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FAQs about "Coral" Reproduction/Propagation: Sources of Info., Livestock, Supplies...

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Club frag swaps!

Info On Wholesalers/Jobbers, corals biz 11/5/10
<Hi there>
My name is Joey Nichols and I am trying to gather all information needed in order to best educate myself on opening an online coral storefront. I've searched through your site and have found a lot of useful information, however some of it seems a little bit outdated and some of the links in the FAQs etc no longer work.
<Thank you for this input. Such tasks/work are in need of continuous revision, updating>
Anyhow, I'm mainly looking for some information about wholesalers:
How do they operate (minimum order amount etc)?
<All have their own standards, which, once you're accepted as a bonafide dealer they will relate. It is of considerable advantage to be a "larger" player... there are tens of percent lesser cost shipping and "paperwork" depending on the volume you're dealing in... and very importantly, the possibility of direct flights, your relationship with the airlines/carriers>
I hear that you have almost no say so over what corals you receive (like you may receive a box of poor quality, unpopular corals)
<Mmm, this is definitely not so... the "real" people in the trade even have wysisyg... >
I've heard a few mentions of "jobbers." If I understand correctly, these are people you hire to "cherry-pick" pieces for you. How can I come in contact with one?
<These folks abound... I really suggest you come out, visit at least some of these intermediaries... they are centered about the handful of (I take it you're in the U.S.) international airports w/ Customs facilities... Even haul out to the big/ger international trade shows... You're welcome to transit w/ friends and I to Aquarama this May in Sing... Many growers, collectors attend such...>
Who are some of the most reputable wholesalers?
<Some are listed on WWM:
the first block of links under "Livestock">
Thanks for your help and hope to hear from you soon!
Joey Nichols
Joe Knows Reefs, LLC
<Glad to assist your efforts. Bob Fenner, out presently visiting in Fiji w/ Walt and Deb Smith...>

Shipping Acropora 1/20/10
Hi Crew,
Just a quick question, what would be your recommendation on the best way to ship Acropora to minimise death when in transit for 14-24 hours.
Thank you
<With the base (non-living) double rubberbanded to a small square of Styrofoam, suspended upside down, in sufficient system water to prevent the specimen from touching the sides in any situation the box (Styrofoam with a
cardboard liner) is placed, with oxygen, double bagged in at least 2 mil. poly. Bob Fenner>

Forward to Bob F, EricR back in "the game" 3/19/09
<Hello Eric!>
Hope all is well with you, I sure do miss you. I wish NC wasn't so far from you. OK mushy stuff over.
<Heeee! Hello to Tammy>
It was only a matter of time until I re-joined the Pet Fish industry.
<"Come on back to the fold">
I've built a 2000 sq ft separate building with office on my property. Tam & I are going to start aqua-culturing corals. We are in the middle of the system construction, and I thought it was time to start looking for vendors
to purchase stock from.
<Neat! I was just in MI over the past wknd., and visited Dick Perrin's Tropicorium... he's still going strong...>
I guess we're reaching out to you, because we trust in your guidance. We are looking for top quality pieces, and also rare species. We are not looking for the ordinary; we want to bring affordable descent size corals to the public. As I look around at every coral provider, either importers or aqua-culture, there is a common denominator.
<Mmm, I'd deal with SDC, QM and PAF... do you have contact info. for these 104th St. outfits? Actually... might be well-worth your time contacting, making arrangements to come out to LA and physically visit... as there are scarcity issues... I'll gladly join you>
Everything is too small and too expensive.
Most hobbyist in the trade are not descendents of royalty and live on a tight budget especially in these economic times. We believe it is possible to deliver a better, larger and less expensive coral specimen to the
<A lot of work... but am quite sure that you two already are fully aware of what's involved.>
Let me know if you have some time to chat about this new chapter in our lives.
<Mmm, any time>
Things are well on the east coast, and Tam couldn't be any lovelier.
I've attached a pic of the new facility.
Your friend forever,
Eric J Rood
<Glad to see you back in the trade Eric. BobF>

