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FAQs About Goldfish Disease/Health 12

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Goldfish Disease by "Types", Causes:
Environmental 1, Environmental 2, Environmental 3, Environmental 4Environmental 5,  Environmental ,  (Absolutely the Biggest Category)
Floaty Bloaty Goldfish
Nutritional (Second Largest)
Eye Troubles
Lumps/Bumps/Growths (including idiopathic tumors)
Viral and Bacterial, Fungal Infectious
Parasitic: (Ich, Protozoans, Flukes, Worms, Crustacean/ Anchorworms/Lernaeids, ) Fish Lice (Argulus),
Goldfish Swim Bladder Problems
Anomalous (Misc., Injuries, etc.)

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Goldfish With Bloody Lip  9/28/05 Tried to find the answer to this on my own, but not having very much success. We have a small aquarium for my son, and only one small goldfish in there.   Today I noticed that his mouth is bruised looking.  All around the top and bottom of his mouth, it looks like a red bruise ... almost like blood under the surface.  Any ideas? < The mouth could have been damaged by a very sharp or coarse substrate while he was foraging for food. It could also be infected. Do a 30% water change , vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Nitrofuranace as per the directions on the package.-Chuck>

Lethargic Black Moor Bloating Up  9/28/05 Hello, I mailed you several months ago about a sick black moor, but unfortunately the illness, which couldn't really be diagnosed, progressed and she died. The male (Einstein) now seems to be dying of it too now, so please try to help me save him......He is lying constantly on the floor upside down, (now that the illness has progressed, before he only did this occasionally,) but he can swim round for food if he wishes. With the female this got worse to the point she couldn't swim round at all and died. These are the facts of the case; I've had him a while - he's 4 years old, but this problem has developed very slowly over this time, He's in a 60 gallon tank, so plenty of space, I do a water change regularly, and had my water tested on everything at a fish shop, and they say it's perfect, He is fed on soaked flakes, once to twice a day, and cooked shelled peas once a week, He has been treated for swimbladder with no effect, He's been treated for internal bacterial problem, with no effect, His abdomen is looking slightly enlarged, and if he's feeding from the bottom (in a vertical position) his back end will go over his head (like a weight) until he is lying upside down on the floor. Any suggestions will be greatly received - please hurry though!! < Advanced cases of internal bacterial infections can be difficult to treat. They should have been treated as soon as any abnormality was noticed. This disease is initially brought on by stress (temp too high, dirty water, old  food, etc....). Now your only chance is to place him in a hospital tank with lots of aeration, clean cool water, tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons, Nitrofuranace and Metronidazole. You will need some luck too.-Chuck>

Goldfish with Columnaris  9/7/05 >Hello, My name is Anam. I have 6 Goldfish. They are suffering from some >disease. There is no vet around. Symptoms are. >1.They settle at the bottom of aquarium with the fins on back settled down. >2.They have red spots on their body esp. around eyes , on back tails. >3. They have spikes on the spots. >I went to pet shop he gave me Methylene blue to add to the aquarium and >take >them out one by one and keep them in concentrated salt solution for 15 sec >and then take them out. They are taking there feed, on Methylene blue it was >written add no >antibiotic and it was for fungal disease. Please help me out. Please >please. >thanks Anam >< The spikes on the spots are the indicator for the disease. Columnaris >describes the column like growths on the affected areas. Do a 30% water >change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with erythromycin or >Nitrofuranace as per the directions on the package. These medications will >probably affect the good bacteria that break down fish waste so watch for >ammonia spikes.-Chuck>
Goldfish With Columnaris II  9/7/05
Thanks for your advice sir We added Methylene blue to the tank the pet shop owner gave us and also added salt to it. On it was written NOT TO BE USE WITH ANTIBIOTICS AND ANTI CHLORINE So should we drain out whole water? Or add to the same water. < Methylene Blue is actually a pretty weak antibiotic. Replace half the water and treat as per recommended in the previous e-mail.> For what time we should keep them in the water containing antibiotic? < Follow the directions on the package.> And sir, Erythromycin used for humans can be used for my fish? If yes then in what amount? < If you buy the antibiotics for fish at a fish store, the package will have directions on it that will tell you how much to put in.> I am really very worried because there is no vet around here for miles. The spots are RED are you sure it is Columnaris and not SEPTICEMIA. I am very much worried and doing research all day on internet. Thanks for your advice MAY GOD BLESS YOU .KEEP THE GOOD WORK GOING. < The red spots are another type of bacterial infection. The antibiotics will be effective against both diseases.-Chuck>

Sick goldfish  9/5/05 We have a comet (3-4 years old) approx. 8" long. Lives in a 163 gal pond with 4 other goldfish. Discovered the fish swimming in circles to the left, down at the bottom of the pond. His body is constantly curved to the left, like he can't straighten it out. Checked water quality, Nitrates, Nitrites, ammonia were all 0, <No nitrate? Unusual> high ph was 7.4. Other fish are doing fine. We removed "Speedy" from the pond and placed him in a 10 gal hospital tank (80 degree, same as pond) with 1% salt (so far). Also added 1 tsp MelaFix. He will allow me to hold him and guide him to the food floating and will eat. There are no lesions, obvious parasites or disease/ulcers etc. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. <Could be pathogenic (Myxosoma cerebralis), but likely developmental/nutritional in origin... In good care, such goldfish can live a few decades, but most folks keep them in poor water quality, unaerated, unfiltered, rarely changing out the water. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish problems in a Tropical Fish Tank  9/5/05 I have a 20 gallon tank and I had let the tank set for a couple of days and I had bought 4 gold fish and two algae eaters. The big ones, well the two algae eaters died because they had gotten really sick and then I had bought CopperSafe. Well three of my gold fish had died and one still lived well. After a while I had bought three other fish, a silver dollar fish, glassfish and a different kind of algae eater a small skinny one. Well now I am fighting fungus and my gold fish has it really bad. I bought some fungus cure and for some reason it has not worked or my gold fish has it really really bad. I don't know what to do and I had followed the instructions on the bottle and everything. Right now all my other fish are good. They are normal but I am going to wait to buy some more and see how these guys do. I have a few questions to ask. 1. should I remove 3/4 of the water and put fresh in? <Take out 1/3 of the water, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter.> 2. how can I stop this fungus from getting to my other fish or how to prevent it from getting as bad as it did?? < This is not a fungus but a bacterial infection. That is why the medication you have chosen has not worked. Goldfish and tropical fish should not be kept together. Tropical fish prefer warmer water than goldfish. If kept too warm for too long your goldfish will continue to have disease problems. This problem can be treated with Nitrofuranace or Erythromycin. These medications will affect your biological filtration so watch for ammonia spikes.-Chuck> If you can PLEASE email at this address and let me know because I don't know if I can keep fighting this over and over.. my name is Crystal and I need your help bad...

Goldfish tumor removal, SUCCESS !  9/5/05 Hey Bob, I can't thank you enough for helping me save Frac, my  Goldfish again. I used an Exacto knife ( RAZOR ) as you recommended.  I used a 1 inch plastic pan filled with his tank water & rolled  a cloth to place under pan at his tails end, this way the  goldfishes head was under water & he could breathe. I had a container of his tank water next to it. I put him in the pan next to the sink & had a small bucket near by to place him in afterward filled with his tank water. <Good prep.> I didn't want him to get anymore stressed out. I used rubber gloves  & I held him as gently as I could & I grabbed the tumor &  quickly sliced it off. His blood freaked him out & I immediately  dumped the bloody water into the sink & filled the pan with the water  from the container, he calmed right down. After I cut the tumor off, it  was the size of a large pea, I put my finger over the wound to stop the  bleeding. I then dabbed some antiseptic ( Mercuroclear, Walgreen's  ) with my finger, so the blood could coagulate over his wound. <"Just like mom..."> I put  him in the bucket, the bleeding stopped right away. In 3 days he started  to feel better & now he is as good as new. He is swimming, eating  & no longer has ballast problems. I still watch him totally amazed  that he is alive & well, the procedure took about 5 minutes. I also  used antibiotic drops in the water for 3 days & did 3/4 water change.  It took about a week for him to totally recover. Frac will be 3 years living in my tank in December. I hope this note can help others. I am  disabled & cannot afford a Vet bill. Many Thanks to you  Mr. Fenner, you are truly an aquatic Wizard  ! Your fish pals, Deb & Frac <Thank you my friend, and congratulations on your fish surgery! Bob Fenner>

