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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Identification 61

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hi bob, eta l can you ID this? Thwarted by tech.        2/6/15
<"This content is currently unavailable"... try attaching here? Bob Fenner>
Re: hi bob, eta l can you ID this?
Re: hi bob, eta l can you ID this?
<... nothing here. B>
Re: hi bob, eta l can you ID this?
Hi Bob, it's Jan. I can't attach the video. Can you see this picture?
<Nope... Try searching the net re how to do Janice. B>

Any ideas?    1/20/15
Hello found these in my tank tonight
Tank is 75 gallon
Ph 8.2
Ammonia 0
Nitrite/nitrate 0
Salinity 1.024
It have 2 toadstools
2 bubble tips
1 clown
2 cardinals
2 mandarin
1 cleaner shrimp
1 porcupine puffer
1 sea hare
And cuc
<Need a better pic... closer up, better resolved. Bob Fenner>

Re: Any ideas?    1/20/15
Best I can possibly get. They are smaller than a grain of rice and all I have is my phone
<... well; the oblong objects are most likely (Syconoid) sponges, the legged creature a crustacean; probably an amphipod. None are harmful; all can be searched on WWM. BobF>
Maybe this is better?
<About the same. B>

ID    1/20/15
<.... SEE our requirements for file size; SEND ONE well-resolved image of appropriate size. Bob Fenner>

Could you all please I.D.      1/1/15
Any clue? I've asked around, yet nobody seems to know.
<Mmm; would like a bigger, better resolved pic... My initial guess is that this is a juvenile Tunicate, a larval Ascidian of some kind/species.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Could you all please I.D.     1/2/15
This is the best I have
<Video clip>
 I had gotten rid of him, I didn't want him to harm my tank.
Thanks for getting back with me bob fenner
<My guess is still on the Thaliacean. BobF>
Inputs for Bob (Re: Could you all please ID dated 1/1/2015)   1/3/15

To my Kumpadre Bob,
<Hey Rix!>
Hi! I hope you and the crew had a great time during the holidays. I'd like to chime in on the erstwhile unidentified organism in the letter dated 1/1/2015. No info was given regarding the habitat, but if it was collected in freshwater, it might be a rat-tailed maggot.
<Just looked up; neat!>

I had fun collecting these in anoxic creeks during my younger years in Manila (gosh the memories haha). Hope this info helps. Thanks for all the help you and the crew have been providing all these years, and wishing you all the best for 2015.
Rix Pavia
<Mabuhay mi pare jo! Bob Fenner>

I.D       12/6/14
Hey guys just wondering if u could I.D this critter I found very slowly crawling around my reef tank. Not sure if it is good or bad for the tank?
Thx Cameron
<Looks to be a small Holothuroid; a sea cucumber; much more likely good than bad. Bob Fenner>

Help. Foram ID      11/7/14
Dear sirs, I found this little green thing on the sand bed of my saltwater tank could you please ID this for me, its about the size of an eraser on a pencil, thanks, April Lewis
<Fab... I think this is a Foraminiferan... perhaps of the genus Calcarina.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Help      11/7/14
You guys rock! Been a fan for years thanks for the speedy reply
<Welcome April! BobF>

Re: Help    11/7/14
One more thing guys, should I let this little Foraminiferan free in my tank or keep it separate from other corals thanks again, April
<Oh, leave in place. Completely harmless. B>

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