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FAQs on Anemone Identification 11

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ID Of Montipora And Anemone - 8/10/2006 Hi! Could you please help me confirm the species of these two animals (see two attached files). One was sold to me as Macrodactyla doreensis, but I have a doubt. The other one is an unidentified Montipora. <The anemone appears to be a doreensis or Corkscrew Anemone.  The Montipora looks like a type of capricornis.> Thanks! <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Re: Hitchhiker ID   7/8/06 OK, I will try with one pic. <I see it... a distinct polyp/oid... with purplish Hi, Long time reader (6+ months), first off great job with all the information. This is the first time I haven't found the answer myself so here goes: I need help identifying this hitchhiker.  He is about the size of a dime so it is hard to see, pictures attached.  He was on a snail originally, and he has moved around a few times and has a foot that attaches to the bottom.  I have him held hostage until I find out what he is, good or bad?  I think it may be a Bubble or carpet Anemone? <I agree... looks like some sort of actinarian... Bob Fenner> Thanks for your time,
55G reef
10G reef/QT

Anemone help   5/17/06 hello there, <Howdy! Not Minnie Pearl...>   I found your website and have spent many hours perusing. It is Great!   I am new to saltwater aquariums and am loving it.  I have a 55 gal  long tank with a CoralLife power compact light. 2 tubes 65 watts  each.  is this enough light for anemones?   <Mmm, not most species... in a tank this "tall", most of the large/r Pacific tropical species would like triple or more intensity as this> My parameters  seem good and stable.  Sg is 1.023 <I'd keep this at 1.025... steadily> ph is 8.2 temp is 76.  the  tank is about 2 months old.  I have 2 percula clowns, 2 gobies, 3  hermits, a bubble tipped anemone and a couple pieces of live  rock.  one of the pieces of live rock came with 2 different  anemones attached to it. <...> I was afraid that they may have been  Aiptasia, so I took the rock back into my LFS.  the person there  said that she did not know what they were, but that she did not think  they were Aiptasia.     <Many other possibilities...>   One is about dime sized and clear with straight, pointed tendrils, with what looks like tiny air bubbles in its tentacles.   <There are images on WWM...>   The other, which I think may have stung my bubble tipped anemone as he  moved. looks like fine clear hairs that are very stretchy in their  seeking out of food. this one is growing quite rapidly and makes an  almost web like covering over the piece of live rock it is on.     Any ideas what these might be?   I have attached pictures for you to see. <Oh! Let's see:   Mmm... not much resolution in these pix, but these are almost assuredly some species of "featherduster worm"... See here: http://wetwebmedia.com/wormidfaqs.htm and the linked files at top in this series>     Thank you so very much.     Christopher <Do please also take a read re BTA Systems... re this species lighting... and Feeding requirements... Bob Fenner>

Anemone ID 5/7/06 I believe I have some type of anemone that was on the back of a hermit crab shell I brought from rocky point Mexico. It has since moved onto my live rock and have had difficulty getting an answer from anyone I've been asking to help ID this animal. <<Hmmm... no surprise.  Such critters are very hard to ID.>> It appears to me to be like a flower anemone, But when it is touched it closes up and spits out pink strings from its skin like a defense mechanism. It will continue to do this if poked or bumped ( I messed with it a bit). <<These are mesenterial filaments. They can be expelled for defense or in times of stress.>> Any Ideas as to what this is, and most important do I want to be keeping this in the tank, not that I can remove it very easily from the rock its on. It sits kind of flat and is more skin textured than jelly like. I'm not sure if it was this animal or the live crab but out of the water there was a very powerful stinky odor that may have been put off by this animal as well. <<Whether or not to keep it is a judgment call.  Some of these critters can have very powerful stings that make them dangerous to slow moving fish.  Some can reproduce prolifically and become pests.  Most are perfectly good citizens.>> Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will attach pics as well. Thanks for all your help, I love your site and is sooooo very helpful!!  Frank  <<Images are usually helpful, but unfortunately a precise ID is still not possible in this case.  Best Regards, AdamC.>>

Unknown Anemone  - 03/13/2006 Hi there WetWebMedia crew, It's been a long time since I thought my anemone was Heteractis aurora but some of my friends told me that it's a possibility it may be crispa. After that rumors I checked the web and still couldn't find no similar photo to mine. It's body type is looking like aurora but the tentacles look like crispa , anyway here's the link : http://img518.imageshack.us/my.php?image=anemon6xl.jpg thank you for your time. <Appears to be an Aurora to me.: http://wetwebmedia.com/marine/inverts/cnidaria/anthozoa/anemones.htm Bob Fenner>

Anemone ID 3/11/06 Howdy, need help with an anemone I believe it to be a bubble or LTA type (probably bleached). Stalk is Pink, view of disc from the bottom is white with brilliant white spots (verrucae??) mouth and top of disc is florescent green, tentacles go from fluorescent green to white and bright white tips( no bulbs but thick tentacles) not sure if bleached b/c of amount of gorgeous green. specimen hasn't attached yet and really doesn't move aside from current sway. How long is adequate time to adjust and attach? - purchased 3/07.  Beautiful creature and would like to keep it if you feel this is a bubble type (130 pc in 20 gallon only sufficient for bubble type correct) have option of taking it back to LFS   Thanks 4 help <<Bubble Tip anemones don't have verrucae.  It does look like a Long Tentacle and it is badly bleached.  Your lighting is probably adequate for this anemone, but it should be fed a piece of meaty marine food every other day until it recovers zooxanthellae and once a week there after.  Long tentacles can be hit or miss as far as settling in and attaching.  They prefer deep fine substrates and no more than moderate current.  If the anemone does not attach in a couple of days, you may have to actually bury the foot in hopes that it will stay put.  If it does not attach, the disaster of it wandering into a powerhead, heater or other piece of dangerous equipment is imminent.>>

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