Goldfish--lying on side with cloudy fin  9/5/05 Hello Crew!    Thanks for the great website, it's a wonderful resource. Unfortunately, I still have an unanswered question. I bought 3 goldfish two weeks ago (one a bit larger than the other two), and they are about 1.5 inches long. The tank is 10 gallons. They were doing fine; healthy, active and I was feeding just a pinch twice a day. However, about 4 days ago, one of my fish developed a sort of cloudiness on the dorsal fin... sort of like the fin turned into a cotton-ball like fluff, and also a bit ragged; not smooth and streamlined like the others. I was concerned, but it didn't seem to be affecting it... it was actually the most active swimmer. For the last two days, the two smaller ones have been 'sitting' at the bottom of the aquarium, moving only when I feed them. I did a water change yesterday, because there was so much extra food floating around that they didn't touch. <Take care not to over-feed> (My mother I think, fed them an extra time or two, and their feces was long and stringy--constipation, I'm pretty sure.) However, today morning, I found one of the smaller ones lying right on its side. When I offered food just to see their reaction, the other two swam right to the top... but that one didn't move. So, I've put the sickest-looking fishy (Stripey) into a bowl...added a tiny pinch of Epsom salts and am just waiting. If it survives the day, I'm not going to feed him for an additional 48 hrs in hopes that he loses the extra body fat...I'm sure part of the cause is overfeeding. Is there any other advice that you can give me? <Mmm, the injury, illness might be just from poor water quality and handling before your acquiring these fish... perhaps a "whack with a net"... But... this system is cycled I hope...?> Also, before the water change, their water was at about 76 F... and climbing steadily. I have no idea how... so after the water change it was at 68... but today it is back up to 74F. What is the optimal temperature and what could cause the increase? <In the mid-sixties to mid-seventies F., but more important that it not change much in a short period of time... a few degrees in a day> The lights are only on during feeding and the aquarium is not near sunlight. So, basically, my questions are: 1) What should I do about my poor, sick Stripey? 2) Should I isolate the other small fish that sometimes sits on the bottom as well? 3) Anything else that you could advise me on to save my fish.   Thank you so much, and keep up your great work! Sincerely,   Amber <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above... Do you have measurable ammonia, nitrite? This would account for your troubles, and more to come. Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish--lying on side with cloudy fin  9/5/05
Hello again, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, he died yesterday. And today, another one died. I'm hoping the last one's okay, but all hope has left me. I went to a SuperPet to buy them... bad choice apparently... because they are only sold as 'feeder fish', nobody really cares about them at the store; <Often kept in appalling conditions...> I'm sure they're dying from previous sickness, not while at our place, because, now that I remember correctly, I've only had them ONE week. Yes, the system is cycled, no, I don't have a water test kit, but the water was clean and I had it treated with chlorine/Chloramine treatment. One more question... for future fish... from a DIFFERENT store... how much is the correct amount to feed a goldfish? <More of a time issue/measure... about as much as they will eat in a minute or so, twice a day is better than once> I keep seeing different measurements on the Internet... from 'four mouthfuls a day' to 'as much as they can eat in 3-5 minutes' to how much their eye volume is, so if you could clarify, I'd really appreciate it. Also, should I pre-moisten their flakes to prevent constipation? <Not necessary, but not a good idea to feed only dried foods> Or, what is the best type of food; pellets or flakes? Thanks very much for all the advice and help.    Sincerely,   Amber <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshfdgfaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Goldfish tail vein with bubble  9/5/05 My goldfish, @ 10 yr, has a long flowing tail. The tail developed a blood-looking bubble at the end of a 3/4 inch split with what looks like a white/clear bubble on the opposite side.  There is a red vein leading right to the site.  It has been in a quarantine 10 gal for 8 wks with NO change.  I've used salt & medicated food, but no other meds since it doesn't have any other disease symptoms.  What else should I do?  It needs to go back to the 50 gal with 4 others (including 2-3 mo babies). <I would return this fish to the main tank... whatever the cause of the damage, I doubt it is pathogenic... More likely environmental, genetic... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish with Columnaris  9/5/05 Hello, My name is Anam. I have 6 Goldfish. They are suffering from some disease. There is no vet around. Symptoms are. 1.They settle at the bottom of aquarium with the fins on back settled down. 2.They have red spots on their body esp. around eyes , on back tails. 3. They have spikes on the spots. I went to pet shop he gave me Methylene blue to add to the aquarium and take them out one by one and keep them in concentrated salt solution for 15 sec and then take them out. They are taking there feed, on Methylene blue it was written add no antibiotic and it was for fungal disease. Please help me out. Please please. thanks Anam < The spikes on the spots are the indicator for the disease. Columnaris describes the column like growths on the affected areas. Do a 30% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Erythromycin or Nitrofuranace as per the directions on the package. These medications will probably affect the good bacteria that break down fish waste so watch for ammonia spikes.-Chuck>

Goldfish Nutritional/Environmental Disease - 09/02/2005 Dear WWM, My fantail goldfish is acting abnormal. First off her belly seems a little swollen and she is most of the time hiding in a corner. <First indications of nutritional or environmental disease....  Be testing for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate; maintain ammonia and nitrite at ZERO, nitrate less than 20ppm....> The only time she seems active is when I tap on the glass to get her attention <I would urge against this....  can actually be harmful.  Water carries sound much easier than air; what is a gentle tap to you might be like a whack with a baseball bat to the fish.> or when I feed them. <As for feeding.... and the bloating....  Please consider feeding a lot of veggie matter (thawed frozen peas, with the shell squeezed off, blanched cucumber or zucchini, etc....) and offer plants like Anacharis/elodea/Egeria for them to graze.  A constant diet of pellet or flake food with too much protein content can cause gut blockages (bloating, constipation) in goldfish.> If you could help to see what's wrong with her that would be great. Also, another one of my goldfish seems to be having trouble swimming.  Well, not really swimming but sometimes she seems to be falling to her right side and having trouble getting straight. <Also likely environmental and/or nutritional.> If you could help me with that too it would be great. <Please read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm .> Thank You! <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>  

Fish with growth/lump  9/2/05 I'm forwarding photos in the hope that you might be able to advise me what the problem is and what treatment protocol to follow.  I got your email from your web site.  Many thanks in advance for your assistance Kind regards Dawn Scoots <Does appear to be a growth of some sort... There is not much "to do" in most cases, but do your best to provide stable, optimized environment and nutrition. These topics are covered on WWM: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwsubwebindex.htm Bob Fenner>

Bacterial Infection  8/31/05 WWM Crew-- <Jason> I have lost two Goldfish to an internal bacterial infection over the last two weeks. The first signs have been listlessness, then hiding and laying at the bottom of the tank, white or greenish/yellowish feces. After a few days of moderate to low activity, they develop dropsy and are unwilling to eat. After they first start to swell from dropsy, they die within 24 h. <... frighteningly acute> Both fish were quarantined in a 5.5 gallon tank when they started behaving noticeably ill. They received daily water changes, and Epsom salt @ 1/2 TBSP per 5 gallons (I have read that this helps fend off dropsy). <Often, yes> The day before the second fish developed dropsy, I made an antibiotic gelatin food with 1% Tetracycline (The only antibiotics I can get around here are the Mardel products). However, it seemed to be too little too late, as the fish developed dropsy the next day. My tank did hit a nitrite spike after I added two goldfish, bringing the total up to 4 in a 55 gallon tank. <How high a concentration? More than 1.0 ppm?> After the first fish died, but before the second was showing signs of illness, I (foolishly) purchased another goldfish, an Anacharis plant and a sword plant of some sort. Now, a third fish, a Black Moor, is starting to hide and is showing white stringy feces. To exacerbate the problem, another goldfish has decided that, since it is now the largest, it should chase and nip at the other two. Should I quarantine the Moor? Should I feed him my antibiotic food? <Not antibiotic/s... but an anti-protozoal, Flagyl/Metronidazole. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/metranidazole.htm and the linked files above> I have kept up with water changes since the nitrite began to spike. Ammonia is 0 PPM, I keep nitrite below 1 PPM
<Needs to be 0.0>
 and nitrate below 20 PPM. PH is 7.6, but this has always been the case. Temperature cannot be reliably maintained below 76 degrees right now, so that is what I keep it at. Am I doing anything right here? How should I proceed? Jason <Other than being careful re stocking, quarantining new livestock, all reads as fine in your care. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Problem - 08/31/2005 Hi, I've searched for website cut couldn't fine anything. The problem is my goldfish has a really long, clear sticky thing with bubbles coming out of its rear. The bubbles are all floating upwards towards the surface of the tank?? Are these eggs or is this a problem? <A problem, not eggs....  Could be an indication of internal parasites, but there is too little information here for me to go on.  Please try reading here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm  and here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm  for more information about goldfish needs and health.> Thank you,  -H.Khan <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Injured/sick Goldfish  8/30/05 Hi, nice site. Just wondering if you can help a complete novice with a problem? Ok, I have a calico fantail about 6mnths old in a small <How small?> filtered tank with 3 other fish (1 other fantail, one common goldfish, and 1 comet) Recently I've noticed that his double tail is streaked with blood, and he seems to have "broken" (for want of a better word) the bottom part of one tail. <Good description> It now just hangs limply. He also has an inflamed anus (I think?) The other fantail also seems to have a broken tail, and blood streaked fins, but he seems fine. Now the common goldfish, the largest in the tank, has started to chase the first fantail around but not the other one. Both are still feeding and swimming. Are they injured or sick and if so, is there anything I can do to help them?? Thank you in advance! <Are sick... environmentally most likely... not pathogenic... Their water quality is amiss... Do you have test kits for such? Know that goldfish, though kept, abused by humans for millennia, don't tolerate vacillating, or poor conditions. Even when small they require a few to several gallons per fish, regular water changes... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm Bob Fenner>

