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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 11

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An unidentified Acropora species in S. Sulawesi. 

Live Rock Inhabitants  11/16/06 Hello, <Hello, Michelle here.> I have a 55 gallon system with a 20 gallon sump tank.  I have an Aqua C - Remora protein skimmer and a Mag Drive 700 pushing water back into the main tank from the sump.  The main tank contains a three and a half inch deep fine sand bed and about 50 lbs of live rock.  <Sounds good.> My current stock consists of one Ward's Tiger Goby, one Pink Spotted Shrimp Goby, one Coral Beauty Angel, and one adult Ceylon (Green) Puffer. <Tetraodon nigroviridis?>  My first question was if you could identify the organism growing on the rock in the attached photos. <That would be Aiptasia.> Second, given my stock and equipment, would it be advisable to add another small fish to the system?  <I wouldn't.  Please read more about the care requirements of Tetraodon nigroviridis, there is article by Jeni C. Tyrell AKA "Pufferpunk" titled Green Spotted Puppies, er'¦ Puffers, on the WWM website which you may find helpful.> Thank you,

Staying The Course (Observing Natural Progressions In A Reef Tank)    11/4/06 Greetings WWM Gang! <Hi there! Scott F. here today!> What is wrong with my rocks? I've included a pic of my situation. The white specs are an explosion of small feather dusters, about 3 months ago. <Interesting...Not really a problem. Merely a response to favorable environmental conditions. I think it's kind of cool, actually!> Tank Specs: 8 month old 55g w/ 45lbs of Caribbean rock, Remora Pro skimmer, Penguin 350, clean-up crew: 15 snails, 20ish hermits, 1 False Perc Clown, 1 Royal Gramma, Biweekly 15g water change. Water parameters: Temp: 80.5 PH: 8.3 Amm: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: Looks like it is just a little off of 0, but def not 5. Ca: Slap me now, no Ca test kit. I use R/O water and mix my own salt...Oceanic (w/trace elements) is the brand I believe, also I add SeaChem PH buffer. Brand of salt changed about 2  months ago, different store. Was Instant Ocean. <Both brands with fine reputations> Up until about a month ago, my tank was teeming with coralline of the various colors. But, as far as I can tell, the addition of fish around that  same time has led to a decline in purple and a rise in green. What is  happening here? <Probably another case of life reacting to favorable conditions. I wouldn't be overly concerned. So much better than any nuisance algae that you might encounter!> At first I was happy... "Cool some green coralline" That appears now to have been a dumb assumption. I feed the fish about 3ml of frozen brine dissolved in distilled water once a day. The skimmer has also  been collecting this green/brown organic waste a lot over this same time. I clean the collection box every time I empty it! <Very good to hear that your skimmer is pulling out regular product!> Is this a natural cycle? Do I need some more clean-up crew?...some casualties have occurred over the past 5 months, started with about 45, one  loss was a turbo snail (big eater). They have all seemed to have been natural deaths, no mass losses at any time. Thanks again for all of your help! Have a great day! Brad <Well, Brad- you may not have expected this answer, but in my humble opinion, this is just a normal cycle/progression in a closed system...It's never fun to lose animals, but if you are dedicated to practicing good husbandry, observing your fishes carefully, and "staying the course" with your tank and believing in your plans, you'll be fine in the long run! Hang in there! Regards, Scott F.>
What is wrong with my rocks?    11/4/06 Greetings WWM Gang! What is wrong with my rocks? I've included a pic of my situation. The white specs are an explosion of small feather dusters, about 3 months ago. <Happens> Tank Specs: 8 month old 55g w/ 45lbs of Caribbean rock, Remora Pro skimmer, Penguin 350, clean-up crew: 15 snails, 20ish hermits, 1 False Perc Clown, 1 Royal Gramma, Biweekly 15g water change. Water parameters: Temp: 80.5 PH: 8.3 Amm: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: Looks like it is just a little off of 0, but def not 5. Ca: Slap me now, no Ca test kit. <I'd get/use> I use R/O water and mix my own salt... Oceanic/trace elements) is the brand I believe, also I add SeaChem PH buffer. Brand of salt changed about 2 months ago, different store. Was Instant Ocean. <A better, more consistent brand/product... this is actually the most likely source (sensu dictu) of your situation here> Up until about a month ago, my tank was teeming with coralline of the various colors. But, as far as I can tell, the addition of fish around that same time has led to a decline in purple and a rise in green. What is happening here? At first I was happy... "Cool some green coralline" That appears now to have been a dumb assumption. I feed the fish about 3ml of frozen brine dissolved in distilled water once a day. <Mmm, I want to mention this Artemia should be defrosted, rinsed... to remove extraneous/unwanted chemical pollution> The skimmer has also been collecting this green/brown organic waste a lot over this same time. I clean the collection box every time I empty it! Is this a natural cycle? <To some extent, likely> Do I need some more clean-up crew? <Mmm... not really> ...some casualties have occurred over the past 5 months, started with about 45, one loss was a turbo snail big eater). They have all seemed to have been natural deaths, no mass losses at any time. Thanks again for all of your help! Have a great day! Brad <Time to send you to WWM to read re Coralline algae culture, alkalinity and biomineral FAQs, articles. Bob Fenner>

