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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Identification 6

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ID request 3/28/04 Hey guys/gals...Love the site. <thanks kindly> Have two things in my tank I can't ID and thought you guys might be able to help.  The first looks like a cocoon with a little opening in the top <this picture did not come through> and the other is a white substance that "was" on my new polyp rock.  I have since removed the substance from the polyp along with some algae that was getting in the way. <looks like a sponge> I have never observed anything coming or going from the cocoon type object.  It started as a small ball and turned into this cone shape with the opening.  Picture is not the best on the cocoon, sorry. <this might be a Sycon sponge... do use the term to do a keyword search of our site... there are pictures of these little pillowy cocoons in our archives> I have a 20gal with 130w pc light on top; penguin 125; power head; LR/LS  (planning to add a skimmer in place of the bio-wheel/carbon unit)  No fish, only inverts and the polyps.  The polyp rock is only a few days new. Thanks for the help. Brian <best regards, Anthony>

Filter feeder ID 3/26/04 Anthony or crew, I have had a recent guest show up on the bottom side of an arch way in my reef. I have attached two pictures of the "thing". The pictures show it approximately half extended. <not bad pics at all... very interesting. And I'm honestly not sure what it is. Sitting here in SD visiting Bob, he suggested an Ascidian perhaps. Tough to say. Any closer full frame shots?> The base is about 1/4" diameter and can extend to over 5". What the heck is it, I assume it is a filter feed as it extends at night and retracts in the mornings all the way to the bulbous looking base (kind of looks dirty, my girlfriend said-hehe). Thanks guys, Lonnie. You guys are awesome, thanks for so much help. <heehee... best regards - to you and your creative minded gal :) Anthony>
Unidentified Invert 3/28/04 Anthony, Here's the best I can do for full frames. The extended length in photos is approx. 4" -the whole thing. It sways gracefully in the current of the stream pump. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. It is truly a cool critter to watch in the moonlight, back and forth.... Thanks in advance, Lonnie <much appreciation for the attempt. Alas, it simply is not close to clear enough to discern any indicative features. We have passed the photo around (Bob, our Friend Rob Toonen in HI) and cannot fathom what it is. It is almost certainly harmless. Anthony>
Invert. ID... Rob Toonen's turn Hi Anthony,          Not sure - it's a better picture than some that I get, but I don't have a good idea on that one either.  I hate ID pics -- unless it's something really obvious, it's so hard to even guess a phylum without being able to examine the animals.  I haven't ever seen a sea pen like that, but I'm drawing a blank right now as well...          Sorry. Rob <hey, Rob... thanks for the quick reply my friend... and your pass at the ID. Indeed, it can be so frustrating difficult beyond the amateur photography <G>. Grateful for the attempt though! be chatting soon, Anthony>
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