Please help. Petfish biz... Svc. and Culture of Fragged Cnid.s Hello everyone, <Nate> this is my first time writing but Id like to thank you all involved in the answering of questions. The few hours I've been sitting and reading has been VERY informative. So im 21 and starting the business "AquaTech Aquarium" out of my parents basement. <Ahh!> Im located in New Hampshire and have got a bunch of tanks set up growing out all sorts of corals. Im trying to get my black Polymnus clowns to spawn but no luck so far. <There are far easier species... and more easily sold... I would go with "stock" items like Ocellaris, Perculas, Maroons... first> I just picked up six 75 gallon reef ready tanks and four 29 gallon tanks with 3/4" bulkhead fitting in the bottom. Im going to have 2 separate systems. The reef system will have four 75's and 2 70's. One 70 will be the sump and the other will be the refugium. I've got an MRC MR-3 with a Japanese Iwaki 70RLT ready to go. The 2nd system will be fish only and will consist of the remaining 75's and 29's. I've checked out; http://www.tropicalfishfind.com/Importers.asp and sent a general email to about 30 of the exporters. <Mmm, for... stocking? I would NOT do this importing yourself... Too many possible sources of disaster... no real savings...> After getting a pricelist from about 12 from Indonesia i found Roy Wicaksono from Bali Marine Supply to have the best selection and pricing. He is unable to ship to Boston never mind anywhere in NH. I then learned more about the idea of transshipping. <Nor would I do this... orders are going to be too large, specimens too unpredictable in health, size... and still troubles with likely high incidental mortality> I guess the only way for me to import is to have the shipment go through LAX or JFK first. I had a nice conversation today with Joe from Pacific Island Imports (pacisland.com) and found his selection to be impressive but the cost of shipping etc has led me to believe that there has GOT to be a better way of going about this. <Mmm, there is> If im paying for the shipping to both the US and then from LAX/JFK to Manchester, NH i might as well try and find out HOW to go about avoiding the middle man if that is possible. I then learned about CITES and customs etc which has led me to believe that the needed customs agents for this kind of thing only exist in LA and NYC? <Mmm, this and other towns with Customs facilities... e.g. Chicago...> So i decided to find a transhipper out of NYC and then go from there. In my Google search for one i found this site. Which has led me here... <Ok...> Any suggestions on how to go about finding a few different suppliers in the northeast or west coast if they are somehow cheaper. <Yes... If you're intending to "frag" larger colonies, grow them out a bit, re-sell somehow, I'd just buy such specimens from reputable marine livestock wholesalers... In LA, do consider Pacific Aqua Farms, Sea Dwelling Creatures, Underwater World, Quality Marine...> Would these more local suppliers mind using my exporter if i were to pay them a fee in addition to reoxygenation and reboxing fee? <Mmm, I doubt it/this... and again, after "living this industry" for a few decades, I am adamant re my stance here. You might "get away" with a decent to good shipment trying your direct import, transshipping, or variation in between here, but I assure you, you will "get caught" with a bad one, too small/unsaleable items, an errant shipper... sooner rather than later. What is it you want to do? Make money and have a modicum of a good time in our ornamental interest? Buy from legitimate wholesalers... That way you can almost hand-pick specimens, be assured of some recourse should something go wrong (it will), and talk with someone who speaks English when it does.> I ask this because after comparing prices between Bali Marine Exports and Pacific Island Imports. <Again...> Any and all guidance/direction would be most appreciated. -Nate Guerette <One other strong suggestion I have for you is to start a "service" branch of your business. Seek out and do marine aquarium maintenance... You will make money thereby and be able to use the tank space and power/electrical costs of others to grow out specimens... Along with indirectly increasing demand for your tank-bred/reared specimens. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Re: Please help. -08/27/08 Mr. Fenner, <Just "Bob" is fine Nate> Thanks for the quick reply! I do in fact service tanks. Only 13 right now. But I've got to start somewhere... <This is a great start!> To give some insight on the market in my area...the hobby is fairly large in Boston... <Ah yes... have been, visited there a few times over the last three decades... in the pet-fish, public aquarium interest> and tends to get less and less popular the further you get away from it. The town of Salem (70,000) has about 90% of the quality marine LFS's in the state of New Hampshire. Salem is about 30 minutes north of Boston. I, live in Manchester(105,000) which is about 35 minutes north of Salem... <A good size, demography of population> The closest place for marine fish next to Salem is the local Petco... <Mmm, not really a "player"> The city of Nashua which is about 20 minutes west of Salem forms a triangle between the 3 cities. The hobby doesn't exist in Nashua either. <I see> My thoughts are... if i were to go to the dentist or visit my pop-pop in a nursing home at young age and see a gorgeous constantly changing for the better reef tank.. The idea of the hobby would then be seeded at a young age. vs. hearing from friends that salt water fish tanks are nearly impossible and nix the idea in the butt right there. Only to explain to these kind of viewers that changing substrate from crushed coral to live aragonite makes a world of difference in itself... <Ah, yes> The notion of crushed coral having any buffering capability is ludicrous. I start to break a sweat if a clients tank has a pH of 8.0 never mind getting down to the 7.8 buffering level of crushed coral... <Steady there...> Anyways...by setting up quality healthy reef tanks in the Manchester/Nashua Area (100's of active tanks in the Salem area and make 12 total in manch/Nash) i will then not just be having business in the here and now. but essentially be advertising for more business in the future. <Yes, that's the ticket!