Unknown Critters 10/23/06 Hello all , <Hi Dan> wonderful site. 6 years ago I saw a Mandarin in a LFS and I was hooked. I started out by trying to get a feel for what it took to keep a reef. I stumbled across this site and have been an avid fan ever since, I've learned a mountain of info. Each time I've run into a problem, ( and there have been a few ) I research here first and usually find the answer, always an adventure waiting. Well , let's get to it... First pic. is of a very small rose colored anemone that showed up a couple of weeks ago, I bought a polyp colony at my LFS around that time. Can anyone ID, hope it's a keeper. <<File not saved for images. RMF>> <Can't really ID the guy for you, but should be no problem in keeping it.> It was 1/2 that size 2 weeks ago ( was hard to spot ), still only about the size of the end of a q-tip. The second pic. is of a little green fellow ( about 1/2 in. long ) whom I've named Fred .( chiton? ). He is an algae eating machine! The rock he's on is about the size of a football and in the last couple of weeks he's cleaned 1/2 of it! I love that guy. Is he going to be a pest to any tank mates? <No, harmless and beneficial.> Well here's hoping that I can get some info. about these guys. Thanks again for all your hard work, it is appreciated.    Dan P.S. Still haven't been able to bring myself to buy that Mandarin, even with my 75 gal. LR ,LS tank, oh well...maybe next year... <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>

Live Rock Residents 10/22 Hi guys! I just put my first few pieces of live rock into my aquarium to get it to cycle, upon looking at one piece I've noticed a few places that have some Valonia on them (not a huge amount, a few bubbles here and there), should I be concerned about this, or just leave it for now? <Not a big deal.> Also (I wish I could take a picture) On another piece there is a verrrrrry tiny, tube like this, with orange around it opening and like feathers around it (kinda like a featherduster) is this a baby one? <Its a good possibility that it is a small one.  Very common for live rock.> Thanks a bundle in advance for answering my questions! <No problem, Jen S.>

Unknown Invert on My Live Rock  - 10/13/06 Hi all, <<Hello David>> Awhile ago, I found this interesting invert (I'm assuming it is an invert) on my live rock.  It is about 1 - 1.5 inches in diameter at the face.  The white flecks weren't very prominent when I first saw it, but more appeared over time.  Any ideas as to what it might be? <<A cnidarian for sure...looks to me to be a species of Palythoa>> David
<<Regards EricR>>

Strange White Tentacles - 09/02/06 Hello Crew! <<Charlie>> I have a 2 year old 30 gallon aquarium with 25 pounds of live rock, 10 hermit crabs and one bumble bee snail. The rock is full of life (shrimp, copepods and tiny feather dusters). <<Excellent>> My question is this, the rock has these strange little ( 1/8" to 1/2" ) "tentacle" like animals reaching out from the small holes. They seem to be in pairs or three's. They are very thin and white and seem to be probing the rock outside of their little hiding space. <<Is this behavior more prominent when feeding the tank?  Likely a species of worm...and likely harmless if not beneficial>> <I'll toss in a guess too... maybe ophiuroids? RMF> I can't find any info on these creatures.  Any ideas? <<A picture might help...>> Thanks for the help! Charlie <<Regards, EricR>>