Need Help fast...fish is dying... Mis-, over-medicated goldfish  8/30/05 Hi WWM <Gina> I have a 3 inch goldfish, Nemo, that lives by himself in a 10 gallon tank. About a week ago I moved him 2 hours away to come with me down to school.  I put him back in his tank after the new water was ready. <Ready... I do hope you moved a good percentage of the "old" water> He had a scratch on his nose for awhile so I got him some Melafix.  I also thought I spotted Ick, so I purchased some IckAway.   I took the carbon filter out while medicating him. I have been using the Melafix for 6 six days and the IckAway for 4 days.   Two days ago Nemo started acting crazy.  He would run into the sides of the tank and dart to the tank floor, despite the river rocks.  He was gasping for air all over the tank. <The result/s of the "medicating">   He was eating healthy until these past two days. After reading your site online I saw an answer about Melafix being terrible. <It's a "leaf" extract... not likely as at fault here as the other material>   I did a 40% water change and took the water (old and new) into the pet store.  Both tested negative for ammonia and nitrate and its pH was fine.  They gave me some salts so I added those.   <Good> I also put in a new carbon filter.  I have not used Melafix or Ick away since these 2 days.  After about an hour, Nemo got really bad and started to almost jump out of the tank.  He sticks his nose out of the water and literally grabs air and then falls to the bottom of the tank and just lays there on his side.  I am very afraid he is suffering and I wonder if I should just put him out of his misery. <Mmm, I wouldn't... there is still a chance this fish will recover> It is very sad to watch.  I brought him to the store and they said there are no visible signs of parasites, and that he does not have Ick.  Is there anything I can do?? Sincerely, Gina Walsh    <Be patient, and hope for this animal's recovery. They are tough... Bob Fenner>
Re: Need Help fast...fish is dying Thanks for returning my previous email about Nemo.  Sadly, he passed away that day. <Ahh, sorry to read of your loss> I will be extremely cautious next time of the medications I use if needed at all.  Keep up the good work. Gina <Will endeavor to do so. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Urgent Help Needed - Fainting? 8/29/05 Hi! Congrats on doing a wonderful job with this site. I have emailed you a few times in the past about our goldfish Pepper and you did a great job in helping us to treat him  and I really hope you will be able to help. He is 1yr5months, 4-4.5 inches long (Body 2.5 inches) and looks like those traditional picture-book goldfish - we even keep him in a bowl. <Congratulations on being able to do this so long...> A week ago we went on holiday for 2 days. We kept the fish in a small tank so the water didn't have to be changed, only my uncle was to feed him the standard flake food twice a day. From the day we got back, my mum thought he hasn't been too well. He looks perfectly normal on the outside, though. We normally change the water in the bowl twice a day, about an hour or two after feeding - twice a day - in the morning and night. This morning Mum woke up and saw the goldfish lying on his side at the bottom of the bowl. Needless to say, we were all very worried and changed the water immediately. The fish tried to swim around when we put our finger near the bowl, but only on his side. We tried to feed him thawed frozen peas and again changed the water after and hour and a half again. Fed him some more peas, which he tried to eat but could hardly reach as he was swimming on his side. Slowly he was starting to right himself up, but every few minutes he would suddenly gently fall sideways towards the bottom of the bowl, not moving. We changed the water again after an hour and a half (i.e. - 2 hrs ago) Now, he swims slowly around the bowl (straight but sometimes a little on his side) when we go near/talk to him, but then suddenly halfway across or every few minutes he suddenly falls on his side and down towards the bottom of the bowl and lies still on his side so we again start tapping the bowl, etc. and he suddenly gets up. Why is my fish having these 'fainting spells'? <Very likely environmental... uncycled water> It's really very disturbing. We really love the goldfish a lot -- Please tell me what to do. is it an infection? <Mmm, not an infection directly... This fish needs to be put in a larger volume, with purposeful filtration> I didn't really notice anything really wrong with him on the outside, except maybe that the edge of his tail is slightly pale or whitish, just at the outer edge - vertically, though this could have been from before - I really don't know. Please, please help. from, Thea <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Sick Oranda  8/26/05 Dear Crew, <Susanne> Thanks for your very helpful website.  I just discovered it yesterday and did a lot of reading through the FAQs.   Here is my situation:  I have a 30 gallon tank with one medium Oranda and two little fancy goldfish.  I have had the medium Oranda for a year and the two small fish for about a month.  According to my home testing kits, the ammonia is fine, nitrites are fine, PH is 7.6.  I did not test for water hardness.   The medium Oranda is ill.  For a few months his fins have looked frayed, but not ragged.  They do not have a white edge to them.  Despite this, his fins were erect and he had a good appetite, although he sometimes sat on the bottom of the tank.  I thought he was bored, which is why I brought in the two little companions. Now, as of yesterday, he sits on the bottom of the tank all the time, his fins are clenched, and he did not eat this morning.  I do not see spots, swelling or other outward signs of disease.  He just looks miserable. I did a 30% water change last night, added Stress Coat and 6 teaspoons of aquarium salts (will they hurt my snail?). <Possibly>   I did not remove the carbon filters.  (I have an undergravel as well as a Whisper filter on the back of the tank).  Is there something more I can do or something I should have done differently? <Mmm, maybe...> Many thanks in advance for your help. Susanne <I would try bolstering this fish's nutrition... with the use of some fresh food, soaking same in a vitamin mixture... And adding a bit of floating live plant life (Egeria if my choice) would help to improve hidden water qualities. These are covered on WWM. Good luck, life to you. Bob Fenner>
Re: Sick Oranda  8/26/05
Dear Mr. Fenner, <Suzanne> Thank you for your prompt response.  Of course I will do as you recommend.  I will also dismantle the undergravel filter since I have read on your site that they are ill-advised for goldfish.   <Ah, yes> Best wishes, Susanne <Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Goldfish, pebble lodged in mouth 8/25/05 I have recently noticed that my goldfish has swallowed a pebble. I called a petstore and they said to take my fish out with a net and hope he flops enough to dislodge the pebble. Well, that had not worked and I don't know what to do. Please help. <I would (gingerly) take the goldfish in hand with a wetted towel (out of the tank) and try a blunt pair of tweezers to remove this stone. Bob Fenner>

Black Moor with a single white spot 8/25/05 Hello there - I am a novice fish owner. We have a black moor in a 30 gallon tank with two other goldfish (all less than 2 inches long). About 3 months ago the black moor suffered with white spot but responded well to treatment and this all cleared up. Today we have noticed a single white spotty lump on its side. It doesn't seem overly distressed, but it is our daughter's favourite, and we would hate to lose it after our proud efforts with the earlier treatment. Any suggestions as to what it is would be gratefully received. Neil <Mmm, not likely much that you can, should do re this lump/spot... it will probably self-cure with time, good care... and using "medicines" is not advised... Much more likely to hurt than help. Bob Fenner>

My goldfish has a red ring running from the dorsal fin to the stomach. 8/25/05 What causes this and how can it be cured. <Mmm, poor, and/or vacillating water quality usually... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Wanda the carp in too small a tank  8/25/05 Good Morning, We have a 9" carp (I assume at that size that she is not a goldfish); <Could be> anyway, for months she has had intermittent long stringy white feces. <Might be food, the environment...> We bought anti-parasite food (didn't work), we bought "Clout" (didn't work), we bought garlic (didn't work).  All of a sudden she had diarrhea (very long lite brown feces, but normal diameter) and has not felt good since. <Could be resultant from the "medicines">   In fact she has quit eating.  In addition, the nitrates in the tank are very high. <How high is this? More than twenty ppm?> We have added "Fritz-zyme", <Won't change nitrate...> done three 1/3 water changes, added salt, stress coat and more plants.  The nitrates will NOT come down!  Nitrites are fine, ammonia is fine.  She does cruise around her 37 gallon tank a little, <Too small a volume...> nothing like before-she has been a very active fish.  She has eaten one pea a day for the last three days. This has been going on for about 8 days now and we are at a loss as to how to help her get better? <Better environment...> What can we do? <Learn re the nitrogen/biological cycle... fix this animal's world> How will she get better?  I'm worried sick about her!! Please help.  (There are no other fish in the tank-she is an only child!!) Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer. Lucinda Sanchez <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwnitrates.htm and the linked files above... You will see there are a few ways to ameliorate the present condition... larger volumes, anaerobic digestion... Bob Fenner>

