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FAQs about Live Rock Hitchhiker/Creature Identification 34

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ID hitchhiker    /Jordan     8/1/13
Please help me ID this beautiful creation of God who found his way in on a rick I've owned for about 6 months. I am referring to the red kelp-ish looking species. Coral, Algae, beautiful. What is this?
<Looks to be Halymenia floresii,
ID hitchhiker    /RMF     8/1/13
Please help me ID this beautiful creation of God who found his way in on a rick I've owned for about 6 months. I am referring to the red kelp-ish looking species. Coral, Algae, beautiful. What is this?
<Definitely a Rhodophyte, a Red algae; likely of the genus Fauchea...
Beneficial and indicative of good conditions here.
Bob Fenner>

Unknown something in marine aquarium!     7/24/13
Hi, thanks for providing such a useful site, I've always managed to answer all my questions from it until now!
The item in the pic below has been steadily growing for a month or two now.
I don't think it is of plant origin. It is attached to the live rock but separate from the yellow polyps. There are three individual pieces and they look like they're going to break off soon as they grow longer. 
Thanks for your help
<Re? Look to be some sort of amorphous sponge/Poriferan. No worries; I'd leave as is... indicative of "good circumstances" in the system. Bob Fenner>

What is this?      7/3/13
I saw a question just like this but the answer was to send a better picture so I got a more clear picture. This is growing on one of my rocks, what is it?
<My best guess is an Ascidian (though could be an algae, sponge...). See here:
Bob Fenner>

cropped and enhanced...

Live Rock Growth ID     6/26/13
I noticed some random growths on my live rock and I was wondering if you would help me identify what they are?
<Mmm; yes>
 I was worried it might be some type of Aiptasia but i didn't see any pictures that matched. Also I was wondering about the coarse green stuff is and why there are hard bubbles forming in the middle of it. Is this something I should be concerned about?
<Quick metabolism... amongst mostly filamentous green algae. Not problematical.>
It seems to be localized to just on piece of live rock.
<The other two pix show Syconoid sponges; search on WWM re... Not an issue either. Bob Fenner>

Live Rock Coral ID help  6/22/13
I have 22lbs. of  Fiji live rock from LiveAquaria. I have been curing it in a Rubbermaid container for about 2 weeks. I have a heater and a powerhead in the Rubbermaid. I keep the temperature about 78 degrees. SG is 1.025.
I have noticed that there are these corals growing in groups and singletons on my live rock. They feel hard and are tube shaped with an opening in the middle
. I've not been able to find any pictures of my hitchhikers. Please excuse the photos, these corals are quite small. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
 <Mmm, don't think these are corals... likely some sort of sponge
... could be Calcarea (calcareous...) or even siliceous in support; hence the hard feeling. I would leave off touching these w/ bare hands, fingers>
The rock will be going into my 24 gallon Nano Cube when it is done cycling.
As of this morning, I have 0 ammonia but 2ppm Nitrite.
 <Wait, of course, till there is no measurable Nitrite; some accumulating Nitrate>
Thank you!
<And leave this life as is... will cycle out in time. Bob Fenner>

RE: Live Rock Coral ID help  6/23/13
Thank you Bob! I can't wait to see what else grows in the next few months!
<Ah yes; exciting! BobF>
Colony Rock Hitchhiker      6/20/13
I've been on your website numerous times but this will be the first time
<... 8.6 megs of pix...>
that I send in an inquiry. I'm still fairly new to the hobby (10 months) so I'm always learning something new. Last March I purchased my first colony of mushroom corals and at first, I did not notice the blatant hitchhiker. I also did not dip my corals because I wasn't aware that it was recommended to dip your corals before putting them in the display tank. Anyhow, I would say that after a week or so I noticed there was something organic living on the colony rock in plain view. I only noticed it because the "holes" closed up while I was observing the tank. I honestly thought it was harmless because it looks like some type of filter feeder but recently, I noticed green bubble algae growing on the surface so now I'm not so sure if I want this thing in my tank anymore. I was tempted to "rip" it off the rock and dispose of it but before I rush to judge, I thought I would consult with the experts. I have attached some pictures to help with identification.  Let me know if you need anything else. I appreciate your help!
<... what amongst this is what you're referring to? Please just send one well-resolved close up pic. B>
Re: Colony Rock Hitchhiker      6/20/13
I apologize for sending the pics at full resolution. I attached a close up pic and I compressed it. I hope this helps.
<I thank you>
Regarding the first set of pics I sent, I wanted to include a pic of the "filter" holes open and another pic of them closed. Since there are two holes (one in front and one in back) I wanted to send a pic of both angles.
Again, I apologize for the unnecessary pics.
<Ohhhh, now I see what you're referring to... this is a solitary Tunicate... A sea squirt... with other life overgrowing the bulk of its tunic/outside body. Please see here re:
and the linked files above; particularly ID FAQs for the group. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Herdmania sp.?

White Growth    6/14/13
Hey Crew!
<... 3 megs in pix... what is our limit?>
I am trying to identify this white growth in my nano reef. Any clues?
<Almost assuredly a Poriferan. See WWM re their ID. Bob Fenner>

Hitch hikers ID?     5/9/13
Hi Bob! How are you?
<Fine, thank you>
 I was wondering if you have half a second, maybe you can take a peek at some hitch hikers I am trying to ID. There's nothing more fun than getting new live rock and waiting to see what pops up right?
<Few things>
 :) Last time I was up north I picked up a few beautiful pieces at Aqua life in Northern California~ they're amazing at that store. It's like searching for buried treasure~ they let you pick through and aren't stingy, most pieces are already encrusted with coraline and whatever you find you keep whether they're mushrooms, hard corals, polyps, etc...
<Great to hear/read of exemplary folks in the trade>
I've gotten a green slimer before, tons of polyps/mushrooms/Montis, even one time I found 4 large Christmas tree rocks (the real ones!!) for $6.99 lb... Gorgeous!! I couldn't believe my luck! Tragically my peppermint shrimp ate ALL of the beautiful, colorful worms within a few weeks, still makes me sad, but that's besides the point... So onto topic: it's been about a month since I threw the pieces into my Harlequin nano tank and some interesting growths have appeared.. What do you think these are?
Picture #1 looks like a UFO, what is this?
<An alcyonacean, likely Alcyoniid... My bet is on this being a Sarcophyton sp.>
Picture #2~ little fuzzies that resemble Q-tip tips... Good or bad?
<More good than... Syconoid sponges>
Picture #3~ I know what the daisy looking ones are but what is the orange crusty stuff? And the ugly brown blob that is growing above it?
<Daisy is a Clove/Polyp/Clavulariid, all others are likely Poriferans>
Thanks again for all of your help~ you're the best!
<Am only good at being myself. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Hitch hikers ID?     5/9/13
Cheers to you :)
<And you Leah. BobF>

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