LR ID question, green alg. control success   9/2/06 Hi Crew, I do not have a picture but lets try anyway. I got a zoanthid on a small rock (2inches) about 6 months ago. It blue and yellow. The rock now also has a few reddish brown tube worms with the tube and fan very thin and the same color. Then I have some polyps that I can not figure out. I first thought they we closed zoanthid polyps but they look different and they never open. They are teardrop shaped with a round top and they are brownish with the middle of the top a bit white. Any guess as to what it is? <Mmm, nope. Could be a bunch of things from this description. I'd peruse the LR ID FAQs pages...> By the way I would like to report some success in battling hair algae plus some grass like algae. It was covering all my rock and even on the glass and sand. It is not all gone but I would say about 60% less than before. My phosphates used to be the darkest color on the test chart and now it is the second lowest. I first used a product that was supposed to be a bacteria that reduces phosphates. Then I added a phosphate remover to my filter and it really helped. I also got some keyhole limpets and when they clear  the rock it is down to bare rock. I also got an assortment of algae eating snails that also helped. Now my rock is about half cleaned and what is left is thinning out. when I clean of a piece it stays clean longer. Lately the limpets seem to be on a diet, they do not eat as much as they used to. I have two candy cane also covered by algae but the snails or limpets never seem to go there. <Congrats! Bob Fenner> Emergent Life on Live Rock - 08/30/06 Hello, <<Howdy>> I have had a 55g FOWLR set up about a year now.  My current stock consists of 1 Coral Beauty Angel, 1 Orange Dotted Goby, 1 Watchman Tiger Goby, 1 Ceylon Puffer (Adult), <<Mmmm, I believe Tetraodon fluviatilis is a BRACKISH WATER animal and likely unsuited to this tank>> and 1 juvenile Flying Gurnard.  (I plan on moving them to a 210g tank that I have cycling).  I have about 60 lbs of live rock that I introduced in stages.  On one of the last pieces I put in, which was about two months ago, something seems to be growing. <<Part of the "allure" to live rock>> It looks like a cluster of sea anemone tentacles and the largest number appear during feeding.  Have you heard of or seen this happen?  Any insight would be appreciated. <<Live rock often displays emergent life forms...mostly good...sometimes bad.  I can't say for sure without a photo as what you describe could be many things (Aiptasia, hydroids, colonial polyps, zoanthids, etc.)>> Kiet <<Regards, EricR>>

Threatening Threads - 25/8/2006 Good Morning, <Afternoon here.... John from sweltering sultry Shanghai here> I recently added 8 pounds of live rock to my 75 gallon aquarium.  Within days I noticed a dozen small objects growing from the sides of my tank (all close to the bottom of the tank) but not near the live rock.  These objects appear to be 1-inch hairs with a tiny suction cup holding them to the glass and a very small head on the other end.  Just a simple, single strand of hair with a small head and suction base.  They initially appeared white but now appear brown.  I searched your site and others for something similar but could not find a match.  Would you know what these objects may be? <Hard to say for certain without pics, but I would wager either some form of filamentous algae, or possibly hydroids. Have a hunt for pics of such creatures to confirm.> I just want to make sure they are not harmful bacteria, parasites, or worms. <Vanishingly unlikely my friend... you will see a whole succession of interesting life over the next few days/weeks in your tank, as the live rock adapts... enjoy!  Best regards, John.> thank you, Rich

White Stalks from live rock... a re-mix from the "Tubes?" Not!   8/20/06 Hello, <Hi there> I was told you might be able to help me, I am a member of Michigan reefers and a fellow reefer Recommended your site to me. <As well they should! Heeeeee> I have several white stalks growing on my live rock, it looks like a coral of some kind but I'm not sure. They are thick at the trunk and then slim down into a branch like pattern. My camera will not take a good enough picture to even see them. So I have no pic's for help. <Mmm, bunk!> If any one might have an Idea on what I have I can do A search and find out if its good or bad. Thank You for any help Joel <Well... first guess is some sort of algae... how about taking a look here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm Bob Fenner>

