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FAQs about Red Algae/Rhodophyte Identification 3

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Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Re: Macro Algae ??  7/22/07 Ok I've tried to get a better picture I didn't reduce this one to 50% as I did on the last one. I'm sorry if its too large. To the touch the leaves feel like lettuce I was able to find a pic close to this, but not quite, I had searched under Bryozoan after I found nothing but common red bubble algae under Rhodophyte. <Is such... from your further desc., and photo> I have no worries since this thing creates so much awe, Although it has overtaken a couple small mushrooms that are much less impressive. Its great to see my question was answered by the great BF. Not that hearing from Eric or the others who have helped me in the past would be any less informative. Thanks for the insight . . . Dave <Heeee! Well, the not-so-great BF is out in HI, away from his in-print reference works... this is assuredly a Red algae... but what family, genus? I'd enjoy it... perhaps make cuttings, sell to the local shops. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Macro Algae ?? Red, ID f', now prop.   -- 07/22/07 Cuttings?? Like I clone a plant?? or coral? where would I cut it? <Yes...> Way down in the center where the leaves bunch together? <Yes> or could I just cut or divide a leaf? My wife's gonna freak, like when I tried to convince her into dividing our Xeniids. <Just don't let her divide the dog or cat> "Oooh they're soo nice Your gonna ruin them!!" Now we have anthelia and Xeniids almost becoming a beautiful nuisance in all of our many systems. I digress.. Please tell how you would divide it Ill sure try <Not hard to do. BobF>

Re: Macro Algae ?? Red, ID f', now prop.   -- 07/22/07 What should I attach it to and will it grow onto anything like a soft coral would? <I would pierce and either tie (thread) or pin (a plastic toothpick) a "blade" or two to a piece of coral skeleton or small rock. BobF>

What is this red thing? A Red Macroalga   7/19/07 Hi. <Hi Pam, Mich here.> This small red thing appeared in my tank a few days ago, and has started to grow. (see attached pic or link below) <I see it.> I think it's cool looking, but is it a bad algae that I should remove, or good macro algae? <Looks like a good guy! I would try to keep/encourage to grow. Could be Halymenia or Nitophyllum or several other Macroalgae.> You may not be able to tell from the photo, but whatever it is, it's standing up on the rock and flowing in the current like a coral would do. <Very pretty! Enjoy it!> Thanks!

Mystery Red Algae...Red Hair Algae (Polysiphonia) -- 07/18/07 Hello again, <Hi Michael, Mich here.> My name is Michael and I have a quick question about some strange red algae I found. I recently got some Chaetomorpha algae online and noticed that there are some small patches of red algae in it. The seller assured me that the red algae is harmless and won't spread but I thought it was worth asking about before I put it in my tank. <Better safe than sorry.> As you can see, it's very thin and resembles hair algae, grows in tufts, seems to be somewhat free floating, and is reddish/orange in color. The reason I ask is because I know some types of red algae can be a big problem and after a look through your archives and online I was unable to find any information on algae that looks like this. Do you have any idea of what it is and if it is a nuisance alga? <Does look like red hair algae (Polysiphonia) to me and I would not add this to my system.> Thanks for your time and sorry if this has been answered before, <No worries! In the future, please capitalize your "i"s. Thanks! Mich> Michael.

Re: Mystery Red Algae...Red Hair Algae (Polysiphonia)   7/19/07 <Hello Michael, Mich with you again.> Thank you for your quick response. <You are most welcome!> At this point it is sitting in a quarantine tank and I was wondering if it is worth trying to remove the red algae from the Chaetomorpha or if I should just dump out the whole thing and get some new, clean Chaeto? <I think I would dump it. It's not worth the risk to me personally, and you very well may be able to find a local reefer who would gladly donate some to you!> The red algae seems like pretty nasty stuff since it breaks apart into microscopic pieces when I try to remove it manually but one site said turbo snails might be able to take care of it. <I would error on the side of caution.> Sorry for not asking this before <No worries!> and thanks for your time and help, <You are quite welcome! Mich>

