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FAQs about Red Algae/Rhodophyte Behavior

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Red Bubble Algae w/ Orange Glow/Coloring  -- 07/01/07 Hey WWM, My tank has had a red bubble algae outbreak, and I am currently in the process of removing it by removing the live rock from the tank in a separate bucket, <Mmm... not a useful approach... Need to discern, address the root cause/s allowing this proliferation...> and removing the bubbled colonies with a toothbrush by scraping them off. Hopefully this is the best way, since it is not happening in my tank and I am limited the spore amount, <Only takes one...> with exceptions to some sticking to my LR. Back to my question. I happened to notice then when I put only my actinic lights on, some of the algae has orange dots or coloring on them that shines noticeable in the tank. <Yes... neat!> I also noticed there was an orange color on a part of my live rock, but it disappeared after a week. What is this? Is it even something I should need to worry about? Thanks Joe <Mmm, a sort of bioluminescence... Not to worry... but to enjoy, appreciate... Do read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marine/maintenance/index.htm scroll down to the (aptly) green "Algae" tray... Bob Fenner>

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