> Starting a business in the parents basement has its ups and downs.. <I ran my/our service company from my home for twelve years... I do understand> yeah im 21 and living at home. <Heeee! I have friends in the mid-30's, including Anthony Calfo, who still live at home... No worries> BUT...zero overhead. The tank servicing companies in the Salem area have a reasonable knowledge of the hobby but none of business. I have been meeting with a gentleman from the organization SCORE for 5 weeks now. developing a well rounded business plan etc. <Ahhh! Excellent... Am very glad to see this SBA service still about. I/we too availed ourselves of the Service Corps of Retired Executives... I only wish that more of our actual government "leadership" used/were guided by such a ready resource of talented individuals> I currently operate under the name of The Salty Frog: Aquariums and Terrariums. I breed poison dart frog which is where my interest to install terrariums came in. But since Fruit Flies being all of the place isn't acceptable my most clients. <Mmm, Nate... do a bit of investigating... there are "flightless" Drosophila melanogaster genotypes about... that can, could be cultured> i figure ill still to Reef tanks and move to... AquaTech Aquariums. So perhaps when i have the capital in a few years for a storefront or warehouse(whichever the course of time takes me) ill then have a greater demand for my services/product and well on my way. Theoretically... <Do take your time moving into a "store front" setting... MANY downsides... expenses galore, and look in the mirror... There is only ONE of you... think on this> My big bro is a Columbia grad and has networked a web design hookup. So ill be getting an 8500 package for free. I have to pay about 100 in overhead...im devastated. In trying not to burn any bridges and im currently underway of developing a full business identity...so that i may have the best shot possible when going after the top dog clients that will yield the best advertisement results as well as having the cash to afford the setup i recommend. I believe in doing something right and therefore doing it once...and having the right tool for the right job is great...but almost never cheap. <Mmm, and don't discount the "low tech" approaches... DO take photographs, develop a "carry about" business presentation... with pricing, what have you, to make one on one pitches to potentials... AND do get on out and beat the streets, yes, in person, seeking new clients. I take it you have or plan some simple/cheap "Yellow Page" ads as well...> To wrap up today's journal entry...The serviceman in the Salem area buy anything and everything from the Salem LFS's. They get about a 10-15% discount and charge the clients full. It about covers the cost for their diesel transportation. I have set up accounts with Royal Pet, Champion Lighting, MRC, Bayside Aquarium Supply, Savko Plumbing Supplies, and a few others. and I can order all of my hardware through champion and have it shipped out next day. order my dry goods from bayside and replenish once a month etc... <Outstanding... DO become the "A" player in your field there... and aim for quality and service (i.e. NOT price) in your dealings... look/select for the best clients and leave the "dubious" ones to the "other service companies"... This does work over time...> As far as livestock. I would like to charge an extra fee for a 30 day limited warranty on livestock. <Mmm, do you have "inclusive accounts" where you supply all livestock (at an added fee basis)? I would definitely quarantine/hold all new livestock for a few weeks before placing in a customers account> Which of course requires proper QT. I read your Acclimation page from cover to cover and would like to thank you for that insight and ask for some direction on the discussion of acclimating inverts? <Really... just "good" selection of species, specimens, drip acclimation to existing/bag conditions, slowly (weeks) changing to system standards through water changes> In order for all of this to be said and done..i need lots of tanks..and more importantly volume. My first step after the set up of both systems is to order a bunch of rock...Tonga was my first choice but i guess some jerks thought to be a wonderful idea to jackhammer and mine their way right in front of the capital high school .which has led to a ban of exporting the rock period end of story. prime example of getting too comfortable in ones own shoes. <Other things going on in Tonga... the too-usual vagaries of totalitarianism... Look to other S. Pacific nation choices... no worries. SDC, PAF...> The shipping of rock and other livestock is going to be pricey no matter how i cut it. Im assuming shipping will be cheaper from NYC than LA. <I would NOT assume this... ask for bulk (like ten box plus) deals... maybe make a "piggy back" deal with some LFSs there... to get freight and volume breaks... Can be done> Any recommendations of a Rock, Vert/Invert supplier out of NYC or simply in the Northeast? <Mmm, no. I don't know anyone well enough to plug... I do know some I would steer clear of though...> I believe that covers all of my thoughts and concerns this morning...haha Thanks so much. -Nate <Be seeing you, Bob Fenner> Re: Please help. -08/27/08 Bob, <Nate> I've got to run off to a score meeting and then a soccer scrimmage. just became the keeper coach to my old high school V team. Good times...neways. No yellow page adds or things of that nature just yet. Not top priority just yet. Jays Aquatics out of Salem is now the "best" LFS in the state. thus far i have been doing the majority of my business through him. iIl def approach him for a piggyback. <Good... have them contact me if I may be of assistance here> Any idea of where i could get a used Baldwin BM41 Suction Cup Drill Press? They are like 650 new... <Heeee! Yes! Try listing your want on Craig's List...> i hear they last decades in which case id prefer something used. Or used tanks volume pumps etc? i know the guy i got the 75's from bought them from a wholesaler who buys out pet stores...he obviously wouldn't tell me from who. If i choose to maintain the lone wolf approach im sure i will stick to breeding and propagation. If i come across a worthy partner..than i shall look further into a storefront. I do want time to just take it easy and enjoy the weather... <I take it this encompasses life itself> have time to coach etc. And not have to pay someone in order to take time off. <Bingo> A great deal of my setups take care of themselves as much as possible. I see this being the case in a warehouse situation. Liiiike a 2000 gallon refugium would be fun...ooor bigger. time will tell. SDC-PAF? Still new to these terms..haha <Sea Dwelling, Pacific... some of the folks on 104th, LAX...> As far as acclimation...is the pH level going to drop on inverts like it with fish? CO2? O2? etc? <CO2 is most useful, inorganic acids like HCl otherwise...> If not...i don't see why i cant simply dip the corals etc and add them to my main system. <Heeeee! Can be done usually... but NOT with long-haul shipping, like importing...> Im kind of limited on space and so having several different system each at different parameters doesn't appear too practical. Or at least i am not totally certain how to go about this. But im looking to get the tanks mounted and plumbed as soon as i have a finalized idea and can place an order for like 32 bulkhead fittings and 50 feet of spa flex etc. <Mmm, do use the specified primer and solvents here...> Again i have 6-75's, 4-29's. 2-70's,1-55...and can get more if need be. given what i will be getting in for livestock and from where. What's your suggested setup that is bound for the greatest potential of success? <See WWM... the Aquatics Business Subweb... for centralized filtration et al...> ...Thanks again Bob -Nate Guerette <Welcome. BobF>

