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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 31

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Stuff Growing On Rock    12/4/12
Hello Bob
New to the marine hobby, I have no clue what this is growing out of my rock. It's a white cotton like button with a hole in the middle.  It's popping out in several places.  As you can see here, off the rock between a polyp. 
The rock is Manado. I set up the tank with it and cured it for two months.
Could it be sponge?  Bad? Or cool?
<Likely is a sponge, and not a worry. BobF>

Hi can you help me out please.  11/22/12
<Hello Grant>
 this is my first saltwater aquarium I've had it for 5 days it's 400 liters and roughly 20-30 liter sump running a skimmer and heaters to 24 degrees (Celsius). Yesterday I added live rock after achieving a 1.024 salinity<Specific Gravity> and was wondering what is happening on them i.e.: good or bad.
I'll attach 2 pics and hopefully get some answers, after searching the web I candidate find any info on what I'm describing or am possibly phrasing it wrong.
Is the first picture coral or something else?
<Palythoa, "good".  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zoanthid.htm >
 On the second picture are these pods/bulbs good or bad the seem to be appearing really fast.
<Bubble algae, "bad".  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BubbleAlgCont.htm >
My live rock has only been in the tank 24 hours. My water readings are as follows pH.=8.2  k.h=196.9  ammonia=0.50  nitrate and nitrite are zero calcium=380 and phosphate=0.25
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks Grant.

Can you help me identify this?    10/11/12
Dear WWM,
I have this purple bubble looking stuff growing on one of my rocks, and it is getting more prolific.  Can anyone identify it?
<Looks to be some sort/species of Botryocladia...>
  Should I be  concerned?
<Mmm, not much>
I am wondering if it is in the bubble algae family....
<Sea Grapes... some folks call/label as Red Valonia... not as invasive>
Thanks in advance,
Laura Garmizo
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Can you help me identify this?    10/11/12
Hi Bob,
Thanks for such a quick response.
Would you attempt to remove it?  I don't find it unattractive...just  don't want some major epidemic on my hands!
<I'd leave it/this... most Reds come and go of their own accord. B>
Hi Bob,
Thanks.  Will leave alone and continue to marvel at what just "shows  up" on its own in my system!

ID me please    9/19/12
Hello all,
<Howdy Kar!>
Once again, I seek your expert opinion. These little critters are growing all over my live rocks. They are small, less than dime size, are not smooth and have appeared over the last few months. Some are sticking between two different rocks. Any ideas what they are and if they are safe for my reef?
<Syconoid sponges... not problematical. Bob Fenner>

LR ID, illiterati       8/18/12
hi found this thing stuck fast under a rock,it was found next to a smaller one. The big one is about 25mm long and about 10mm thick any ideas on what it is
<Maybe a Bryozoan of some sort. Bob Fenner>

Stranger in my tank/Invertebrate ID    8/7/12
Good evening
<Hello Amie>
I was hoping you could help identify this little orange/yellow thing growing out of mu live rock. The rock is of Fiji origin and sits in a 400 ltr marine tank. The tank has been running for nearly 3 years and is very healthy. We test ph/nitrate/ammonia etc at least once a week and the salinity daily, all perfect. We have no corals at the moment but are looking to "branch out" as it were. We have 2 cleaner shrimps, 1 boxing shrimp (love this guy), 3 hermit crabs, a fox face, a neon wrasse, 2 clowns (of course:-), a bi-colour blenny, a coral beauty and an orange spot goby. We have the usual growing on our live rock but this fella has appeared from no where like Audrey 2. I have tried scanning the net for similar items but cannot find anything remotely similar.
It does not move, it has no tentacles and looks like a sausage made of clay squished down on the rock. It doesn't seem to be growing rapidly at all.
Please can you help?
<Your pic isn't resolved enough to ID with any accuracy.  My guess is a species of sponge and there are approximately 5,000–10,000 known species.>
<You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Amie x


Re Stranger in my tank/Invertebrate LR ID 8/9/12
I will try for a better picture for you, my phone isn't really the best. Watch this space guy's :-)
<Sounds good Amie.  James (Salty Dog)>

Bacteria? Red Algae ID and too/two large fish in too small a world  8/1/12
Hi WWM crew!
<... 4.5 megs pic?>
Currently have a 110G FOWLR set up.  Water parameters are all normal except nitrate (20ppm).  I have this interesting stuff growing in my tank. 
I think it may be some type of bacterial growth (not the Aiptasia lol)?  Can you ID?
<Is a Rhodophyte. See WWM re>

  If so I am wondering if it is harmful?  Should I treat it and if so with what?  4 fish in the tank.  1 5" clown trigger, 1 5" banana wrasse, 1 5" emperor angel and 1 7" golden Arothron puffer. 
<These both need more room than you have>

I want to make sure what I treat with is ok for the puffer.
<Read on! Bob Fenner>

Re: Bacteria?  8/1/12
Sorry the pic is so big.  Tried to get a good, detailed picture.
<Ahh, I see. B>
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