FW maint. 9" goldfish, Wanda 8/26/05 Thank you so much for your response. . .I do however have 3 more questions/comments and then I hope to not have to bother you again. 1)  Yes, the Nitrates are higher than 20; they are at the highest level on the color coded card. 2)  I read thru' some of the info on your web site but could not find a definition of "anaerobic digestion"--is there a food that you sell or that I can purchase somewhere that will help her with these dastardly pesky parasites? <Mmm, no... we sell very little... one book that we produce, have written> We are presently using Koi food that is higher in protein than goldfish food. <Mmm, please read re nutrition of your species... don't need, want high/er protein in cooler water...> 3)  You say her environment is too small.  I thought I read that one should consider 3 gallons of water per inch of fish; <Mmm, a fallacy... better to use volume per volume as a guide... a cubic inch of fish per... five gallons let's say> we therefore "assumed" that 9" of fish X 3 gallons of water = 27 gallons, so that she/we had some time before buying her a new aquarium. Is there a rule of thumb as to size of tank that is needed as we were obviously misinformed. Thanks sooooooooo much for your help!  I look forward to your response. Lucinda <Happy to render it. Bob Fenner>
Goldfish in a tiny world, Wanda  8/27/05
Two more things before you respond if I may: 1) Now her swim bladder is off--she is floating vertically--is there anything I can add to the water like Fritzyme except for Nitrates? <Mmm, no... water changes...> 2) Ever since the diarrhea last week, her little anus has been very red--like she has hemorrhoids??  Anything I can do?  Still the long white feces, although not too much cause she is not eating at all. <Improve the environment, have time go by. Bob Fenner>

Black Moor - illness 8/24/05 Dear Bob, <Actually, Sabrina with you today.> Please could you give me some advice for my black moor. He is approx 6 yrs old, and lives with another tri coloured goldfish. About 6 weeks ago the black moor started to become lethargic and kept sinking to the bottom of his tank, he could swim but it was a real effort for him. I went to my local aquarium centre and was told that the fish was probably constipated? <Mm, possible, but there are other possibilities, as well.> I have since changed his diet to live food/veggies etc that they recommended, <Ah, good.  You might also consider adding Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to the water, at a rate of one tablespoon per five gallons; this will help him to pass any blockage.> I also have been changing the water twice a week (60%) for the first three weeks, then every week thereafter (40%). I have been checking the nitrate levels and they are now returning to an acceptable level. <Do please test, and keep ammonia and nitrite at ZERO, nitrate less than 20ppm.> However the fish is no better, in fact he seems to be getting worse, he sits on the floor of the tank all day, and only comes to the surface to feed (I have to hand feed him most days as he is blind in one eye, and cannot compete for his food). <You may need to give him a tank of his own so he won't have any food competition.> More worryingly now, his fins and tail seem to be rotting; he has lost quite a lot of both. He has always fed well, and his appetite seems normal. My Local aquarist has told me again that this must be due to water quality. Given the changes I have/and am making should I be seeing an improvement? <Depends upon those ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels....  If all are *perfect*, yes, you may see improvement.  There may also be a bacterial infection in play, in which case medication such as Kanamycin sulfate or Nitrofurazone may be necessary....  but only if you can keep those ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels in check.  Medicating will have little to no effect if the water quality is poor.> I think this slowly dying, and I feel powerless to stop it happening. <You obviously are doing quite a bit already; don't be disheartened just yet!  Goldfish are tough.> Do you have any recommendations? Medicine's that I should be looking for etc??  Please help! I hate to see him in this state, He was such a beautiful specimen and now it seems I will loose him. <Just as above....  And we will be keeping our fingers crossed.> Rachel Brown <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Pearlscale - Red pimple-like...thing 8/23/05 Hello "Bob" Robert Fenner, <Hello Lilian> I just came back from a trip with my parents, only to find that one of my Pearlscales have a red mustache on his upper lip and a rather large red 'pimple' on the corner of his lower lip AND it seems like he has a tiny white dot/bump near one of his gills or it could be a scale falling off.  I'm not exactly sure about it.  I've had a couple of bad experiences with Pearlscales and I'm extremely worried that it is going to die soon. <Mmm...> I have some Ick medication and a friend of mine who also owns goldfishes, suggest that I put him in another container and add the Ick medication and let him stay there for an hour or two, then dump him back into the tank with my other Pearlscale. <I would not do this... likely not helpful, not Ich... And the exposure to the medicine toxic, stressful... The root of the problem here... is it environmental? Likely so...> I'm a little worried about it being contagious but decided to follow his instructions anyways.  I've tried to research what my Pearlscale has on the internet but I can't quite pinpoint it so I thought I'd get some professional help.  Please reply soon! Thank you, Lilian <I would check your water quality, speed up the frequency of water changes, and just observe your goldfishes for now... Perhaps they were overfed during your holiday... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish emergency ! 8/23/05 Dear Crew, <George> Your fantastic website has been an invaluable tool to me over the last few years, allowing us to manage a wonderful reef set - up. Your advice has always been most sensible. I am at my mother's house right now and walked into a goldfish disaster. The tank is 30 X 12 X 12 inches, well filtered, and contains three small fish, a Pearlscale, an Oranda and a veiltail, all less than 2 inches long each.  Nothing seems to have changed in terms of husbandry, 25% water changes weekly and the fish fed every two days. Everything seemed fine until this evening. The Pearlscale is swimming listlessly upside down as if he has difficulty floating, whilst the Oranda has developed red marks over the area of his pectoral fins as far up as the beginning of his gill covers. He is also now swimming as if totally disorientated. As both have been so healthy until today, this indicates it must be something environmental ? I know how busy you all are here, but I suspect we may need to act quickly - any suggestions would be most gratefully received ! Thanks, George. <Something is grievously wrong with the water... do either remove these fishes to another volume or start a series of large (daily) water changes... This sounds like a case of overt poisoning... perhaps some ammonia-based glass cleaner... other product has found its way into the tank... Adding a few level teaspoons of salt would be useful as well... Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish emergency !
Dear Bob, <Alec> Thanks for your reply - we are doing as you suggest. Both are hanging in there, but their condition deteriorates. We will continue to look for the cause of the problem, as prior to this event, water quality had been well maintained. My money, as you suspected is on some form of aerosol, as it is hard to see what else could cause such problems, so quickly. <Does happen... often... that and accidentally spilled drinks and such.> Thanks again, Alec  