A Budding Coral Farmer Hello Mr. Scott. <Scott here, Captain! (I couldn't resist that one!> I would like to start my own little coral frag colony in my nano tank!!! How do I start doing that? Do I break some pieces off my corals I have now and glue them on a some live rock? Or is there some other way? Thanks for your time <You're entering one of the most enjoyable (and responsible) parts of the hobby- captive propagation of corals! Depending upon the species that you are working with, it may be as easy as slicing off a section of coral and letting it settle out on rock rubble (as in the case of soft coral), or using a dissecting shear to cut some branches off of an established colony and supergluing them to pieces of rock for grow out. To be honest with you, it's too difficult to generalize. Lots of ways to accomplish this! I'd start by arming myself with Anthony Calfo's "Book of Coral Propagation", which is packed full of information and ideas for the intrepid coral farmer. Check it out! Good luck on your adventure! Regards, Scott F.> - Two Part Epoxy in Bulk - Hey crew.. Does anyone know of a good aquarium safe 2 part epoxy putty, that I can buy in bulk? <Have not seen the aquarium-safe varieties available in bulk but obviously they are to someone... I just don't know the source.> the 2oz pet store tubes are just way to expensive. I'm not convinced there is anything special about them besides the color. they look just like the roll of two part found at my local hardware "which i have used with success," I was looking at the POR-15 and Milliput brand epoxies, which can be bought by the pound...Is there any way to tell if they are aquarium safe? I have contacted both dealers and they both said they are not designed for aquarium use although they will cure under water and bond to most anything... not much help. Thanks for any info.. A.J. <Perhaps someone reading our dailies will know where you might source this stuff. For certain it is available somewhere. Cheers, J -- ><<Go to Home Depot, Lowe's... look for name, address of manufacturer's... Not made by "fishy" folks, just re-labeled. BobF>>
Oz coral and fish farming 6/29/05 G'day Bob! <Cheers, mate... Anthony Calfo in his stead> I was hoping you could help me out. I live in Queensland, Australia and have been propagating corals for a year or so now on the side as a hobby. I live near the ocean so its quite easy. I've tried mostly Acropora, Sarcophyton, bubble coral, and elegance coral. Also "trying" to breed mandarin fish with mixed success! I've decided that I may start a small business raising awareness on coral propagation and hints and tips to people in Australia on how do to it. <Fabulous to hear... please let me know if/how I can help with this. I have run a small coral farm of my own for more than a few years... have a look of it, "Book of Coral Propagation" and have traveled to see. consult coral farms and public aquariums on the matter. I do hope to see/help you succeed if I can> Basically my question is do you happen to know any good Indonesian, Fijian, Solomon islands or even Australian coral/fish wholesalers that you could recommend? <There are indeed some fab places... but what is the legality of you importing them into Oz? > I've been scouring the internet for ages and come up with nothing ( which seems silly seeing as we have the barrier reef just north of us!!). <Indeed. But I do believe that Australia has a very conservative protection of its resources... nothing in or out. As aquarists do you not only have access to Oz species?> Any contacts you could give me I would be very grateful. It seems the whole aquaculture/reef aquarium industry in Australia is very new and not as large as the USA. <Agreed> Every online coral and fish mail order company seems to operate out of the states but yet there's maybe one or two online retailers here in oz. <Yes... reasons for this> Any info you could give would be awesome - I'll shout ya a beer. None of that weak American beer though :P <Heehee... a German friend of mine says that we do not have beer in America, only yellow mountain spring water <G>. We actually do have some fabulous microbreweries> Cheers big ears, Steve - Sunshine Coast, Australia <I'm wondering if you would not do best regardless to focus on unique Australian species. You have some of the most amazing and sought after reef creatures in the world in your seas. Do consider, mate. But regarding contacts... you may want/need to get out once or twice per year for a proper investment in your business education to see some conferences like AQUARAMA (Singapore) or InterZoo (spring 2006 Germany). At such world trade shows, you will see all of the biggest dealers of livestock, drygoods, etc all in one place. Very easy networking. kindly, Anthony>

