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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Identification 44

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pick sack thing?? 02/09/09
Since moving my tank, these strange pink sack like things appear in my tank at random intervals. When I scoop them with a net they fall apart. I assume it is some sort of waste material, but can not figure out where it comes
from. They are rather large 1-3 inches in length. Tank is 170 gallon FOWLR six line grouper, wolf eel, snowflake eel, dog face puffer, saddle back grouper.
Thanks in advance
<Mmm, given their shape, the falling-apart behavior... my best guess is that these are fecal pellets... What do you feed these fishes?
Bob Fenner>

"Heighhhhdy hoooe!"
Re: pick sack thing?? 02/09/09
Thank you for the response, They eat frozen or freeze dried krill.
<Ahhh! Am more convinced that this is waste material... Euphausiids often "come out" like this color and texture wise... I'd just vacuum out. Cheers,

Re: Algae ID?! 02/06/09
Hi Minh,
<Hello Brian.>
I apologize! I thought that I had sent you the pics. I did look on your site (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/trialalgaeid.htm) and a few you mentioned below but still can't find anything that is similar to it. Hope these pics are clear enough to get a good view! Please let me know!
<I'm sorry but I still don't see any attachment with this email. Could you try to resend the message with the pictures attached?>
Thanks again for your help!
<Cheers, Minh Huynh.>

Re: Algae ID?! 02/06/09
Ugggghh! Very Sorry Minh!
Here are some links to them in case they are getting stripped off.
Sorry for the inconvenience!! I really apologize!!!
<No problem, Brian. Technology can be so unpredictable. Well, I am finally able to see this algae and it is quite an interesting case! If it is indeed a type of algae, I don't believe I have seen this algal variant before. A typical long and white algae would be Acanthophora spicifera (http://www.reeflex.net/tiere/1619_Acanthophora_spicifera%20.htm) and the growth in your tank is quite different. Another possibility is a form of sponge like the Carteriospongia vermifera (http://www.reeflex.net/tiere/2202_Carteriospongia_vermifera%2002.htm). I will have to check with my colleagues and other resources to verify and get back to you.>
Thanks again,
<You're welcome. Minh Huynh.><<RMF's vote's on a Poriferan>>

Unknown hitchhiker; Hydroids -- 02/01/09
I have a BioCube 14 standard setup (no modifications). I am using 20 # live sand and 13 # of live rock. My water test are nh 0, nitrites 0 ,nitrates 10, Cal 400, dKH 16 ,phos. .25 ph 8.2 this is what my test have been showing for about 3 weeks now. I have be doing 20 % water changes once a week since the nh and nitrites were 0.
I added 2 clowns and a xenia and green star polyps. I notice the GSP had something attached to the bottom of it . looks like an antennae. There are a total of 3 of these antennae attached one is about an inch and a half the others are maybe 1/2 inch. They are non mobile stiff straight the color is a pinkish brown .I have been on 3 different forums with no luck on the ID. I was hoping you could ID for me. I will attach a pic for you. Thank you. Anna
<Hello Anna. Looks like branched hydroids. Please have a look here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/hydrozoans.htm . Difficult to see more detail on a usual photograph. Most have a strong sting, better do not touch with bare hands. It's possible they will not live very long in your tank, will depend on the available plankton. Cheers, Marco.>

Re: unknown hitchhiker 2/1/09
I apologize I sent the wrong photo. I will attach the correct photo.
sorry again, Anna
<Mmh... looks like a type plastic needles used by the hobbyist or shop to fix the Clavulariid. Will leave this email for other crew members to see and have a guess. Marco.>

Re: unknown hitchhiker 2/1/09
I apologize I sent the wrong photo. I will attach the correct photo. sorry again , Anna.
<Me again, probably hit the send button too early. Can you get the them out, see if they are plastic? Do the smaller ones have the exactly same length or are all 3 different? Some sea urchin spines look quite similar, compare http://www.kreidefossilien.de/assets/images/galleries/182/pseudodiadema_sp_.jpg . Cheers, Marco.>
Re: BobF asking... what is this? 2/2/09
Lynn... Howsit? Marco responded ayer to this person re something in their tank, and they've sent along a new pic... I can't put my finger on what these three prominences are she's referring to... Can you? Have put in your in-folder.

Doing good this morning, Bob! I just checked out the photo. You know what those look like - urchin spines - with the attachments/bases visible on the ends and the tips buried in whatever that thing is.
<D'oh! Of course! Maybe just some BGA overgrowing... Thank you Lynn. BobF>

You betcha! I'm glad I was able to help. :-)
Take care and have a great week,
<Thanks Lynn. You as well. BobF>

Mystery stuff growing in my established marine tank -- 02/01/09
Hi, I tried to search through all I could at your sight and didn't come across anything I could find that would describe what this is in my tank. I attached 3 pictures, 2 of the one and 1 of the other. Here is what I have:
1.This white, almost leather looking stuff that has LONG stringy, root looking things growing all off it and around it. Doesn't seem to move. I took really great pictures so someone could help. I have this same white or off white leather looking globs on other rocks but the stringy stuff isn't growing there...all is gathered in the area you see in the picture.
<This is a sponge... a Poriferan... See WWM re... not deleterious>
2.The second question is this cotton ball looking growth, it actually reminds me of a dandy lion after you blow the stuff off of it. Its round in shape with short spike things all around it. Doesn't move either. The rock in the tank has been in my tank for years and these things are just now showing up. I can't think of any reason for the changes at all.
<Mmm, how large is this? It looks like an Urchin of some sort... may not move much... also not harmful...>
Any help to point me in the right direction would be awesome! Thanks! Leann
<Enjoy them! The sponge can be "cut back", the "Urchin" removed entirely if they bother you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mystery stuff growing in my established marine tank 2/1/09
Thanks! As far as size to the cotton ball, spiky looking things I sent a picture of, its about the size of a paint ball....it doesn't ever move, I re-attached the picture just in case you still didn't have it. Are there growths on tanks that look like that?

FWIW, I think it's just a sponge... - Sara M.

<Mmm, yes... Am changing my guess to another Sponge. BobF>
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