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FAQs on Glass Aquarium Repair, Silicone/Silastic... Aquarium- Use 100% (Aquarium Use) ONLY,  6

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Tank Silicone Defect;      10/12/15
Do you have any information on the orange colored defect in the silicone in the attached picture?
<Ah yes; you should be concerned. This is a sign of degradation of the Silastic itself; and loss of integrity of the seal. If enough of the area grows to include the inside and outside edge... the system could leak or worse. There are a few probable fixes; the worst calling for taking the tank down, cutting away the sealant and re-doing>
This is a 1.5 yr old 130G Starfire rimless cube from Miracles Aquarium in Canada, $1200.
<.... Have you contacted them re? Do so; and include our correspondence here. They need to know they have a bad batch of Silicone>
The real kicker here is the SAME thing happened to my last tank, which I purchased used and when I emptied the tank and examined the affected area the silicone was no longer attached where the discoloration occurred.
How could this happen on two tanks in a row? I can't believe it.
<Got me.... something in your water may be an influence as well>
Sarah Hlavenka
<Yours, Bob Fenner>

Tank seam integrity?       4/10/15
I have a question concerning a 75 gallon AGA (Aqueon) rimmed tank. One of the seams has a pretty big gap in it. See picture below. Is this tank safe for use? Thanks in advance.
<Mmm; no pic attached. Please try resending... to us and yourself. BobF>
Re: Tank seam integrity?

Sorry about that. Did this work?
<Ah yes; and from what I can make out, I would not use this tank as an aquarium (could be partly filled or used empty of course). Return it to your dealer for a better quality one. Since the trade (petfish industry) underwent "consolidation" (a large part being bought up by big other businesses and venture capitalists), quality and innovation have greatly diminished. BobF>

Please help! Are my seams bad?      1/27/15
Just set this tank up about 3 days ago and noticed this white stuff in the seams and now the center of it is going away as you can see in the picture.
I just need to know if I should drain it now or if it will be okay? Thanks for your time
<Could go either way here... some sealant/Silastic "cures" to no-worries when "whiting out" like this... Other times I've seen the real bond continue to fail. DO keep your eye on this area... IF it clears I would not be concerned... IF it continues to white out I would drain the tank (and return for a replacement). Bob Fenner>

Questionable Seam       1/24/15
Hello, I have a 60 gallon (48"x 12"x 24") glass aquarium that was bought new a year ago and I recently noticed some bubbles in one of the seams.
<I see these>
Since it's a back facing seam I never noticed it till I moved the tank 3 days ago. I don't know if it has always been like that or it's something that has developed over time. The bubbles are small about 2mm and run 11" up the seam from the bottom.
<I wish they ran down from the top>
This side panel is also not flush,

the inside panel is overhanging the worst where these bubbles are. All the other seams appear really well done and the tank has been filled for 3 days with no changes in the seam.
Do you think this is a sign of a failing seam or was it just made like that?
<The latter. I would likely keep this tank; leave it set up as it is... DO keep an eye on these bubbles... if they increase in number and size, migrate toward the inside seam of the tank, I would drain it, re-purpose it for shallow or no water use>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Questionable Seam      1/25/15
Thanks, it had my really worried the last few days, this makes me feel a lot better. I just have one more question. Do you think adding some silicone to the outside of the seam would help at all?
<Not at all. BobF>

Bad silicone seam on Eheim scubacube     9/23/14
I just set up a used Scubacube and after installing the lights I noticed a bubble and what looks like a failing silicone seal about 1/3 of the way down on the front glass plane.
<I see this vacuolation in your fine photo>
Will this seal eventually fail and leak? What should I do?
<Due to the size, location of this missing material, I don't think (w/ high confidence) you'll have a problem. I do want to relate that my two "Eheim" tanks (from years ago helping an etailer friend become a master distributor...) both failed seam-wise after seven or so years of service.
Eheim is a fine company, and I've used (and praised) their canister filters and pumps for decades... Their tanks (whoever is making them for them) are NOT good quality IME.>
Thank you!
Thomas Richardson
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Bad silicone seam on Eheim scubacube    9/23/14
Thank you so much for your quick reply Mr. Fenner !
I think Ill just keep an eye on it then and hope for the best.
<Yes; this is what I would do as well.>
Thanks again!
<Welcome. BobF>

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