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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 24

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LR IDs 5/13/10
Hello good people at WWM I have a question or two for you today.
If you would be so kind as to confirm what I have growing on my live rock.
I've been doing extensive searching and asking on what forums I am registered to.
But so far yours is the only one that has anything close to what is on my rocks.
You have it here listed as black coralline algae. And also the other picture is some green algae looking stuff growing on my clove Polyps...
Haven't yet had the time to look around and see what that might be.
<Perhaps some sort of sponge>
Tank specs are 90gal, 20gal sump, 77lb of live rock, 1 inch live sand and a Octopus extreme 160 protein skimmer. Occupants are 1 yellow tail Damsel, 1 coral banded Shrimp, 5 Snails & 10 reef Hermit Crabs. Corals include green stripe Mushrooms, green star Polyps and clove Polyps. Been setup and running for almost a month now.
<The second pic is some sort of Clavulariid... Mmm, maybe that's what you have listed above... Bob Fenner>

Anemone? Aiptasia?: Hitchhiker ID 4/29/2010
Hey WWM,
<Hi Mike.>
First of all, thank you for providing a website with so much useful information. It is my first source for finding aquaria info.
<Happy that you find the site useful.>
So today, I purchased my first live rock (probably no larger than a lb or two) and to my surprise, it is teeming with life. There are at least two inverts that I wasn't able to photograph, algae, and some growth that I was hoping you could help me identify. I am very concerned that the large image (unidentified3) is Aiptasia. If it is, is there any way of eliminating it without damaging the other growth on the rock?
<It isn't an Aiptasia..it looks like a Majano anemone. which can be a pest, but nothing like an Aiptasia. I would keep it for now and enjoy it>
http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anemoniafaqs.htm >
Also for image unidentified5, it is 1-2 mm in size right now, that is why it is so blurry, it hides whenever anything goes near it. Is there any chance of identifying it at this time? There are a couple of them in the tank in different locations.
<Unidentified 5 looks like a feather duster:
<Unidentified 4 is an anemone of some sort, but it is too small to tell right now.>.
Thank you in advanced,
<My pleasure.>
Mike T
<MikeV><<3,4,5 BobF>>

Re: Anemone? Aiptasia? More pictures and a follow up: 4/30/2010
Thank you for the quick reply.
<Hi Mike. no problem.>
I have taken some clearer photos of the 3 and was wondering if it was possible to positive ID them now. I also just
wanted to be 100% sure that the brown one is not Aiptasia.
<The brown anemone is not an Aiptasia. The feather duster could be one of a few different species depending on where to live rock came from. The last anemone is still too small yet. If I had to guess, I would say a Bubbletip.>
<<RMF thinks the first organism IS Aiptasia, the third is a Corallimorph, likely a Corynactis, Pseudocorynactis sp.. Look on WWM re these...>>

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