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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Identification 60

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Please help me ID these     9/28/14
I found these creatures living all over the walls in the drain chamber of my sump. At first I thought were pods, but after a closer look, I'm nor sure. I wanted to ID them to assure they are not a threat. I found similar pictures online, but I'm not sure.
<Scypha sponge. Commonly referred to as Q-tip or pineapple sponge. Harmless filter feeders.>
Thank you very much,
<Quite welcome.>

Critter id please      7/18/14
I just bought my first reef tank off of a friend whose wife wanted it gone.
Every day things keep popping up in there and most I can find but these
are throwing me for a loop. This is in a 65 gallon tank.
think this one is a feather duster but not sure as its under a ledge of
rock and is about the size of a stickpin head
‚Äč[image: Inline image 1]
<The one with the duster head and obvious radioles is such>
This one I shared with a group and they told me it
was a sea apple but after looking at sea apple images and such it looks nothing like it and a guy today who looked at it said it might be a bivalve. now I have noticed 2 of them on opposite ends of the tank.
I appreciate any information that you can give me these. Thank you

Misty Hodges
<The other white bit is likely a sponge. Bob Fenner>

Strange things in my aquarium      3/30/14
I want start off by saying hi to Bob. we had the privilege of meeting him at the frag expo in Columbia sc a year and a half ago.
<Howsit Ray?>
We have a 30 gallon saltwater tank. We only have fish in the tank. We have a large dead dried and bleached coral in the tank and some rock that two was dried. The tank has been up for two years. We even have a uv sterilizer running. All of a sudden we have an outbreak of these little things that to me look like a cross between a small cotton ball and a tubeworm. They are smaller than the cotton on a q-tip. But they seen to attach to everything including the glass.
What are they? How do we get rid of them without harming the fish?
<Can't make them out here... but see you've sent another pic... B>
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Strange thing in tank pix
More pix
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
<My best guess is some sort of sponge/Poriferan... Do you have a microscope? BobF>

re: Strange thing in tank pix      3/30/14
No microscope. What should I try to get rid of em?
<Nutrient deprivation mostly... perhaps siphoning out a bit of the biomass every time you're doing water changes... Encouraging other, competitive life forms>
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Post<ing> pic <guidelines>, and polyp ID      3/31/14
1st off I have taken a couple of pics regarding my problem but do not know how to post them.
<Ah; please send as jpg.s... attached files... of not too large a size...
hundreds of Kbytes>
Problem; 220 gal about 4 months old. About 1-2 weeks ago noticed something I've never seen before. (I've had several large tanks in the past) This pest resemble a filament alternating brown and white with something resembling a polyp of some sort and its' terminus, slightly thicker than thread.
<Mmm, sounds like a Hydrozoan... a stinging hydroid... Plenty of these in the wild; including down where we're diving presently in Cozumel>
I just removed a Kenya tree to examine/ remove it. It seems as though it started at the bottom of the attached rock, went in 4 directions.(Picture tying a package with twine) It is EXTREMELY strong. Could not break it with my fingers. It had to be cut away with scissors. (Think banjo string)
<?! Something inorganic>

 I have noticed this in 4-6 places in the tank and naturally want to find out what it is. I know; tough without a photo, but will attach one with instructions.
Any help appreciated.
Bill Bush
<My guess is still... Please see here:
and the linked files above in this series. Bob Fenner>
Emailing: tank pest 002.jpg, tank pest 001.jpg

Bob, These are the pics of the critter I spoke of......Hydrozoan?
Bill Bush
<? This appears to be string/twine of some sort. Do you have a friend w/ a simple USB hook up microscope? BobF>

String/cord of some sort

Little White Dust Bunnies     3/8/14
Hi! I was hoping you could help me identify what is growing on the inside of my overflow box. They like little white dust bunnies. They attach to the glass & tubes and seem to be hairy as they wave with the water motion.
Please see the attached photos. This is on a 200 gallon fish only Salt water tank. -Ron
<Ah, almost assuredly these are Syconoid sponges... see WWM re. Harmless.
Bob Fenner>

Name of this hard coral?    2/24/14
Hello there!
I live in Tulum, Mexico. Me and a friend came across this hard coral we had never seen before. (photo attached).  It was in the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka'an. We would like to know the name of it.
Thank you heaps!
<Mmm; this isn't a coral, Cnidarian period; but a sponge... a Poriferan.
Bob Fenner>

What is the white stuff    2/22/14
<... 9 megs of pix.?>
This white stuff is spreading all over the tank. It is a saltwater tank.
Took pictures to store and they didn't know told me to ask you.
Please help. Think it is white mold
<Might well be... some looks like precipitant... as with a mis mix of alkaline earths and too much alkalinity... but it isn't everywhere... Other places looks like sponges... I would siphon out as much as practical during water changes. Bob Fenner>

Identification help?  Tadpole larvae 2/2/14
I have this posted at nano-reef.com, you folks were suggested as  resource.
Any help identifying what these are?
<Any chance of a close-up pic? My present guess is that these are salps... "tadpoles">
I have a 3 week old reef tank (Nanocube 28g) in the final stages of cycling.
I have no corals, just 3 Chromis, and a clean up crew.

Re: Identification help? Salp guess    2/2/14
I just received this blank message. Was there supposed to be a message?
<Bizarre... Do you see the response below? BobF>
RE: Identification help?   2/2/14

Right... will leave out the carats <<>>... Salps is my best guess. Bob Fenner
Oh, I see, your comment was below mine. I was looking between the headers.
I see the answers in between "<" and ">". That was the closest image I could manage with my equipment. They are no longer present, were there in a cloud, and were gone in 45 minutes or so, when I wasn't watching.
Here are links to the full size, unmodified 16 megapixel images I took.
They really don't look like salps, based on a Google image search. Each of these are 7MB images.

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