially if stocked with live plants>
After finding the shrimp I looked much more closely at my tank and noticed a tiny white dot, smaller than a grain of salt, swimming towards a moss ball and climbing up it. When I sucked up the shrimp I also sucked up little round black thing smaller than the white thing that swims around rather erratically. If this is normal I definitely don't mind having a nice varied ecosystem going.
<I am of the same philosophy, practice. Perhaps an inexpensive microscope is in your future? Fascinating fun.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Zoa and Amphipod Problems... Unrelated   3/21/07 Hello Mich I'm back again..   <Doug, it's been so long, what 24 hours, maybe more!  Hee!> I'm seeing something very similar in my freshwater planted tanks as well.. They look similar to the ones in my SW tank just smaller.. Maybe .125" compared to .2-.4" in my SW tank..  These fw ones will eat pellets, cutup shrimp and catfish fillets..  They also like to rip moss to shreds.. This pic is of one tearing the fronds off of a piece of moss..  A friend took this pic..   <WOW!  A great macro shot!> Are they similar?   <Likely so.> Do you think there is a chance that the SW ones might eat meatier foods like the fw ones do?   <Yes, they are detritivores... eat waste... dead foods, not living corals, thought they may appear to be as they will stealing food and cleaning waste from corals.> Thank you in advance for any info.. <You're welcome!  -Mich> Doug Again I'm attaching a link to the pic because I don't know how to resize.. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c306/fishnfst/gammashrimppic-1.jpg <This is a fine option.  And again a wonderful photo, kudos to your friend!>

A Gammarid beauty!

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