Oz coral and fish farming II 6/29/05 G'day Anthony! <cheers, mate> Thanks for your advice and help. I think you're right about me concentrating on Australian species instead of trying to propagate corals from the other side of the world. Seeing as I have the Great Barrier Reef on my backyard I think that it could use a helping hand so it survives many years into the future. <Yes, indeed my friend. It is good business, good for the hobby and good karma IMO> I've actually ordered your Book of Coral Propagation as you can never have too much advice, and you seem to be the pro in that area :) <Ah... thanks kindly!> Is this the best email to contact you on or do you have your own so every now and then I can ask you propagation related questions? Thanks for all your help! <I spend most of my time here on such message boards. My personal e-mail is badly neglected often so... so that we can keep up with the flow of mail from folks in need> Cheers big ears, Steve Wilson <Rock on... Anth->

National Frag Swap 10/2/05 An idea that came up as a potential event is a National Frag Swap. A way that was suggested to make this happen and somewhat simple for the attendees was to have each person be responsible for their own corals. If they couldn't arrange something locally or with one of the vendors, they could bring a small container with their own tank water, bubble and small PC light to keep the corals alive and somewhat content. Then on Sunday, all who want to trade or sell can meet in the designated room at the end of the meeting. People can arrange to swap ahead of time, like on RC or other sites, and then do the exchange then. They can see what they get and even work out other deals and such. We think it will be more of a local hit for all who drive, but I am sure there might be some wanting to take advantage of the chance to get something from across the country without paying shipping. Thoughts? Re: National Frag Swap This has come up in the past more then a few times in the past IMAC/MACNAs For anything more than the one-day conferences... it is at best a logistical challenge, and more often (worst) significantly increases rates of morbidity/mortality of the frags. Just awful. Too many frags from too many places in too crowded tanks held for too many days going home to too many aquarists with too few QT tanks. The possibility of sharing pests and diseases is quite daunting even beyond the frag mortality issues. I'd personally want no part in it and frankly have no practical (inexpensive) solution for y'all on how to make it work. My strong advice is to not do it. Frag swaps work best (better at least) with one-day regional events where transit time is short and all bags/frags are isolated. Anthony

Re: National Frag Swap Kim,
I know in the beginning planning stages of hosting a MACNA, one wants to do as many things & have as many speakers as possible.....but after hosting 3 MACNAs I'm here to tell you....Keep it simple! When you try to do as many things as possible & have as many speakers, workshops as possible, you end up spreading yourself & the volunteers thin, things get missed or overlooked & in the end, it is no fun. Stretching the budget to have more speakers, workshops, etc will also cause excessive worrying, lost sleep, and potential loss for the club.
As far as the frag swap, I would say NO. Not only will it be unsafe for the frags, but what about the potential water spillage & potential electrical issues as the hobbyists try to set up tanks in their rooms for 3 - 4 days. It is not wise for MARSH to take responsibility for the frag swap - ethically, financial nor incur the potential liability issues for hotel damage. There are always a few group of hobbyists that do exchange frags amongst themselves at MACNA.....let them do it themselves & save yourself (& MARSH) the hassles & headaches......don't add that "to your plate".
Just my 2 cents,
Kelly That is what I was thinking you guys would say. I guess I will now know what to tell the rest of the members who requested it.

Coral farming stock 2/13/06 Hi My name is Gerardo Ramos I started a business called Marine Reef Habitat, We specialize in the maintenance of coral reef tank's and just started the operation of a all glass Green house for the growth of coral's. <An adventure, for sure> I am on the process of installing the culture tank's and I need help finding healthy experiment <? Specimens?> to propagate, since the local store prices are astronomically in the stars <Stores?> and in poor health conditions I need a expert supplier, Please if you can help me with any guidance or connection's to a dealer of good parent coral's at whole sale prices. It would be grateful. Thank you. Gerardo Ramos www.marinereefhabitat.com< http://www.marinereefhabitat.com/> <I'd contact the folks at Pacific Aquafarms and Sea Dwelling Creatures re good-sized specimens of health to frag. They can be found on the Net, buyer's guides in the trade... Bob Fenner>

SPS frags 3/8/03 Would it be possible if someone on your end could post for me? I am in desperate NEED of any Acropora/Montipora - SPS frags and no one around here seems to carry them (just entire colonies for $80 or so) and all i really need are a few tiny frags. I'd love to be above to trade but don't have anything to trade yet. I'm looking for anything in the pink, purple, blue family of colors... 1-3" frags would be awesome. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and would be willing to travel 40 min.s or so if anyone is local to me. thanks, Steve <do contact Rocky Herman at Coralfragz.com He is a coral farmer in the Tampa area and he is connected with three aquarium societies in Florida where there are many members you could network with. Also, there are forums for this sort of trade/post on most of the big message boards for you to get interactive replies to a post you might make. Try reefcentral.com, Reefland.com, reefs.org, thesea.org... and our wetwebfotos.com Any of the previous outlets will likely put you in touch with someone nearby. Best regards, Anthony

