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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 35

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Sharing 1 photo with Fish Bowl Photo. Spg. id      4/18/14
This started "growing" on the back of the rock that my mushroom coral are on. It stated a coyote of weeks ago with just a few "tentacles". It now covers an area about the size of a quarter. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can provide!
<Is almost certainly a Sponge/Poriferan... not problematical. Actually indicative of good conditions here. Bob Fenner>
Photos shared with Fish Bowl Photo.

Re: Sharing 1 photo with Fish Bowl Photo.     4/18/14
That is awesome news! We are fairly new to reef tanks/live rock. Loving
every minute of it. I really appreciate your help in solving this mystery!
Thank You
<Certainly welcome. BobF>

White clear pod growing in the reef of our salt water tank     4/14/14
Not sure what this is...any ideas? Its about the size of a Quarter.
Thanks Ruth
<Likely either an Ascidian (Sea Squirt)... or a sponge. Not harmful in either case... indeed, indicative of good conditions in your system. Bob Fenner>

Re: White clear pod growing in the reef of our salt water tank     4/14/14
thank you so much for the reply....and so quickly! Used to any answer at all being at least 2 days away, if at all. You are amazing!
I have read so much on your site...just couldn't find that answer...this is so new to me that I am not even wet behind the ears. LOL It's a lot of fun, I have a Banggai Cardinal that is holding eggs and am hoping to raise them up to be great swimmers.
Thanks Again
<Welcome. BobF>

ID ?     3/6/14
Hi Wet Web Crew
Fantastic website!
Please can you help ID this? I have three of them suddenly appear on my live rock, and let me know if its something I should be concerned about.
<... are these things motile? Any chance for a better (more resolved) image? Am leaning toward a mollusk of some sort... I would not be concerned unless you saw them eating something valuable. Bob Fenner>

full size crops

Identifying Brown Tube Worms    3/3/14
My reef tank is being taken over by what looks like tiny brown tube worms and I'm at a loss for what they might be.  They are becoming quite the nuisance.  Here are some characteristics:
<I'll bet...>
·         Feather "heads" retract when touched.
·         Tubes are flexible but don't easily bend.
·         Length is about 1/4 inch
I don't know if these are tube worms or something different,
<The latter; they're Cnidarians...>
but I'd like to ID them to determine if they are could be stinging or irritating my corals.  I've attached some pictures to help ID these little critters.  I've scoured the web, including your site, but haven't found anything to concretely ID them.  I did find one picture that looks like these on another site, but no conclusion was drawn on what they are.
Please let me know if you need any other information.
<Either Aiptasiids, or possibly Zoanthids... NEED to be confined, cropped back, isolated on single rocks. See/read on WWM re. Bob Fenner>

Odd flower like object on live rock, green and very tiny   2/1/14
I found the attached object on my live rock recently and cant figure out what it is, even after hours of Google searching, including your site!
<Mmm, looks Polypoid... My guess is on some sort of Hydrozoan... Does it "sting", stick to a sensitive part of your wrist? Yowch!>
The live rock I bought only stated that it is usually from the South Pacific but could be from anywhere.
The object is ridiculously small, maybe 1/4" high and a few mm wide. It doesn't come off the rock with a baster like algae (I do have diatoms and GHA). I originally thought it was a new strand of algae.
I have asked over at Nano-reef forums but the only idea I got was that it could be some sort of macroalgae. This tank has only been up for about 6 weeks and currently only has live rock in it.
I have only noticed this one in the tank and it's stationary, I haven't noticed if it looks any differently at night than during the day. My apologies that the pictures aren't better.
<Welcome! Thanks for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Re: Odd flower like object on live rock, green and very tiny   2/1/14
Thanks Bob, I've never touched it so not sure if it stings! I'll see if I can trick my boyfriend into finding out...
<Heeee! Good idea... the wrist, not callused hands or fingers. BobF>

What is this?!   11/2/13
I haven't been able to get any answers from my local marine aquarium store.
My tank was set up by them 3 weeks ago.
There is a tiny brittle star "hitchhiker" who seems to like living in it though!
Is this white stuff good or bad?!
<More of the former... it's a sponge>
I'm new at reefing.  (I've been reading & dreaming of having a salt water tank for years.  I don't want to advance to anything bigger before I understand the science and how to care for everything first.
So, I have a "training" tank.  It's only a 9 gallon Eheim.
Please help with my question about the white web!
Marygenia Fox
<See WWM re; including compatibility. Bob Fenner>

10 gallon saltwater fish tank wildlife    12/1/13
My daughter was looking though your website and it is great. We have some questions to ask though we just got a 10 gallon tank just 3 weeks ago and we have 2 live rock pieces in one of our live rocks we have a brittle star fish and what appears to be a bristle worm and now we have just fed them and it looks to be that we have very many of these worms and we are thinking about trading the rock. Should we are do you think this is ok?On the other rock we have little hair like thing sticking out and we have no clue what they are either.
<Leave all as is for now; and read here:
Bob Fenner>

Live rock hitch hikers       8/16/13
I'm hoping you can help me out.
<I'll see what I can do.>
I have a 55 gal FOWLR setup. It has been running about 2 months. I have live rock, live sand and live gravel in it. Last week I purchased a new live rock from my local store because it was so beautiful. After I got it home and in my tank I noticed a few creatures that began growing out of it( see pic1).
At first I thought they were some sort of feather duster. Now I'm beginning to suspect that they are Aiptasia.
If so, are they as dangerous as I have read?
<Quite dangerous, if you are a tiny invertebrate. Really more of an annoyance as they can spread quickly and irritate coral.>
 My wife thinks they are pretty and wants to keep them.
<Hmmm. May change her tune when there are hundreds.>
 Is that even practical?  If not, what is the best way to get rid of them.
I've read about several methods and would like to get your opinion.
<Plenty of commercial products available. I prefer Peppermint Shrimp.>
A couple of days ago, my wife saw another item in there that looks like a snail without a shell ( see pic2).
<Don't see a second pic but it sounds like a Stomatella.>
 One person said it looks like a sponge. I'm not sure about that because it moves around the tank and even hides in or behind the rock.  Do you have any idea what it is?
<Not without a picture.>
I've kept freshwater fish my whole life and have always wanted to do saltwater. This is my first effort and want to do it right. I now have 2 damsels, a snowflake eel, a turbo snail and a chocolate chip starfish. I have added them little by little over the past few weeks. Any advise that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
<Take it slow and keep reading.>
Apparently I'll have to send the other photo separately. Hopefully that will work out ok.
Thank you in advance,
<Quite welcome.>

Live rock hitch hiker       8/16/13
I sent another email with the information about my tank but could only attach one photo because I'm doing so from my phone. Can you help me ID this item?
<It is a Stomatella sp. A beneficial grazer.>
Thank you,
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