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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Identification 65

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Critter ID       10/25/27
Hi there, I've got a funny little dude on one of my corals. I've asked every reefing group I can find and no one has an idea. It started off between these two heads of hammer coral and looked like a Chiton at first--it's a series of armored plates. Then it sort of curved as you can see here in the photo and it's growing fast. There are three of them now.
It is very, very hard--harder than the coral stalk and absolutely nothing budges it, even trying to slide a razor blade under the edge hasn't been successful. The picture below shows it just opened its 'mouth' end which is usually shut tight. Any ideas what it could be? I'd hate to kill it if it's a reef safe critter. Thank you!!!
<Mmm; can't quite make out in your pix, but would have guessed at first glance that these were Chitons as you mention, and with the clue that they can't be removed with a razor blade either limpets of some sort or, my final guess (for now) that these are a species of calcareous tube-building worm. I would leave them here.
Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Snails?     8/23/17
<Howsit Ryan?>
My local aquarium shop suggested that I submit a question about some critters in my tank. The attached images show these "sand-sized" organisms (about 1mm in diameter) blooming in my tank.
<Neato! These are Foraminiferans! Sign of a healthy system, lack of predators>
They have been there for months and seem benign, or maybe even helpful (eating algae?), though they do obstruct the view of the tank some. There are thousands of them in the sand bed, on the rocks, and on the glass.
They move very slowly...as indicated by some time-lapse video. The close-up photos were taken with a macro lens.
Can you provide any insight? Are they helpful? Harmful? Should I be concerned?
<No concern; are helpful... Enjoy them while you can, as changes in your system will result in their crashing population wise... other life becoming more dominant in time>
<Thank you for sharing. There's a bunch on the Net (even WWM) re: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foraminifera
Bob Fenner>

Re: Snails?     8/23/17
Excellent. Thanks for the info Bob!
<Welcome Ryan. BobF>

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