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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 37

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Unidentified something?     10/20/19
Hello Bob,
Attached is a better picture that you asked for to see if you can identify what is circled. These are all through my 20 gal. marine tank.
<Likely a red algae species; see here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

White growths on LR       4/14/15
Hey Bob, I just finished cycling my 55g QT with LR. After almost 2 weeks all readings are at 0. My wife noticed these little white fuzzy things growing all over the rock. It kind of resembles lymph in some spots. What do you think, worms? sponges? Is this normal?
<Small tubiculous worms; likely Serpulids>

Strange egg, SW, LR ID        3/28/15
I've recently set up a new marine tank and there are strange and wondrous things coming out of the live rock still to this moment. It's been set up now for around 2-3 months, was just wondering if you recognised this as it just appeared recently, leading me to believe it's an egg or similar. Do I need concern as it is next to a hole in which I saw a strange caterpillar
like worm emerging earlier?
By the way it's the small banana like thing in the middle
<Can't quite make this out.... need a better, cropped pic; but my guess is on some sort/species of tubiculous (Sedentariate Polychaete) worm>
Kevin Hodgkiss
<And you, Bob Fenner>


Tank thing     3/11/15
Hi folks
<Howsit Aly?>
Can you help me to identify this little tubular thing growing in my marine tank please? It seems to have lots of teeth inside and has 2 openings.
Many thanks
<Mmm; yes; thanks to your sending a few pix. Am pretty sure these are Ascidians; Sea Squirts. Not harmful; in fact indicative of good conditions and care on your part. Bob Fenner>

Re: Tank thing     3/11/15
Oh, thanks Bob. I love my fishie family so that gives me peace of mind now.
Much appreciated.
Ta ta for now.
<Cheers; BobF>

Unknown bubble.     2/25/15
OK I've looked and looked
<Stop; can't tell what you're actually referring to in this pic... is it the sort of white/grey spec.s in the approximate center? Re-shoot this, crop it and send just a well-resolved image of what you're looking at>
and I can't I'd this. Its been there a few months and hasn't grown a whole lot. But its one or more clear elongated bubbles.
The surface is very pearlescent. It doesn't seem to be an algae to me. Any help.
<Could be a poorly pigmented algae... like Dictyosphaeria:
Perhaps a couple of Ascidians, Poriferans... Need a better image. Bob Fenner>

sent crop

Re: Unknown bubble.
Its the bubbles coming out of the hole in the rock in the middle of the picture.
<My answer's the same. Still need a better photo. BobF>


re: Unknown bubble.      2/25/15
OK I'll see what I can get.
re: Unknown bubble.      2/26/15

<10 megs of the same nonsense? STILL can't see. B>
Here are a few new pictures. I hope this helps. By the way, this is all the
same rock.
re: Unknown bubble.      2/26/15

Sorry. That's the best I can do. All I have is my 8mp phone camera.
<.... ONE well-resolved image, please. BORROW a camera. B>

Identification        1/5/15
Hi Bob,
I found something at the LFS in which they don't know what it is. They believe it is some type of algae and it seems to grow fast.. Here is the best picture i can give you.. Under the actinic lights its bright red.
Thank you again
With flash
<Mmm; appears to be a Rhodophyte... maybe a Halymenia species. I'd search through Algaebase.org re.
Bob Fenner>

Coral id help <...?>        12/21/14
Hey iam jus wondering if u would be able to see if u know what these 2 corals are thks
<... the first is a Porites... the second... Neomeris, a green algae. Fix your English before writing us.
Bob Fenner>

re: Coral id help        12/22/14
Thks and ya ya
<Go elsewhere>

Identification; harm?      12/15/14
What in the world is this stuff!? I think it has a pulse! Looks like a whole bunch of tiny little eggs strewn together? Is it safe??
<Mmm; do you have a microscope handy? One w/ a USB hook up so you can make some pix? My first and best guess is that this is some type of Sponge (Poriferan); see WWM re the many similar IDs there. My second et al. guesses are on mixes of algae and other Moneran, Protistans. To your last question; likely so; though I'd likely vacuum most out during water changes/regular maintenance; on general principles (not wanting metabolites from the mass to mal-affect the biol-utility of the system). Bob Fenner>

Sponge period     12/26/14
Merry Christmas! - at the end of Nov I sent you some microscope pictures of what you thought was sponge period but the resolution/quality was not good enough. I have managed to get a higher spec USB microscope and attach a picture - are you able to advise from this?
<... this pic; looks like a non-magnified image of mostly BGA/Cyanobacteria... does it "feel slimy" to the touch?>
Growing rapidly in my tank and has become the new "Pest" having controlled previous algae issues - how can I remove/reduce? Many thanks
<See WWM re BGA... do you need help using the search tool or indices? Bob Fenner>

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