Goldfish Color Change, Frayed Fins - 08/20/2005 My Goldfish is about two years old.  She was orange and white when I first bought her and now she is all white.   <Color change in goldfish is normal....  Can be related to properties of the water, age, other things....> I notice that her back fins are a bit red and have split in some areas.  Is this common?   <Mm, not the redness and splitting, no....  I would look to water quality on this.> I have attached a couple of before and after pictures of her. Hope you can help me.  The first two pictures are the most current the last three are from about eight months ago. <Nice images - and do please be testing your water for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate....  Maintain ammonia and nitrite at ZERO and nitrate at less than 20ppm.> <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Goldfish Ailment? - 08/20/2005 Hello please help I have a goldfish that has eaten a rock it is starting to get red spots all over it and a big red bum what do I do fo the fella. <Please do try some punctuation, grammar....  And read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm  and here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm .  Also please read the links, in blue, at the tops of those pages.  You haven't provided enough information to diagnose the problem, but you will more than likely find your answers already archived.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Fancy Goldfish, Eye Damage - 08/19/2005 I've had my healthy Celestial <I assume you mean a celestial-eyed goldfish?> about a week and his eye has popped, he isn't able to see (bumps in to things). <Be cautious, remove any sharp decor or other objects that he might wound himself on....> At feeding time the others (Danios, White Clouds and Black Moor) eat the food before he realizes. I separate him to feed him (in a fish bowl) but, he just spits the food out and is losing weight, please can some one give me some advice? <You may need to permanently separate this fish in his own tank, if he is completely blind.  You should at least keep him in a quarantine tank for observation as he heals - eye wounds can be irresistible for other fish to pick on....  Once healed and eating well, he may be able to be reintroduced to the rest of the crowd.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>
Fancy Goldfish, Eye Damage - II - 08/19/2005
Hi Sabrina, <Hi, Amanda.> Thanks for the advice, it was much appreciated. <Glad to (try to) be of service.> Unfortunately, I put my blind celestial-eyed gold fish in the bowl this morning and went up for a bath. When I came downstairs I found him dead (which was quite a shock). <So, so sorry to hear this....> Keep up with the good work and I am sure you are a guardian angel to all the fish out there! <Thank you very much for these heartening words, Amanda; this is very much appreciated!> Regards,  Amanda <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Goldfish Problems - 08/16/2005 Hi. I recently bought 2 goldfishes. I put both in a 14litre hex tank. <Far, far too small for these animals....  Please read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm .> One died which I think was because they were different in terms of color and was just competing. <Goldfish will not fight because they are different colors.  I suspect the one that died was either already sick, or died from poor water quality - be testing for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.> Once I found one died I took the dead fish out. Since then it has started to develop white dots and it stays at the bottom of the tank. <Likely Ich.  Read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwich.htm .> I don't know if it's because it's stressed or because its that time of the year.   <Not sure what you mean, here.  There is definitely something amiss, either Ich or poor water quality....  likely both.> Is it dying? What can I do to make sure it survives? <Please read both those articles; they will help you understand what your goldfish needs to recover, and to survive.> Tosin <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Fish losing color....Underlying problem? Environmental  8/16/05 Hi.  Up until recently I had 4 fish in a ten gallon tank. 3 fantails (2 calicos, 1 black moor) and one comet. <... too much...> About 2 months ago we had a problem with algae overtaking the tank, but with some help from the pet store we once more have it under control. <How? Not from chemical control I hope/trust>>   My question is, two of the fish are losing their color. One calico (Which we purchased because of his beautiful copper coloring) has turned a dull, pale orange on his spots. He used to be such a beautiful little guy!  The black moor is also losing his black and trading it in for a flashy orange.  I have read that black moors will lose their black and develop a brassy color, but he's completely changing color and it is not brassy at all!  I wouldn't be extremely concerned, but the other calico suddenly passed away last week. I found him under his shelter taking his last breaths.  I moved him into an isolation tank, but he passed away shortly after.  I am bumfuzzled because he was acting perfectly normal just hours before. I am attached to my fish and don't want to lose anymore to this mystery disease. <... not a mystery...>   Is the color change at all connected to Todd's death? <Very likely so... stress, in a word> Any information or advice you could give my would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Libby <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Goldfish, Environmental Disease - 08/16/2005 Hi, <Hello.> I bought a tank about a month ago with a filter that holds 1-4 fish. <Umm....  How large is this tank?  If it claims to hold 1 to 4 fish, does it say what kind?  I mean, there's a huge difference between being able to hold four guppies and four piranha....> I let the filter run in the tank for a week before I bought any fish. I got 3 goldfish and everything was grand. I feed them in the morning and at night (flakes) and siphon the water out and replace it with water that has-been standing for 24hrs (about 25-50% of water I change). <How often do you do the water changes?> The other day I noticed one of the fishes was always at the top of the tank gasping for air. I thought nothing off it but its now dead and obviously there was something wrong. <Likely environmental....> Now there are 2 fishes left, and one of them is darting around and banging into things and going to top of tank and gasping for air. I have cleaned the water, tested the ph and it was 7.0 and I don't know what else to do. <Test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate....  Ammonia and nitrite must be ZERO, nitrate less than 20ppm.  All symptoms point to poor water quality and lack of oxygen.  I suspect this tank is far too small for housing goldfish.> Its upsetting me as I think that there is something wrong and I am torturing the poor fish and they are just waiting to die? Any light you can shed on the matter would be very much appreciated. <Please read here for more information:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm , and also here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm .  Be sure to look at the linked articles and FAQs at the tops of both pages.> Thanks - Cheryl. <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>
Goldfish, Environmental Disease - II - 08/16/2005
Ah thanks for this. The tank is about 20 inches long by about 15 inches deep and goes back about 15 inches high. <Somewhere between 10 and 20 US gallons....  Only suitable temporarily for three quite small goldfish.  I like to recommend at least 10-15 gallons per goldfish, and even then, I prefer to see them with more "room for error" as far as water volume is concerned.> I wonder if its because the tank is new? I've had it for about a month - is it still classed as a 'new tank'. <Mm, possibly, in terms of cycling.> I took water sample to fish shop - they tested for everything and it was ok. <See if you can get them to tell you exactly what the levels are....  "OK" to one employee may be FAR from "OK".> One of the fish is still darting around like a crazed psycho though - am worried. <I really feel like this is something in the water....  something is causing this fish distress/irritation.> I change the water at least once a week - it seems to get dirty quickly and is a greenish colour and I can see faeces at the bottom on the gravel. <Small tank - too small - for goldfish.  Think of them as cute little poop machines.> I have cut down on what I am feeding them. I sprinkle some flakes in the morning and again at night but just enough for them to eat - so none will be left corroding at the bottom of the tank.   <I would cut back to one feeding every other day and include some live plants (like Anacharis/elodea/Egeria) for them to munch at their leisure.> I just want them to be content bless them! - Thanks - Cheryl. <Again, please do read the articles I linked you to, and also the links, in blue, at the top of the pages....  Much information is already archived and just waiting for you to dig in!  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Shubunkin the Culprit! Eaten or Sick? 8/15/05 Hey there!! I'm Meagan and I have recently been appointed the position of "Fish Caretaker" of my mothers goldfish. She loves the Goldfish as they are for her two grandchildren, my son and my sisters son. Here is the problem. In one 30 gallon tank we have a Shubunkin, a Moor, (until recently) 2 fantails, and one algae eater. The newest addition was the Shubunkin. Until this new addition the goldfish and the algae eater were quite compatible, playful and very healthy. <Mmmm... fantails can't "compete" with the more streamlined Shubunkin>> After the "Newb" was added I noticed Goldfish 2's (one of the fantails as named by one of the children) tail fin had simply split. It was flowing through the water like hair, like the skin between the slender threads had just disappeared. I was extremely worried, but decided to wait it out. The next day it's tail looked as if it had been nibbled at or eaten, all in all, it was definitely not as flowing or long! I waited another day and when I woke, it's tail was gone!! All that was left was a poor stump where it's beautiful flowing tail had been! I took the poor fish out immediately and placed it in my "Hospital tank" (a 5 gallon bowl). It seems to be doing better. I change the water twice a day (but leave at least 1/4 of the original water in the bottom) and I put Cycle in with it. I want to know if it was the Shubunkin that "ate" it or a sickness or was it that we haven't enough room for all these fish? <Mmm, because of the rapidity, that only one fish is/was malaffected, I am mostly convinced this was aggression, not a biological disease> We supplement their diet with living plants and clean their tank about every 3 weeks. They were thriving until this Shubunkin came to live with us, but it is so cute I don't want to get rid of it, and I don't want Goldfish 2 to die!! Please help me, and in doing so you will help two very adorable children!! Sincerely, Meagan <I would remove the newest fish (the Shubunkin)... and keep only "roundish" goldfish types here with the others. Bob Fenner>
Ah!! Details!!
Meagan here again!! Sorry, I'm really upset, and when I am upset I forget details!! Goldfish 2 also seemed to have some chunks of scales on it's side ripped off. I mean it really looks ripped off, like it narrowly escaped being eaten! I do have a filter in the larger tank (of course). Before I took him out of the tank he was hovering near the top, very easy to catch and seemed to almost flip upside down at times, before righting himself again. I thought this may be the lack of a back tail fin, but after reading your FAQ's on proper tank care I'm not so sure anymore. I'm sorry, I'll go out right away and buy a water testing kit and more little plants for my precious' to nibble on! Meagan <Mmm, no Chinese Algae Eater/s here? I would definitely isolate, remove the Shubunkin. BobF>

Goldfish aggression follow-up  8/16/05 Alright, I'll remove the Shubunkin. The rest of the fish aren't doing so hot either! The Moor has a small pimple like white head at the base of his tail that has a red gash halfway around it, and (the first fantail) Goldfish 1 has a red gash on it's side. the Shubunkin seems fine, other than a wormy thing at the base of it's dorsal fin. I think it's parasites, but I'm not sure. Would it be okay to treat for parasites anyways? <I wouldn't... toxic, hard on the fish> Would it harm the other fish, and if I isolate it (the Shubunkin) can I still treat the other fish for parasites anyways to be sure?? I will send pics next time to better inform you. Thanks, Meagan <I would hold off on adding further stress for the moment. Bob Fenner>

Bloody goldfish eye (Black Moor) 8/15/05 I have a Black Moor I have had for about a year, he has done well in a small ten gallon tank, with a Red Cap Oranda, and a Pleco. I have an undergravel filter with a small power head on it, and a small whisper pad filter off the back, I do weekly water changes and vacuum the bottom.  He, and the Oranda have grown from less than an inch to almost four & five inches in this time.  I feed only quality food and greens as recommended.  I know they probably need a bigger tank, <Yes...> but that isn't an option in my cubby hole of a home office... thanks to children. <Then the fish will suffer, perhaps perish> Lately he has started getting blood inside the bottom of his right eye.  It does not appear to be pop eye as only the lens portion of the eye protrudes some over normal and not the entire eye.  Without treatment the first time ( I was out of town and my wife who fed them told me about it ) the eye cured itself  before I got home.   He has gotten it five or six times since then.   I have tried a variety of treatments, but, I think it just goes away on its own before the treatments work, <Yes... environmentally "caused", induced> within 2-3 days, which is pretty fast for a medication to work internally, but I still run the treatments for the recommended time just to be safe.   There is no pattern to this, it happened two months later, then three months, and then the twice in one month.  This has me flustered, it looks awful, and does not seem to affect him at all, but I can find nothing about such a thing.   Back in the 70's and 80's BTWC (before there were children), I had one bedroom dedicated to gold fish with wall to wall tanks, two high, all 55 and 70 gallon and one 120 gallon in the middle, 14 tanks total and some HUGE softball sized Orandas and Lionheads, so I am not a novice in dealing with gold fish and their diseases, but this one has me flustered...I hate 10 gallon tanks, but it is the only thing that fits.  I have taken everything out of the tank that can be removed in case he is banging into something, but it still happens. <You obviously know your options... trade these fish in to someone with adequate space, or get a larger system> Can you offer any suggestions as to what is causing this blood in this one eye? Bob Bradley <Vacillating water quality and physical trauma due to being in too small a world. Bob Fenner>
Re: Bloody gold fish eye (Black Moor) 8/15/05
Guess the TV will have to go, moving up to a thirty gallon this afternoon...I guess I knew all along it was the tank size, just putting off the inevitable...and hurting the fish in the process <Ahhh!> Thanks for the advice and kick in the butt!!!!! Bob <Glad to be "the boot", BobF>