Hitchhiking Niger Trigger and Dartfish   7/25/06 Dear Wet Web Staff, <Leslie here with you this warm and muggy evening> I, like everyone else that has spent hours on your site, am very thankful for your time and insightful expertise. This is my first question and my first tank, so here it goes. As I walked around my LFS today I began to ponder if it was about time to buy my first good bit of liverock. After discussing it with the shopkeeper, I decided that it couldn't hurt. I don't entirely trust that particular store, but after reading the curing live rock FAQ I figured it would be pretty hard for this guy to totally screw up on liverock. So after about 2 minutes of weighing, paying, and wrapping up my new addition I shot home as quickly as the tires on my Ford Ranger would go. I've had my eye on this piece of LR for about 2 weeks, and not having any fish in the tank anyway, settled  it to the bottom, shook the air out, and let it be. I turned about to take care of the wet towel dripping on my parent's California shag carpet and saw of all things...a fish? I dropped the little guy in a bucket of tank water so I could decide what to do for the thing. After about a minute I decided I just didn't have the heart to flush the poor little guy and decided to give him a fighting chance and put him in with the LR. I left the room to get a drink and came back about 20 minutes later to an even bigger surprise,  a fairly large black fin poking out of the rock. After about 5 minutes of observation I decided it was time to identify the new inhabitants of my room. Not knowing what the larger fish even looked like I searched the internet looking for a familiar looking tail end...to no avail. I finally identified the small guy as a Zebra Barred Dartfish, but spent about 20 minutes looking for that now familiar and frustrating tail shape. Soon after I gave up and went to go inspect the poor dartfish taking cover under a ledge and to my surprise saw a large blackish blue oddly shaped fish circling the midwater. I got a good look and found it to be a Niger Triggerfish, which I estimate about 2.5 inches long. I've definitely heard the horror stories about mantis shrimp but never really heard of anything beneficial coming out of live rock....especially a fish the man was trying to sell for $30. They both are swimming around well and breathing normally dipping in and out of the rock. I was just wondering what the chances are that the poor hitchhikers will survive. <Unfortunately not good an uncycled tank.> I haven't tried to feed them, mainly because I don't have food on hand because I wasn't expecting to have fish when I left the LFS. I was just wondering if you had any tips or experienced fish keeper magic you could lend me to try and keep these intrepid travelers alive. <Sorry no magic. I think your best bet would be to return them to the LFS as soon as possible.> Thanks for any help you can give and the time it took to read the entire live story I wrote. Have a great evening. Hunter Rosenbauer <You're most welcome, Leslie> White/Brown Patches on Rock - 07/20/06 Love this forum - I'm learning so much! Glad I "stumbled" upon the site! <<Me too!  Welcome>> I have a 12 gallon AquaPod which has been running for 2 months now. This is my first venture into saltwater and I'm fascinated and loving it more every day. <<Indeed...much reading, research, adventure ahead>> The tank includes; 13lbs of live rock 8 assorted snails (Black, Margarita, Turbo, Nassarius) 6 hermits (scarlet, red and blue leg) 1 Royal Gramma Fragments of red, yellow and green Zooanthids 1 cluster of pulsing Xenia Fragment of green star polyps that the local fish store created for me about 1 week ago. The  Xenia is doing fabulously adding new branches and heads and pulsing happily.  The Zoos, though only in the tank for 2 weeks now, are reproducing with 5 new heads diverging from the main stalks.  My question lies with the star polyps. <<Okay>> Because the store created the fragment for me it took a while for it to overcome the stress of fragmentation and acclimate to the tank and for the polyps to emerge. <<Hmm, generally a very hardy organism...quick to recover from such "fragging", in my experience>> Daily more have been popping out (about 60% are out now) and there are new small white polyp heads appearing too.  Everything appears to be doing very well.  Today though I noticed a small patch of what looks like a milky mucous covering the purple base where some of the polyps that have not opened yet are.  Is this some kind of regrowth mechanism or is this something preying on the compromised polyps? <<Probably the latter, possibly a bacterial or protozoan infection/infestation>> I introduced a few small fragments of live rock (not even a 1/4 of a pound's worth) and on one of the pieces there is something that looks like white melted wax - with a leathery sort of composition though.  (Sorry I can't provide a picture). <<Hmm...a sponge maybe>> There is also another patch of the white "mucous" substance on another small piece of live rock, could this be related to the white stuff on the star polyps? <<Indeed, is this rock fresh?  Likely the rock is not "completely" cured and some organisms are still dying off>> Also on this piece there is a small brown leathery patch about the size of half a dime.  It's irregularly shaped and doesn't resemble anything I've seen before and doesn't appear to be moving.  Any suggestions as where to even begin researching would be greatly appreciated? <<You could try a search on "Syconoid sponge" for the white waxy/leathery patch.  No idea on the brown growth...perhaps once it develops more/gives more clues...>> If I knew what to call this stuff I'd know what to search for. <<Mmm...me too!  <grin> >> Thanks so much for your help and for the resource of this site! <<Happy to assist>> Sincerely Nan <<Regards,  

