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FAQs about Red Algae/Rhodophyte Nutrients/Fertilizing

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Gracilaria/Propagation  4/29/06 Hello WWM Crew, <Hello Andrew> Just a quick question about Protein skimmer discharge. I was wondering if there is a practical use for the skimmed liquid from my protein skimmer. Specifically, I am curious if this would make a good fertilizer for Macro Algae. <<Mmm, no. RMF>> I am cultivating Gracilaria verrucosa in a separate 15 gallon tank with a submerged spray bar to keep it tumbling over itself. Would a small dosage of the skimmate from the skimmer act as a fertilizer for the Gracilaria, or would the potential for toxic build up of other compounds/chemicals make this more trouble than it's worth? I'm a big fan of recycling nutrients as opposed to outright removal, but I thought I would ask and see if anyone else a little more qualified then myself (a whopping 1 year of hobbyist experience - WooHoo!) had any thoughts. I searched for discussions on this for quite a while to no avail. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.  <The best place to recycle skimmate is in the toilet.  In using the skimmate as a fertilizer, you may/will have a nuisance algae explosion.  Not worth experimenting with.  I suggest recycling your discarded water from water changes into the 15 gallon tank.  This should give your grace all the nutrients it needs.> Thanks, <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)> Andy Growing Red Gracilaria... Hello folks, It's Howard in WI again starting up Refugium number 2 for the second time. The intended purpose of this refugium is to grow more pods and a great deal of macro algae which, hopefully, also replace the Caulerpa in Refugium number 1(30 gallons of racemosa with 6 inch sand bed, pods, worms,  and some peppermint shrimp.) <Cool> Number 2 is a fresh start after a huge plague of red micro algae which came in with some live sand and wiped out all of the Gracilaria, Chaetomorpha, and shaving brush and then began to show up in the show tank. <Ew, fabulous.> I dumped everything and started again with a clean tank. I want to give the new Red Gracilaria every chance to grow and reproduce before adding anything else. It has a six inch sand bed and plants are placed on various levels from the surface to the bottom of the tank. About 300 GPH flows from the show tank overflow through a baffle box (removes any big chunks, the only mechanical filter) through the refugium overflows to the sump. No measurable nitrates, nitrites, or ammonia; ORP 350-370; Ca 400-500. I use no additives except bicarb and Kalk. Lighting is 250 watts of 10,000k CF 2 inches above the water surface. Water changes are 10% weekly. Fish, polyps, SPS and soft corals all beautiful. <Excellent> My problem is that the new Red Gracilaria is already turning green to white on the tips. This is happening at various depths. What does it take to grow this plant? It looked great when it arrived from the vendor. There is nothing else in this tank to compete with it or eat it. Should I give up again and try something else? Is it too much light? Water too clean? <Yep, that's the problem I've always had with Gracilaria is that it will not grow in a tank with a low nutrient load or one that is heavily skimmed. This stuff grows in high nutrient areas, I've heard little success of people getting this stuff to grow. Your best bet is Chaetomorpha, it's such a great alternative to Caulerpa. -Kevin> Howard

Growing Red Gracilaria 10/29/03 Crew, <howdy> I am following up on a question regarding the growth of Red Gracilaria.  Could someone tell me what is the optimal environment for which Red Gracilaria will grow? <very bright light and strong water flow> I have a separate 27 gallon tall Hex tank set up with a large pump inside for strong circulation. <good> I have tried to grow Gracilaria in this tank before but it did not seem to last that long (3 months) and the Tangs ate it faster than it would grow. <correct... it is very palatable... sold commercially as "Tang Heaven" by IPSF.com> What are the requirements for optimum growth? <a separate vessel like a refugium acting as a vegetable filter> Has anyone had any success with growing it? <it is very easy and commonly grown. Just not in the display proper with tangs stocked too soon/early ;)> Lighting? Are Florescent plant bulbs adequate? <sort of.. not so much here though. Fluorescents are poor for deep tanks (beyond 12"). In traditional squat aquaria, 5 watts per gallon is reasonable at minimum> Water Movement? <strong enough to keep it tumbling> Movement of Gracilaria?  Salinity?  Temperature?   <all at NSW levels> Nutrient Levels? What do I feed Gracilaria and how often? <inline to the nutrient rich display is usually good enough for food. Again, keep in a refugium> Any dosing ... Iodine, Calcium? <iodine may be quite useful here... go light though> Keep it by itself or with Live Rock and Fish? <the former> Thanks, Chris
<best regards, Anthony>

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