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FAQs on Calcium, Supplements involving Calcium: Manufacturer's Products

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Feel like a beginner! SeaChem Ca products    4/6/12
Hello  "most knowledgeable ones in the entire world about reefs" people!
<Wow!  Hello Pam>
At present, my tank is 2 months old and I find I'm struggling with many of the same issues that plagued me 10 years ago.
I guess the knowledge I attained then, has seeped from my brain and I find myself learning all over again.
<The technology has changed tremendously as well.>
I found an old document I used 10 years ago and was wondering if it still stands true.
As I stated in one letter, I took about 6 years off from the hobby and now I feel like a beginner!
<Mmm, the chart does not state which size tank this dosage is for.  The calcium does not have to be put into a pail and mixed.  I mix the required calcium dose with tank water in a small plastic wide mouth bottle  and slowly add to the system.  Same goes for Reef Builder.>
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

For the health of your corals and over all environment.

Reef Plus Use 2 tablespoons EACH of

Reef Complete these products, 2 times a week.

Reef Calcium Dump directly into tank.


Reef Advantage Calcium

Reef Builder

Fill a 5 gallon pail with plain water no salt!

Week 1 >> put 1 T. Reef Advantage Calcium in pail. Use this water to top off for the first week.

Week 2 >> put 1 T. Reef Builder into ANOTHER bucket and use this for top off for the second week.

Practice this procedure forever for healthy corals!________________________________________________

Water changes should be done at the rate of about 10% a month. Only at this time do you add salt to the tank.

Calcium Chloride/Calcium And Alkalinity 12/12/09
I'm just learning of the problems that can arise from supplementing a reef tank continuously with Calcium Chloride....in this case Seachem's Reef Advantage Calcium.
<This product is best used short term to rapidly increase calcium levels.>
This product has worked incredibly in my smaller systems, yet now that I am 6 months into a 150 gallon sps reef, I'm noticing a few things that are entirely irregular. Firstly, my salinity has crept up to 1.028. I've always been diligent about 1.025 specific gravity water changes and freshwater top off, yet I'm not understanding fully how calcium chloride plays a role in this spike.
<Calcium will not raise specific gravity.>
Secondly, without supplementing calcium for over 3 weeks, my levels have stayed at 480 and not come down to my desired 420 level.
<Magnesium must be at the proper level (1280-1300ppm) to allow the calcium to be utilized by calcium loving inverts. Magnesium is a major element of sea water.>
All the while, alkalinity is depleting almost as fast as I can correct it; from 9dkh to 6 the next evening.
<High calcium levels can cause this drop.>
I recently purchased a calcium reactor and am ready to install it, but I'm afraid of what may happen if these levels don't stabilize. I've corrected specific gravity over a 6 day period and brought it down to 1.025, but want to be assured that I'm doing the right thing in setting up the reactor. Should I wait a while and keep dosing Seachem's reef builder alkalinity powder or set up the reactor and start dripping slowly.
<I would concentrate on getting the magnesium level up where it belongs.
Your corals will be able to absorb more calcium when the magnesium level is maintained. Is exactly why magnesium is always a part of calcium based treatments for osteoporosis, it increases bone density.>
I would never ask my LFS for help (unfortunately they're in the business of selling livestock, not saving it), and too many conflicting opinions would be bouncing off me from fellow reefers. Please help!!!
<You might want to take a look here.
Thank you
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)> 

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