Question about a black moor 8/15/05 I have a black moor that is about 1 year old. It has a big puffy ball on top of one of his eye's. Lately he sends his time floating around the top only. Is there anything I can give him to cure his eye? Omar Hernandez <Mmm, sounds like a tumorous growth... and possibly poor environment. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm Bob Fenner>

Sick Lionhead 8/15/05 Hello I have a small Lionhead that has a bloated stomach area.  He also sits vertical with his nose touching the gravel and stays in this position almost frozen.  I have placed him in a separate tank by himself, added Epsom salts and fed him peas.  When we get well and should I get some sort of medication for him? <No> His scales are normal, when he swims he is active and horizontal and he is eating well so I have ruled out dropsy. Please help Willy Thanks <Likely environmental, nutritional... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>  

Black Moor changing color and one eye larger than the other 8/13/05 Hello, I searched your web site for Black Moors and saw notes on bloody  eyes and color changes (both of which I've been through & am going  through). The answers relieved me somewhat. However, not only have I encountered  the bloody eyes (which are gone now), and the on going color  change; but one eye has grown larger than the other. <Mmm...> He seems to be quite a content little fellow, so I'm wondering if this  is an indication of a disease or he's just a genetic fluke. <Could be either or a bit of both> I've attached a  photo so you can see the eye thing going on. If it is a disease, I need to  know how to treat it. If it's just a genetic fluke, well then, he's turning  out beautifully isn't he? <Not much that one can do with such a condition> Thank you in advance for any answers you can give me. Regards, <I would continue to enjoy this fish, maintain high, consistent water quality, good nutrition. Bob Fenner>

Hey Winky!

Batfink and Columbo - 08/12/2005 Hi, <Hello, Sabrina with you, today.> I have searched your pages for several hours and have found a lot of useful information but it is all a bit overwhelming. I have a 30 litre tank with Colombo (a fantail) and Batfink (a black moor) and have had them for 11 days now. <Far too small a system for two goldfish....  please read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm .> Although Batfink is very active and extremely greedy I am concerned about Colombo for a number of reasons. Firstly, I do not think he has eaten since he arrived. <Very disturbing.> For the first 9 or so days he used to immediately grab the food when it was put into the tank, but, he always spat it out, even if he had kept it in his mouth for several seconds. However, now he is not making much of an effort to even get the food. He swims up to it but seems to swim just past it and surface next to it. I read somewhere about flukes and wondered if this could be a cause? <Nothing you have mentioned suggests flukes of any sort to me.> However, he doesn't seem to have any  obvious physical problems so I was unsure of how I would know if the cause was flukes or not. <There would be physical symptoms....  constantly gasping for breath, possibly even visible parasites on the skin, depending on the type of flukes/Trematodes involved....> Or, could it just that he has previously been fed other food and does not like the change? My obvious worry is that he is going to starve.  I should point out that a 35-45% water change was carried out last Friday and I plan to do the same again this Friday. Also, the water tests are showing that the water is fine so this is confusing me further.   <"Fine" being what, exactly?  Ammonia and nitrite must be maintained at ZERO and nitrate at less than 20ppm.  If this is not the case, water changes are urgent.> To make matters worse, over the past couple of days he seems to be lying at the bottom of the tank and only moves if he is disturbed. He is not on his side or upside down but surely this is still not normal behaviour? <Not to lay still for a very long time.> Could he be dozing (do fish sleep?) or is it something more serious?   <Could be resting, could be sick....  I really suspect environmental/water quality issues.> Batfink is a little bit larger than him and does seem to bully him a little. Could it just be that he is trying to go unnoticed to prevent the bullying? <No....  I think there is something amiss.> It also looks as though his tail is pointing towards the surface slightly when he is floating.  Could this be that he is just weak from lack of food or again is this something more serious?   <Could be a nutrition/constipation issue.  Much is archived in our FAQs on this topic.> The final question relates to the "bullying". Batfink does not appear to be biting at Colombo or being very aggressive towards him. Instead, it is more the case that he swims up behind him and nudges him up the tail for a few seconds at regular intervals throughout the day. Is this perhaps mating behaviour rather than bullying?   <Possibly either way....  I would view it as a need for a larger system, in either case.> I look forward to a response with anticipation because having to watch Colombo suffer is very distressing. <Understandable....  Please read here for more information:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm .> Thanks,  Alison <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Goldfish And Ich - 08/12/2005 Hi Bob, <Sabrina here, in his stead> Your website tends to turn up often in my Google inquiries. I have learned a lot from reading questions and answers from others.   <Ahh, good.  I am glad.> My question is in regard to Ick. I recently set up a new tank (29 gal) with a Penguin 200 with a Bio-wheel with some added ceramic bio media. (I want to get this thing cycled fast and well.) I have used Stress Zyme, Stress Coat, Proper PH 7.5, minimal treatment of salt, and recently Ammonia Lock. The local city water is described as moderately soft. My PH is 7.5, my ammonia level is 1.0, <Dangerous....  should not have any fish in here as yet....> nitrites/nitrates too early to have any. I purchased two small fish: one Oranda and one Lionhead. The Lionhead is white and orange. When I got it, I noticed some white on its crown but assumed it to be natural because of the color mixture. <Could be.> I later realized that it has a small case of Ick. (5-10 spots on average per day over the last week) <Not a small case, at all, in my opinion.> The Oranda is clean. Since the fish are just getting used to the environment <They will not get used to ammonia and nitrite.  This will harm them.> I don't want to medicate them (at-least traditional medicines.) <Do please consider salt/heat....> They are very active and happy (hungry since I am lightly feeding because of cycling) which is much better then they way they acted when they arrived. I have done a little research and have found that otherwise healthy fish can get over Ick without medication. <In perfect circumstances, yes, this is somewhat possible.  With the added stresses of cycling (which can cause permanent damage to a fish), I would wager these fish will not overcome this themselves.  I would opt for a salt treatment, here.> I've also read that Ick medicines will screw the biofilter which is something I can't afford right now.   <You have no biological filtration as yet....  I would advocate medicating/treating in a separate hospital tank while you allow your main tank to cycle....> Do you have any advise for ensuring that this small case of Ick does not become a problem without damaging the fragile state of this new aquarium? Also, I have read that you recommend turning up the heat to 84 degrees for Ick treatment. Are goldfish healthy at this temperature? I have read the best for exotic goldfish is 72-75 degrees. <For short periods of time, 82-84 is acceptable.  Please read here for more:  http://www.aquariumadvice.com/showquestion.php?faq=2&fldAuto=32 . > Thanks for your help,  Matt. <Wishing you and your fish well,  -Sabrina>
Goldfish And Ich - II - 08/14/2005
Okay, I have increased my salt treatment and am slowing turning up the heat. <Ahh, good; this is certainly better than medicating, in my opinion.> I am confused my your remark about my ammonia level being dangerous. <Any amount of ammonia can and does burn a fish's gills, skin, eyes....  can cause permanent damage.> How can you cycle a tank without fish in it? <Do a search, both here and a general Google search, using the words "fishless cycling".  Much information is available.  Fishless cycling just means you add an ammonia source (household pure ammonia, or a bit of cocktail shrimp, or even just decaying fish food) and allow bacteria to grow before you add fish.  This takes longer than just dropping fish in, but allows for fish to not be harmed.> I have learned more about my ammonia level. Our city water out of the tap has 1.0ppm of ammonia. Is this normal? <No.  Though I *have* heard of other instances like this.  You will need to use something like Ammo-Lock, which will handle chlorine, Chloramine, and ammonia, when treating water.> I am using Ammonia Lock to convert the ammonia. Does that not make the aquarium safe for the fish? <Sort of, but it will also slow your cycle.> I still have no nitrites, should come any day now.   <Also can/will harm fish....  Please be doing some major water changes regularly while this tank cycles, to prevent harm to the fish.> Another question - I have been using Proper PH 7.5 but my PH seems to stay right about 7.0. I have read that Ph is effected by KH and GH so I bought a test kit and have found that my KH is about 170 ppm and my GH is 0. From the information I have this sounds good for goldfish. Is that correct? <Yeah, goldfish are very, very tolerant of a very wide range of pH and hardness....  You probably need not alter the pH and hardness of your tap to suit them - less work for you, and also a more stable environment for the fish!> Thanks,  Matt. <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Goldfish Dilemma - 08/11/2005 We recently moved into a house with a goldfish pond in the garden. We just left the pond because it was filthy and not clear at all. <Can be fixed/redone....> It's been 5 weeks and we decided to clean it out. <Ahh, fun!> Half way from draining the water, we found a live goldfish.   <Great surprise!> The fish is has a bloated/swollen belly and it has a yellowish white growth on the side of its belly.  About 5 millimeters in diameter. It also has a little white dot/growth thing just above its rectum. It still disposes of waste though. And it has another white dot by it's gill. It looks like a growth will start growing there. <The bloated/swollen belly is concerning.  The growths are, I'll wager, "carp pox" or "fish pox" - an untreatable, usually non-fatal viral infection that can/will go away on its own, with improved water quality.  Seems to be some connection between this disease and high nitrate levels.> The fish itself is about 5-6 centimetres. We have only just found it, if it is just fat then we don't see what it could have eaten to get that big!! <Algae, plant matter....  A "filthy" pond to us may be a smorgasbord to a goldfish!> There was no other fish in the pond where it was.  It only swims round the bowl vertically with it's tail closer to the surface. It never swims up.   <Definitely a concern.  This fish either has "gas"/constipation of a sort, or (more likely) damage to its swim bladder from a possible bacterial infection....  This may also explain the swollen belly.> We have put it in about a 4 litre bowl for now. We bought a bottle of water ager neutralizer and some fish food flakes.  We are wondering if it is worth taking to the vet or getting a bigger bowl or anything else.   <"Worth" it?  In my opinion, yes, it is worth making the animal comfortable and hoping for the best - and a swift return to a cleaner pond, I hope.  Sadly, though, I do not have many treatment suggestions for you....  There are things you can do, but most will very likely be unsuccessful and may actually make his condition worse....  Were he in my care, I would perhaps feed exclusively with medicated food (Jungle brand makes a pelleted antibacterial food available in PetSmart and other stores), and if you keep him in this tiny bowl, change most of his water daily or every other day....  Be sure to use water of the same temperature when you replace water, and be sure to treat it for chlorine/Chloramine.  I would also add something for him to feel protected - live or fake plants, perhaps - and place this bowl in a very dim location (an unlit bathroom, dark countertop, etc.) where he can calm down some.> What should we do to help it get better and be a happy healthy goldfish?!  Please reply as soon as possible! We don't know what to do! Or if it'll die soon before you reply!!! <Hopefully not dead at this time!  Please read here for more:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm > PLEASE REPLY SOON!!!  From Cheryl <Wishing you and your newfound friend well,  -Sabrina>