Fuzzy, Hairy Live Rock???   6/28/06 I thank you for your wonderful website! <You are welcome.> We have had our saltwater aquarium up and running for about two months.  Put live rock and sand in first and later a tang <Tank is too new for adding a tang.> and seven blue green Chromis.  Had an attack of brown algae then the blue green Cyanobacteria. <Not unusual for a new system.> We added a cleaner crew, peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, 50+snails <50!  What size is your tank?> - the controversial ones <Which ones are controversial?> (which I think have added problems) and 3 regular conchs and a red footed conch. <Tank too new for these guys also.  Generally sift sand for food.> With the Cyanobacteria we were advised to add Mexican turbo snails, got seven of those. <Of little use for Cyano.> Well I have only one regular conch left, one Mexican snail <Need food to live.> and a number of the controversial snails.  All those Mexican snails dropped one per day just about.  The regular conchs and the red footed conch just died one at the time.  The zooanthids, a mushroom, a leather and all the shrimp and emerald crabs are fine and dandy.  Certainly am curious about what killed the snails/conchs, <More than likely starvation.> but more so hoping ya'll can help me identify the fuzzy hairy stuff that is now growing on our beautiful Fiji live rock which had just begun to cover itself with coralline algae.  I have read everything I can on the website, but none of the pics or info seems quite the same as this stuff.  I am attaching pics.  Please advise, but be gentle, our first saltwater aquarium and we are trying to do everything by the book.  Really do appreciate all ya'll's help.  PS-I found that if you can zoom in on the picture you can see the fuzzy stuff much more clearly. <I zoomed and zoomed and I can't see anything hairy.  Do see a species of sponge on some of the rock.  You may very well have the beginnings of an algae growth, but I cannot see it. Excess nutrients will/can cause this.  Were you advised to get a protein skimmer?  A great aid in controlling nutrients/waste.  Please read here and related links above on nutrient control. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/nutrientcontrol.htm  Problem I am seeing is that I believe you are moving a little too fast based on your knowledge of the hobby.  I suggest reading/researching animals you wish to buy beforehand.  Know their needs, care, etc., and be sure you can provide these before buying.  You mention a Leather Coral and zooanthids, Is your lighting adequate for these?  You mention nothing of tank parameters...pH, nitrates, salinity, etc.  Do you have/use test kits?  Do read here and related links above also.   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marineSetUp.htm Melinda Wiley

Black hairline vegetation on LR  7/15/06 I had bought some new Fiji Live rock to add to a nano that I have at work. One of the pieces has this thin, bristly, black hair-like vegetation growing from it. Each one is about 3" long. I pulled a few pieces of this off and tossed it into my freshwater tank, they turned to a grass-like vibrant green and eventually died after a week or two. I brought that piece of rock home and put it in my larger 75 reef tank. It has since grown a bit out of control and is spreading very fast across my reefscape. I am worried that it is starting to encroach on some of my SPS and Zoa's. There is actually a colony of zoanthids that has these "bristles" growing in between each polyp, it's very strange looking. What are these, and should I get rid of them while I can? Thanks so much! <Very likely this is a Green Algae (my guess either of the genus Derbesia or Bryopsis... see WWM, Google's images re...). Hard to "get rid of"... though there are some techniques gone over on our site (Algae, Green Algae "Compatibility"...). If confined to one or a few rocks, I might consider scrubbing this material off... Bob Fenner> -Jeremy

