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FAQs about Marine Worms, Vermiform Animals Identification 19

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A worm? Info.? Pic?       11/4/13
We have a worm in our tank its black and white looks like a picture I found on the internet that directed me to your website we are curious if he is dangerous.. he was a tag along from our live rock.. thanks very much...
<Umm, not on this scant info. Read here:
and the linked files above... mainly ID FAQs. Bob Fenner>
This is the worm      11/5/13

<....? Did you copy this pic from WWM? See Errantiate Polychaetes. BobF>

Weird Marine Worm? Black & White - NOT a Peanut Worm.     10/18/13
Hiya,I have been setting up my first marine tank, a TMC Aquahabitats 30 litre,
<Nice units>
 over the past few weeks gradually adding live rubble and sand then live rock and phytoplankton. Recently added more live rock plus one xenia and one ricordea.This morning I found this thing crawling out of a hole in the new live rock, it's quite a cool little dude and I tried to find out what it was and have ended up with either a bristle worm or a eunicid worm.
Can you give a definite ID and let me know if it's good or bad?
P.S. I've seen about an inch or so so far but there may be more of it inside the rock
<Ah yes; please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/echwrmidfaqs.htm
Bob Fenner>

Re: Weird Marine Worm? Black & White - NOT a Peanut Worm.     10/18/13

So what do you think it is as I doesn't look like an Echiuran of any form :/ It's not squidgy looking like them and has 3-5 "antennae" in front of it's head... It looks like a black and white Eunicid worm basically. It's "antennae" are striped back and white but it's body is pure black with some blue-ish tones included. It has little "spikes" on it's side that are tipped with white. I don't know if you got the picture I included but I'll include it again just in case along with a close up labeled version of it.
I can't get any more pictures as it won't come out properly now.
<Ahh, I do apologize. Yes; I "jumped to a conclusion" only looking askance at the first image. This does indeed look to be a Eunicid (errant ate polychaetes) worm. There are some images of ones with the distinctive black/white stripes on the antennae. Am out visiting, giving talks in CT, and my laptop screen is small, and my vision... more bunk than I wish. Bob Fenner>
Re: Weird Marine Worm? Black & White - NOT a Peanut Worm.     10/19/13
That's bad news for my tank then :(
<Easy enough to bait, trap out. BobF>

Re: Weird Marine Worm? Black & White - NOT a Peanut Worm.   10/21/13
I got him out.
<Ah ha!>
He's approximately 6-8 inches long altogether!
I'm giving him to my local as they have a tank they want to put him in because he's black and white.
Thanks for your help.
<Thank you for sharing. BobF>

Question about Saltwater Hitchhikers      8/21/13
Hi, I wanted to see if you could help identify a mass of saltwater hitchhikers which I believe came along a Frogspawn Coral frag my girlfriend and I recently purchased.  I drip acclimated the frag and then added the correct dosage of ReVive Coral Cleaner (recommended by my LFS)
<High mark-up item>

 for the last 15 minutes of the acclimation...Well since we added the frag I had found a couple very small Polyclad Flatworms (which we've been sucking out with a syringe when we see) and I'm seeing a ton of these tiny little specs all over the glass near the substrate...Not really what I was wanting to deal with after purchasing our first frag.
<A good idea to have an intermediate system... for isolation/observation; quarantine>

I've been researching all over the internet and the best answer I can assume is that I have an outbreak of Planaria going on in my tank.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of these things all over the sand, and glass...
I've attached a couple images with hopes of figuring out what these are so I can decide whether or not I need to do anything about them...For size comparison there is a picture with the little worms all over a shell...That shell is the size of a small pea.  In the other picture you can compare the size of the worms to the size of the sand grains.  These things are tiny, but I fear they'll grow into something much larger and more difficult to deal with at this point.
<Too small and poorly resolved to make out, but these are likely some sort of worm... Can't say/tell whether problematical, but not likely. Bob Fenner>

Re: Question about Saltwater Hitchhikers... Coral quarantine/dips/baths... Using WWM       8/22/13
Hi Bob,
<Hey Chuck>
Thank you very much for the quick response.  My girlfriend and I will be definitely investing in a quarantine system for corals
<Actually; all incoming livestock; mainly to "give it a rest". See WWM re>>
 before we add anything else to our display tank.  I prefer to enjoy our saltwater aquarium versus having to research and battle hitchhikers and pests.
Do you have any sorts of recommendations on Coral Dips?
<Yes; posted... >
 Coral RX?  Cleaner dips every few days while the coral sits in quarantine?
<... yes; commercial and hobbyist; usually just once, on arrival, diminished (just a thousandth) spg, overdosing of iodide/ate, a simple sugar...>
 Any other methods like RO/DI water dip for X amount of time?
<... all gone over on WWM>
What is your recommendation on the amount of time to have corals sit in a QT before adding them to the display tank?  2-4 Weeks?
<Yes; this is plenty of time>
I used our Mag Float / Easy Blade last night to scrape a bunch of these things off the glass, turned up the Protein Skimmer to skim a bit, and we have Carbon / GFO running.  We're also going to cut back on the amount we feed our livestock.  I'll just keep an eye on them and see whether or not they go away on their own.  If they continue to grow larger at least it'd help identify them...All I can tell is that they're very tiny black worms.
<Do you have a microscope? There are really spiffy, inexpensive ones nowayears w/ USB hook ups... that can take nice pix>
Thanks again for your help!!
<Cheers, BobF>
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