Black Moor Ill 8/11/05 I live in the UK, and have two fish (a black moor and a bubble eye goldfish) in a cold water 30 gallon (imperial) tank - I don't know the pH's and such as I have only just noticed a problem, and am new to keeping fish (I followed the rules religiously in setting up the tank and introducing the fish slowly over several months, and the filters are changed at least as frequently than the guidebook suggests).   <Cleaned, rather than changed I hope> I have had both fish for only a few months. The black moor has white stringy stuff over it (but not worm like) in parts, and other areas have clumps of white matter - the fish is obviously out of sorts (listing to one side in the water and listless).  The white stuff neither fits the definitions I have read of Ich (salt grains) or the cotton wool type disease, the name of which escapes me.  But I has obviously left the fish quite distressed, as are my kids. <Environmental...> The bubble eyed goldfish is also starting to show symptoms, with a similar white stuff starting to form on its tail fins.  A few "strings" of the white stuff also appears to be floating freely in the tank. Obviously, I am keen to identify the condition, do what I can to remedy the situation, and prevent its recurrence.  Can you advise on what the condition may be, and are there any medications available in the UK that can treat a number of possible conditions (if there is the possibility of it being one of a number of conditions), or can medications be mixed?  I'm off to the pet store as soon as they open in the morning, and any pointers would be gratefully appreciated. James <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the linked files above where you lead yourself... esp. re Goldfish Systems... likely the something/s amiss here will become open to your consciousness. Bob Fenner>

Sick Black Moor / Maximo 8/9/05 Hi guys, <Hello.> I e-mailed you yesterday regarding my sick Black Moor (Maximo). I realize that you are extremely busy trying to answer everyone, but Maximo is getting worse. <Sorry for the delay....  looks like our Webmail system was having trouble reading your email.> I have been changing his water and treating him with Melafix both daily. <The water changing is good....  the MelaFix, mostly just a placebo....  really not of much use.> Good news is that he is still eating; <Quite good.> bad news is that he has started to list sideways until he ends up upside down. It is very difficult for him to right himself once this has happened. <Hmm.  If he's only eating prepared fish foods (flakes, pellets), this could very well be a nutritional problem.> He has been sick for 3 days now, and it is not much fun watching him suffer. <Of course not.> Please help. <Will try.> <Original message as follows....> I have a 30L BiOrb tank with 2 fish one Red Cap Oranda (Keith) and one Black Moor (Maximo). <This is really far too small a tank for two goldfish.  The term "Goldfish Bowl" couldn't be farther from the truth - they are by no means adequate for goldfish.  And no matter how ya cut it, the BiOrbs, though great for very small fish, are just a glorified, filtered goldfish bowl.> The tank has lighting (on for 4 6 hours a day), a real plant (good condition), a snail (to help with cleaning) and is healthy (pH, nitrites, nitrates and ammonia all tested on Saturday 6 August and levels are perfect). <Perfect hopefully being ammonia and nitrite ZERO, nitrate less than 20ppm....> On Saturday night Maximo got sick droopy caudal fin, dorsal and anal fins are clamped, floating at surface, hiding under plant; and I notice a (translucent?) whitish coating on his body. <I'm hoping you treat your water for chlorine/Chloramine, if applicable in your area....  This sounds to be an environmental illness or possibly (less likely) a parasite referred to as "velvet" (Oodinium).> I placed him in a separate bowl, added a little bit of salt and fed him some daphnia which he devoured. He seemed to perk up for a little. I thought that the whitish coating may be a fungus, so I bought some Melafix and gave him his first dose yesterday afternoon. <Again, mostly a human placebo, in my opinion.> This morning he is still sick - droopy caudal fin, clamped dorsal and anal fins, and floating at the surface.  What I would like to know from you guys is do you agree with my diagnosis? <Possible, but not the only possibility.> And if so, is Melafix the best / most effective treatment for this condition? <No.  If fungus, I would use a medication geared toward treating fungus....  I believe Anthony has recommended Jungle's "Fungus Eliminator" in the past, though it escapes me right now what the active ingredients are.> Any advice, will be greatly appreciated by myself and Maximo. <Please read here:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm  and here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the related FAQs, linked in blue, at the top of those pages.> Regards,  Sharon. <Wishing you and Maximo well,  -Sabrina>
Moor Troubles - II - 08/09/2005
Hello again, <Hi, Sharon!> Thanks for your reply Sabrina, but I think it is too late for Maximo. <Oh, dear....  I am very sorry to hear this.> He did not eat anything yesterday, and this morning he is floating on his side. <Not good....> I also noticed what looks like 3 or 4 tiny white spots on his tail, <Possibly Ich/Ichthyophthirius multifilius, a parasite.... see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwich.htm > and that he has a reddish tinge (small hemorrhages?) around the base of his gills and fins on his underbody. <Signs of irritation....  either from something toxic in the environment or from whatever is causing his diseased state.  Maybe even from the MelaFix, which I suspect has caused irritation in the very few fish on which I've tried it.> Do these new symptoms help with a more accurate diagnosis? <Well, yes and no....  there are very many things that still fit the bill. A photograph, if possible, would be of great help....  Though, with the mention of white spots in his tail, redness on the body, and an overall whitish cast, I'm leaning toward velvet/Oodinium or one of the "skin-slime disease" causatives....  Costia/Ichthyobodo, Chilodonella, Trichodina....> I would still like to know what made Maximo so sick, and make sure I can recognize the symptoms in the future. <Agreed.  If you feel it's not "too" late, you might try a formalin dip....  Though risky for the fish, and may actually cause more damage than good, if there's little hope left at this time, it could be worthwhile to try.> To clarify a few points you mentioned in your response:  The fish I have in my BiOrb are small about 1 inch long; <They will grow, I assure you.  Even at an inch, a 7 gallon system is quite small....  VERY temporary, at best.  There are so many colorful, small fish options for you for this admittedly attractive bowl system; I urge you to consider something other than goldfish.  And *please* read the link I gave you previously about goldfish systems....  much good info there.> The water in the BiOrb has been treated for chlorine / chloramines; <Ahh, VERY good.> Perfect levels did mean ammonia and nitrite zero, nitrate < 20ppm  and a pH in acceptable ranges; <Better and better.> I feed them floating pellets 5 days a week, then one day a week they get peas, cucumber, etc. and the other they get frozen daphnia. <You could go heavier on the greens and lighter on the pellets, if you like.> Finally, is there a painless way to euthanize fish if they are very sick? <Yes....  I am sad that it may have come to this for Maximo.  An overdose of clove oil as an anesthetic is my preferred method to recommend to you....  Please read here, third entry down:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/euthanasiafaqs.htm .> Thanks again,  Sharon. <My best wishes for Maximo, even in his deteriorated condition....  May he pass swiftly and painlessly.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Black Moor Now Gold Moor 8/9/05 Hi there! Love your answers, very informative. I had always been told that goldfish only need a couple gallons each to live. <Mmm, not quality, long lives... w/o increased risk of trouble.> I have nine goldfish, one a black moor in a 30 gallon tank. I have had the same setup for four years and have moved the fish around my home probably five or six times in those four years. All are healthy, never seem stressed by the move. <You're very likely very diligent re maintenance, feeding> I have a power filter and a bubble stone, a few aquarium plants and three log/castles for them to swim into/around. I clean out the tank completely about once every three months if needed. <Not a good or safe practice> Other than that, I just add water as needed. It seems I am doing quite a bit wrong! Do you see anything I could add to my tank or anything imperative I need to do? <Change to more frequent partial water changes, get a larger system...> One of my goldfish has grown to probably five inches long, he is huge (to me!)! How big do most goldfish get? <Fancy varieties to about this long, Comets to more than a foot> If I put them in a bigger tank, won't he get even bigger? <Possibly> As I have always heard they adapt to the size of the tank? <Ah, no... another "urban/e myth". Crowding many animals, polluting their water, stunts them, shortens their life span...> Also, the black moor, who was so beautiful, has turned completely orange except for his eyes and lips; he looks like he's wearing eyeliner and lipstick! Is this a permanent change? <Likely so... happens... even in pristine, optimal conditions.> Best regards, Jennifer Freels <Do read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwh2ochgs.htm and the linked files above where you lead yourself. Bob Fenner>

