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Cnidarian Compatibility: On Reducing Negative Cnidarian Interactions, Part 2

Parts: 1, 3, 4, 5,

By Bob Fenner

Sting city!

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Livestocking Pico, Nano, Mini-Reefs; Small Marine Aquariums
Successfully discovering, determining, picking out the best species, specimens for under 40 gallon saltwater systems.
Book 1: Principles, Algae, Invertebrates

by Robert (Bob) Fenner
Most common occurrence and source of trouble with stony coral keepers but occurs in soft corals, other Classes. Burning adjoining species, different genotypes. Occur in response and in the direction of strangers. Can break off keep stinging, digesting. Size of species, polyps no indication of length of sweepers, nor most importantly, the number of cnidocysts Ex. Oculinds of 12 length. Caryophylliids/Euphylliids very common as well. Plerogyra at right. A hierarchy of stinginess can be arranged with species of the genera Fungia, Galaxea, Goniopora being high, Lobophyllia being intermediate and Montiporas being low.>
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