Special Invitation to Join frags.org - The Internet Frag Network Dear Bob: I am writing to introduce a new website called frags.org -- a community for reefers to buy, sell, and trade propagated coral fragments. The site is completely free and provided as a community service. It is located at http://www.frags.org You are one of the first 10 Members to be invited into the community. I believe we share a common and strong interest -- the need for increased coral propagation in order to save the world's reefs. You clearly understand this need as a well-regarded advocate in the hobby. We need your participation to make this free community a success. Our goal is that you will join frags.org along with your peers by adding your frags. This will enable everyone to take full advantage of this unique service. --------------------------------------------- Why You Should Use frags.org --------------------------------------------- frags.org offers a number of benefits to commercial and individual coral propagators. The three biggest benefits are: (1) increased awareness and distribution for your frags, (2) an easy way to publish and maintain your frag inventory, and (3) free image hosting for your frag pictures. The site acts as a new sales or trading distribution channel for you, in addition to your website or other Internet efforts. We have plans to heavily market the site through the other online reefing communities to create awareness with thousands of qualified hobbyists in coming months. Publishing and maintaining your frag inventory on the Internet is finally simple. With frags.org, you can easily add and modify frag listings. If you choose, you can even link from your website to your frags.org Member Profile and display your available frags to your own website's visitors. Since our publishing tools are web-based, you no longer have to use complex website authoring software to maintain webpages of your inventory. Additionally, frags.org provides free image hosting for your frag pictures. frags.org does not handle any transactions for you. Your email and/or phone information is provided to any Member interested in your frags. Members can also directly access your website from frags.org. We have built a feedback system that ensures the top propagators receive the highest level of visibility at the site. In the near future, we will release capabilities to help you such as waiting lists, featured fragments, and more. More information on our many features can be found at http://www.frags.org -------------------------------------------------------------- Why frags.org's Success Depends on You -------------------------------------------------------------- frags.org's success depends on recognized advocates of coral propagation to add their frag inventories to the community. If you take a moment to browse frags.org, you will see the site is powerful yet easy to use. Once a critical mass of inventory is available, it will it be easy for Members to search and locate their desired frags in various ways -- by coral type, Genus, Species, common name, color, location, feedback rating, and more. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions (or need help adding your frags), please do not hesitate to email me. We truly hope to see your frags on frags.org! Join now at http://www.frags.org Warmest regards, Kris Duggan frags.org Member ReefCentral and reefs.org Username - BerlinMethod.com feedback@frags.org http://www.frags.org <Thank you for the notice. Will post on WWM. Bob Fenner> Re: Special Invitation to Join frags.org - The Internet Frag Network Hi Bob: Great! Here are some graphics if you would like to use them: http://www.frags.org/images/banner1.gif http://www.frags.org/images/button2.jpg http://www.frags.org/images/button2b.jpg Please let me know if you have any feedback on the site! Thanks, Kris frags.org <Thank you, Bob Fenner>

Fragging at IMAC 4/1/04 This message concerns all of you, so please take a moment to read this. At the IMAC conference this year has been planned a frag swap. IMAC's theme for this year is, "Aquaculture, Responsible Collecting and Captive Breeding: The Right Way to Go!" <RMF would wager most anything that the destruction to the environment to make, transport all goods... generate electricity... is FAR more destructive than simple wild-collection and transport of natural stocks...> They want to promote this as the biggest frag swap, and also promote conservation, in captive breeding, or in this case, fragging. The original plan was for attendees to double bag their frags, bring them to the conference, place them in a heated tank, have the chance for one water change on Saturday, trade on Sunday, and go home with their frags. This presents many problems, but I will list a short few of them here. First, you bag a frag on Thursday, and come home with a new one on Monday, at best a 4 day time span. Second, a single water change, with new dissimilar water. Third, already sensitive frags, purging and sliming inside the bags, contaminating themselves, and possibly others in a water change. Then, temperature variations, lighting, stress, new fragile frags, leaking bags, and the list goes on... FRAG was asked to step in and "host" or oversee the swap. I thought this might be an opportunity to educate people on the right was to frag and trade, but the conditions made me very nervous. So, we devised 2 plans for those who are attending. One, they could purchase a Minibow aquarium and heater, and keep the frags with them in their rooms until Sunday's swap (water provided). This would allow them to have more control of their frags, less worry of someone else keeping track of them, and the ability to have (albeit weak) lighting, filtration and water movement. Two, those who do not wish to purchase a Minibow, could put their bags in heated and lit aquariums, would sign them in, and would have the ability to do a water change each day. Both of these solutions still have much room for catastrophe, BUT I felt both were a great step closer to the survival of frags than the initial plan. However, after speaking with a wise and savvy veteran in the propagating field, his feeling is that these both are still much too risky. So, I am now asking for opinions, ideas, or some brainstorming from the rest of you, if you feel you could give me some valuable input. If your input is, this is doomed, I still need to know that. I believe that the latest greatest idea is that we use some large aquariums with heavy water movement, ozonation and a ton of carbon. (I believe I added the idea of strong protein skimming, though I am not sure if it would help in this case.) I appreciate Everyone's time! And I hope that we can come up with something, as I would like to avoid the death of dozens or hundreds of frags... John McCann FRAGexchange.com