Strange thing in Tank, LR... no pic...  - 06/30/06 Hello,   <Hi there> And thanks for your web site, it made my life a lot easier when it comes to finding out information on a saltwater tank. I hope you can help me identify a specimen in my tank. I have this chunk of live rock about 8 pounds, and on this rock there is a round gray circular thing on it. That has four white lines on it that comes to the middle, but when I turn off the lights is when this strange thing becomes active.  It opens up and extends this pink rode out from the middle of it.  It hasn't hurt anything yet, I am wondering is this some kind of sponge, worm, or some other creature.  Is it beneficial to the tank, or is it not.   Any help would be appreciate, Jerry   <Mmm, can't tell from the description... perhaps a pic? In the meanwhile... I wouldn't panic. Bob Fenner>  

White strands from rocks.. ID?  6/25/06 - A quick one for you... I was at the LFS today and noticed in most of the tanks there were these 3"-6" white strands extending upwards from the rock/rocks in the tanks. They were in almost all the tanks, which are on a common filter system. Two of these tanks have live rock (the source of this...?)  They are about 1mm in diameter, and are gelatinous-looking with no readily visible divisions, parts, or appendages/fins/flagellae/etc. They seem to do nothing at all except sway in the current. Some kind of eggs perhaps? Before a tank 'crash' I had these same strands in my tank. They came from the live rock I had purchased but I hadn't noticed any creatures depositing milky strands, nor did I recall seeing anything come from them. The fish showed no interest in them. They have had these in their tanks for awhile, and when I asked the worker she had no idea what they were, and didn't seem to really care. I would try to get a photo but my camera is in service, but in a few weeks I should be able to supply one. I doubt it's bad whatever it is, but I suppose curiosity does no harm with marine aquaria  ^.^ Cheers -Bryan <<Bryan:  Without a picture, it's hard to tell; however, it sounds like some sort of worm.  Perhaps if you do a search here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/marinvind1.htm you might be able to find a picture of what you are looking for.  Best of luck, Roy>>

Mystery rock dwelling creature Hello crew, <Nathan> I received a fuzzy mushroom rock for father's day. <Better than a tie?> On the underside of the rock there is a perfectly round hole about 5/16 inch in diameter.  I noticed a blackish cashew looking (has a slit running down one side but the slit stays tight never is lose or open) item sticking out of the hole 3/8 inch. I was curious and thought it was a bivalve and I touched it (it was hard like the body of a beetle), then I accidentally pushed it into the hole.  A min latter it backs out so that it sticks about 3/8 inch out of the hole again. It comes in and out of the hole as it pleases. but never shows itself completely.  On the other side of the rock there is a flat hole about 1/2 inch long and 3/16 wide this hole covered by a fuzzy mushroom by day and sometimes exposed by night.  The hole is about 3 1/2 inches long.  I thought it was a bivalve until I noticed that it poked it's "head" about 1/8 inch out the flat side.  I can barley  see it from the front  because it seems to hate light (even red light).  It head appears to be black flat and soft. Any Idea what this is? Thanks Nathan <My first guess would have been a bivalve of some sort as well... though this could be a barnacle... there are "stemmed" types. Bob Fenner> Small Creature on Live Rock  - 06/20/2006 Hello again,   I have a piece of live rock in my tank that has a tiny, white and black, "flower" looking creature living on/in it. It opens up and sits there like a feather duster or something, however closes up and it looks, for lack of a better term, like a whitehead (size and color are similar). When open it is about the diameter of a screw or nail. I like it, and think it is amazing how much life is sustained by this rock but am curious to know if you guys have any information of this tiny animal. Thanks a lot for your time and help. <Sounds like it is some kind of Zoanthid or other polyp coral.  Do a search re: on WWM and see what you find.  And enjoy, live rock can be just as interesting as fish in an aquarium!  Have a good one, Jen S.>

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