A Calico Something - 08/07/2005 My fish is a calico something.  He is orange and white with black spots. <Likely a goldfish....  Shubunkin, Ryukin, Oranda, or other.> Today I noticed he was laying on the bottom of the tank.  He is still alive, but he is always trying to swim around on his side but he doesn't get very far.  I don't think his fin is working and he keeps getting stuck to the filter.   <Though I know nothing about his tank (size, filtration, tankmates, water parameters....) I can undoubtedly guarantee that this is purely an environmental illness, quite likely due to poor water quality.> I don't know what to do. <Immediately do a water change - if the fish is in less than a 10 gallon tank, do 75% or more.  If it is a larger tank, 50% or more.  Make sure you treat the new water for chlorine and/or Chloramine and make sure it's the same temperature as the water in his tank.  Also, read here for more information:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm .  Wishing you and your finned friend well,  -Sabrina>

Tumor removal 8/6/05 Hi, Frac my big Goldfish, I don't know what kind he is. I have him 3  years, he has bladder problems & thanks to your site he was doing well  for a while. Even though he had a tumor at the base near his fancy tail. I  came home from vacation & now the tumor has a black spot on it. It has  been whitish & is now the size of a large pea, it's been growing 3  years. I was wondering if I can remove it ? <You can try> Last year Fric died but you  helped Frac back to pretty good health. I thought if I put him in a  shallow pan with ice to anesthetize him I could cut it off, <Not ice... there are commercial products, or you can try Soda Water...> if it is going  to burst & he will die anyway. He is big & strong & I love  him. It will be hard for me to do. I figure it would be worth the chance  while he is strong again. If it does burst will it hurt Amos & Andy ,   my 2 Catfish. <Not likely> Any advise would be greatly appreciated. It just has grown larger,  but the black spot has me concerned. A couple of months ago it did seep  something out of the tumor & it's possible that is where the black  spot is. Please help, I know you have helped me before & thank you for  helping me keep him alive this long. Thanks, Deb <A sharp single edged razor blade, perhaps a mercury-based topical to daub on after... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish... disease, environmental... system size, filtration... lack thereof 8/5/05 Hi my name is Jasmine and I am almost 17. I am a senior in high school and has had the same fish since I was in 9th grade. His (assuming it's not a girl) name is Sharky and he is all white even his eyes. So I noticed right away when he got a big red splotch on his forehead. I cleaned out his bowl assuming the water may have waste in the gravel that I can't see. I live in Redding and it gets really hot here the past few days it has been over 105 degrees and we have no AC. So everyday I have been putting two or three ice cubes in his tank to help keep him cool. I have been feeding him the same (one pinch of food once a day) could the ice cubes be affecting his health. <Probably of benefit... they're likely helping> And should I get a him a friend. <Only if there's enough room, filtration...> I was thinking about getting another fish to keep him company but haven't because I was afraid he would have a heart attack and die. So why does he have the red blotch and should I get him a friend? The bowl is about 1 gallon not that big but Sharky isn't that big either (only one inch). <Too small...> Please e-mail me back at XXXX because I am really worried. He has no filter because it's just a bowl but I clean it every time the water gets cloudy. Please write back because I don't want Sharky to die. <Your fish is very likely suffering from "environmental disease"... poor water quality... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Greedy Goldfish and Instant Cycle 8/14/05 WWM Crew-- <Jason>      I recently wrote the WWM crew about trouble I was having with a lethargic, corner dwelling, face down goldfish.  I am happy to say that I have mostly solved his problem -- I kept the nitrite levels low and added some aeration to the tank and he perked up overnight! Apparently the poor goldfish was suffocating. <Thank goodness you solved "the mystery" here>      I purchased a 55 gallon aquarium from a newspaper ad and moved the sick fish's companion from our 10 gallon aquarium to the 55. Then, after a few days of recuperation, I moved the formerly sick fish there as well.      I have noticed that the formerly sick fish still has problems with his equilibrium. <This often takes weeks to solve... sometimes much longer to never> I think that during his ill phase, he may have suffered permanent damage to his swimbladder.  Despite his handicap, he swims around and even happily plays in the bubbles.  However, if he manages to eat too much, he will spend the evening floating at the top of the tank.      The trouble is, this goldfish is a real pig.  He is just a lot better at getting to the food than his tankmate.  How can I separately feed my fish in one tank so that I can prevent my floater from overeating? <Mmm, likely the best route is to go with a larger feeding pellet, wafer... and place the food at two ends of the tank...>      I also have a question related to my new tank.  I purchased it used from a newspaper ad.  It has been dry since January.  It employs a 40-60 hang on power filter, as well as an UG filter with two powerheads.  I have done much research into the care that needs to be taken in cleaning with UG filters.      I carefully cleaned the gravel, tank and filters using just water when I got the tank.  Thick layers of brown goo came off of everything.  Then I started my tank up and began to watch ammonia and nitrite levels.      I have 0.5 PPM ammonia in my tap water.  Overnight, this went down to 0 PPM, as well nitrite was 0 PPM.  After a day, I added 1 fish, and there was no ammonia/nitrite spike. <Good... some of the previous "goo" was useful bacteria...> After two more days, I checked nitrate levels, and they were at 10 PPM! <Not surprising... and not dangerous> I have continued to check ammonia and nitrite, but my nitrate has continued to climb; I had to do a partial water change at 20 PPM. <Am sure you can find the bits on WWM re countervailing nitrate accumulation strategies>      I believe that my tank has "instantly" cycled.  How did this happen?  I thought that the good bacteria died after the gravel dried out. Jason <Mmm, no... as a matter of interest, there are those that consider "bacteria" to be the one, largest, oldest organism on this planet... it can/could be argued that they "coat" the planet, under oceans, ice... continuously... can be dried out, even freeze-dried in cases... and come "back to life"... Cheers, Bob Fenner, getting more coffee for my endo-symbiont mitochondria/l bacteria, as they're "informing" me that I've got to be more awake, get them some carbohydrates, keep going a while longer before they ultimately consume me in decomposition...>

How do you remove a stone from a goldfish's mouth? 8/5/05 from Yvonne Woodward >> You can take the fish in your hand, and use tweezers if you have to. Make sure your hand is wet first. Do this only if you know the fish can not spit out the stone by itself. Good Luck, Oliver

Re: Red Hat - Fin Rot 8/4/05 Hi Sabrina, <Not responding in time> Greetings ! This is Priyanka from India (again). As I had mentioned to you earlier, I also have a Red Hat goldfish (Rebecca) in my fish tank. A month back, we could notice prominent red streaks in her caudal fins. What I could gather from your website, that it could be problem of fin rot. <Mmm, no... but some indication of stress, water pollution... bacteria in the fish's blood> Surprisingly, it disappeared in a few days on its own. However, now it seems to be reappearing again. The red patch seems to be moving closer to the body now. Please advice. Thank you. Priyanka <This is an environmental complaint. Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

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