Coral propagation Hello Bob, I'm an aquarist from England who's just discovered your website 'WetWebMedia'. I'm heavily involved in new projects in coral propagation and hopefully breeding marines commercially soon. <Ah, very good. Are you familiar with the company, Tropical Marine Centre in the UK? They could use input from you...> I'm helping to set up a coral propagation working group here in Britain and we're trying to compile scientific reports and suitable papers published on propagation in captivity. However, published work in Europe is quite few and far between (apart from magazine articles), so we are trying to tap into work carried out in the US, Australia and Asia. <Yes, what little scientific and anecdotal writing is hard to access. Do you have the works of Sven Fossa and Alf Nilsen ("The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium"?), anyone on staff who can read German (as there are many worthwhile works only in this language)?> Could you help me with this atoll?? Do you know of the right person to talk to or an accessible CD-Rom I could search etc..?? <Will send your note, request off to friends/associates in the interest who will refer you further> I've got another question too. In a small article on Genicanthus angels you said something about having a fully established 'Refugium' sump to provide food.....what is this?? <Ah, a refugium is a specialty sort of sump tied in with a main/display system that has as central features some sort of substrate (typically "live rock") lighting, probably live macro-algae and a dearth of predators... to facilitate the growth, reproduction of live food organisms particularly... more about this under the term "refugium" on the www.wetwebmedia.com site> I've never heard the refugium term before, and how does it provide food? <Mostly by not having eaters of same there> I hope you'll be able to help me on these things, especially in my search for papers and contacts in the US. Thanks and the website is fantastic! Best regards, Dave Nettleton ( London ) <Be chatting further my friend. Bob Fenner>

Shipping some coral Hi Bob, it's me the 17 yr old who asked about careers. I recently started to propagate some of my soft corals and I was thinking of trying to sell some pieces. <Good project> Well I started to plan this out until I came to the part of what I should ship the corals in. I have Oxygen to prepare the corals for overnight but I can't seem to find a plastic bag to ship them in. Do you know of any company that I could purchase these bags like the ones from FFExpress) or do you have any other suggestions as to what I should ship corals in? <FedEx, UPS... in double bag with a liner of newspaper probably... if you can four mil polyethylene bags... for now, just buy them/trade for them with a local fish store. If you get to where you need hundreds, there are local suppliers (look under "plastic" in the local "Yellow Pages")> I need to make up some of that money I spent on setting up the tank and buying all the equipment and livestock. Thanks, Eric <Good luck my friend. Bob Fenner>

A favor please for Martin Moe Hi Bob, I saw this over on reefcentral and I thought that since the Q&A page is so popular, this would be a good place to post this, thanks for your help! <All right Mike... will post on WWM. Bob Fenner> Martin Moe Needs Your Help! see below for what you can do: little help? ?Ladies and Gentlemen of the captive reef, I need a little help. The Marine Ornamentals 2001 conference, sponsored by Sea Grant, is being held in Orlando, Florida on Nov. 27 to Dec. 1, 2001. The theme of the conference is Collection, Culture, and Conservation. http://www.ifas.ufl.edu/%7Econferweb/MO/ This is an international conference and it is unique in that it targets all facets of the marine life industry, the collectors, the breeders, the wholesalers and retailers, the scientists, the environmentalists, and, of course, the cornerstone of the industry, the hobbyists themselves. Bringing all of these varied interests together produces an extraordinary development of ideas and exchange of information that can only take place in such a cosmopolitan gathering. I am giving the keynote address for the section on Culture, not an easy task. I am trying, through a survey of scientists, commercial breeders, and hobbyists, to characterize and describe the current state of the culture of marine ornamental organisms. And I need a lot of hobbyists to provide information on their culture activities. The freshwater branch of the aquarium hobby has always had a lot of culture, the marine branch was basically without culture up to the late 80's. The eruption of reef tanks into the hobby at that time changed things dramatically. Now marine hobbyists can find culture in single tanks and small systems without establishing a planktonic food chain and spending countless hours culturing larvae. Many of us thrill at the abundant growth of photosynthetic invertebrates and often sell or give away excess organisms, and many have also ventured into fish and mobile invertebrate culture, which is becoming easier to do. I want to be able to report to the industry, the collectors, the environmentalists, equipment manufacturers, the breeders, the scientists, and to your fellow hobbyists, what hobbyists are doing in culture, their successes and failures, and how they think and feel about this aspect of the hobby. This will help greatly in developing a broad understanding of the hobby from the hobbyists point of view. So I have questionnaire that I would very much like for hobbyists engaged in the culture of marine organisms, at any level, to answer for me. It is only 10 questions and won't take much time. (Tell me if you culture as a commercial breeder or scientist and I will sent those questions.) If possible I would like to post the questionnaire on this board and have hobbyists email me the answers, but I don't know if that is allowed, so I would ask you to email me your email address if you would like to participate, and I will quickly email you the questions. (This email thing is really fantastic.) My email address is martin_moe@yahoo.com (Note that there is an underline character between the first and last names and that this is often lost in that blue underline that usually goes under the address. I wish I knew that when I set it up.) Martin A. Moe, Jr. The questionnaire is located here http://www.reefcentral.com/vbulleti...&threadid=34715

Crustacean Parasite Hi Anthony. <cheers to you, John over in merry old England> I have just used INTERPET Anti-Crustacean formula in 1 of my tanks but the instructions are a little vague on a couple of points. It says to change the water 25% after treatment but not how long the treatment should last before I start this. <often times a single dose, with a reapplication perhaps necessary after the water change. I must admit that I am not intimately aware of the product as we see few Interpet products here in the USA. Please report the active ingredients if listed on the bottle. If not listed, then the color of the liquid (rose-potassium permanganate, blue-copper, etc> Also the suggest a formula of theirs' to lower ammonia as well after treatment - is this essential as well as changing water. How are you going in your attempts to publicize your book - have you had many takers yet? <yes, and thanks for asking! Here in America The Book of Coral Propagation is selling between 100 and 200 copies weekly. Not bad for a cold start just this past November. I have sent several cases to England and Australia as well. In fact, in the UK... PFK magazine will publish a review within weeks (March issue I believe)... wish me luck that our UK brethren appreciate it as much as our American aquarists> I hear it takes a long time to even get a coral tank up and running - I'm not sure I'd have the patience but good luck anyway. <actually quite simple and in many ways less work than freshwater...just a bit strict about timely minimal maintenance. Do ask for help when you are ready to make the salty plunge <smile>> Regards, John Nightingale <kindly, Anthony Calfo>

The Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1 by Anthony Rosario Calfo Reef Gardening For Aquarists A 450 page(!) Comprehensive guide to Mariculture for reef aquarists... This new release covers each aspect of reef aquariology and coral farming in detail, including acquisition, care, culture, importing and exporting, and of course... propagation techniques. Unique chapters on dynamic display and farming techniques describe modern applications of reef invertebrate husbandry for aquarists with single displays, as well as industry professionals farming coral for resale or trade. Address of commercial applications includes a lengthy description of coral farming in greenhouse applications as well as general propagating advice in an extensive coral family overview for aquarists participating at all levels of this wonderful cottage industry. Pre-release price of $26.50 includes shipping in the continental USA (through November). Shipping begins first week of November 2001. For additional information, please e-mail BOCP1@readingtrees.com , visit our web-site at www.readingtrees.com or call 412-795-9461 xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Giant Clams spawning at sunset'¦baby reef fish living to adulthood among the roots of red mangrove trees, Cassiopeia jellyfish growing from larvae under the warm rays of the sun, and corals littering the seafloor with daughter colonies'¦ do these events sound like marvels of the coral reef to you? Indeed'¦ they are some of the wonders that have occurred in the coral propagation facilities of author, Anthony Rosario Calfo. And they are just some of the exciting miracles of nature that have been repeated by aquarists worldwide as described here. This book is being written, for it is actively updated and revised, for the adventurers and admirers of the sea. Told in comfortable and concise language, this handbook reads more like a story with moments of humor, passages of instruction and dialogues of open wonder at the many unrevealed mysteries of the coral realm. This book is for curious minds interested in discovering some of the exciting techniques of coral propagation. It is tailored for hobbyists looking to safely control coral growing in aquaria, professional aquarists producing invertebrates for sale and trade, and thoughtful retailers interested in inspiring customers and staff to explore the many rewards of keeping coral reef invertebrates. suggested retail price $ 38.95 www.readingtrees.com U.S.A. Dealer Pricing Available MC VISA AMEX

Book post Bob, What happened... should I thank you or apologize to you<G>? <Hmm, don't know> I sent my very first e-mail on Thursday to some aquarists announcing the sale of my coral propagation book from a bulk list of "fish friend/fish-nerd" (same thing!) addresses that I had. On Friday I got an order from someone saying that they saw it on WWM! I was floored. Basically, I see that it made it onto your Question and Answers section and I'm wondering if I accidentally e-mailed it to you and you posted it for me or if it was a question posted by an aquarists that had I e-mailed. Either way, don't look a gift (sea)horse in the mouth, I suppose. Still... I'm curious (and a bit shocked?!!) at how fast word travels on the 'net. <Oh, John Dawe sent along the announcement, and I figured you could use the placement> And by the way, unrelated... the November Calendar pic of the school of triggers (from your daily pics last week, I think it was) was absolutely breath-taking! I pictured myself there looking up and marveled at what a moving and awesome sight that must have been. Do you recall where it was taken? <Yes... actually quite frightening... on the way to being whooshed out into the Indian Ocean by an outgoing current in a very large lagoon in the northern Maldives Islands...> I don't know if it was just a warm and fuzzy day for me... but I thought the sheer beauty of that magnificent view looking up at the spiral swarm of thousands of triggers could darn near bring a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing the sweet daily photos... and let me know what happened with the post (but thanks either way!). Anthony <Oh, do post news of note that I think is pertinent, helpful... from there, folks cut/paste bits... quickly! Oh, Di may want to carry your book/s as well. Will cc her. Bob Fenner>

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