Hey again.... mind if I ask you an ID?  7/13/07 Howdy! Hope your doing great! :) I have some purple/blue/teal macro that is really beautiful and seems to be growing very quickly. Pics attached. I have searched and read anything I can get my hand on to find this stuff but no luck. At first I thought maybe a odd Dictyota sp. I have some red Dictyota in my tank and this is not flat like the red is. I just cant place it. Thanks, and are you heading to AZ anytime soon, I think I owe ya a beer or 4. :D <Mmm, is a Rhodophyte of some sort: http://wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm Perhaps a Rhodymenia species. Cheers, BobF out in HI, no plans on AZ as yet>

Re: Hey again.... mind if I ask you an ID? Rhod.    7/15/07 HEY, me again, SOOO funny I was browsing your invert book Fenner/Calfo one and its in there! OCHTODES, is what that purple macro is. Anyways thanks again and please let me know if your up for a trip to AZ. There is a new club like DMS but MUCH larger, I think over 100 people now and I would love for you to come out be a guest at my house if you wanted to and speak to the group. Let me know if and when you have some free time! Thanks again! Adrian <Thank you for this offer. Don't know when, but I do hope to make it back out sometime soon. Cheers, BobF>

ID of some red algae 7/5/07 Hi Crew! <Hi there, Mich here.> Just wondering if you can ID this red algae for me. <Perhaps, looks/sounds like Gelidiopsis AKA wire algae. The filaments are typically wiry and tough. > It's spreading slowly, but spreading just the same. <They often do that. Gelidiopsis is typically slow growing.> I have already cut my feedings in half to control nutrients. <A good place to start. A refugium with macro algae could help. Please read here and check out the related link in blue http://www.wetwebmedia.com/refugium.htm > I perform 15% water changes weekly. <Excellent.> I also tried a toothbrush to scrub it off and it doesn't come off easy. <Will likely just spread it more... May actually be better to remove a very thin layer off the surface of you live rock using a chisel in an attempt to remove all traces of the algae.> Inhabitants: 2 dwarf feather dusters, maroon and gold clown, yellow watchman goby, 15 turbo snails, <A lot for such a small tank. Turbos are obligate herbivores and may well starve in this tiny system. Consider trading (with a friend or LFS) for some different type of snails. Nassarius snails will scavenge on meaty foods and Ceriths are great detritivores but require a deep sand bed.> 10 scarlet hermits, <Mmm, not a fan. They will prey on many beneficial reef critters.> yellow polyps, scarlet cleaner shrimp. Tank size is 30 gallons and will be upgrading to 120 gallon in the near future. <Congrats!> Both fish are juveniles. <Fine for now, but they will enjoy the space provided by the 120 gallon. Mich>

ID: Red Macro Algae Hello Crew, <Hi there Steven! Mich here.> I am sending you a photo of something that has appeared in my 40 gal. reef tank. Please note the red thing growing on the mushroom rock in the center of the photo. That mushroom rock has been in my tank for over 2 years. Just recently though I moved it from a low light area to a direct light area. Very quickly that red thing showed up and then began to grow. The red translucent growth is only about 2 months old, it is growing very rapidly. I'm not sure if it is a macro algae or a coral, or something else. I am doubting that it is a sponge due to its photosynthetic nature. I have scoured the net looking to id this thing, please help. <Hopefully this will help you. It is a definitely a red Macro algae and is generally considered desirable. More here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm It looks similar to Nemastoma to me, but I don't know if that is truly what it is. You could spend hours on www.algaebase.org comparing if you so desire. Mich> Steven

Macro or plant ID    5/16/07 Hello and thanks for your time <Howdy and welcome> I have had this nano up and running for 3 months and about three weeks ago I put in a few zoanthid frags that I got from a local guy.  Anyway about a week or so ago I found this algae or plant growing on one of the rocks.  It is purplish in color and fleshy to the touch, almost like the skin on a peach.  I have attached a photo of it as well.  The zoanthids on the side are closed up because I had to take the rock out of the tank to get a good close up in the pic but I thought it would be a good reference point as to the size of the plant or algae, but that was luck lol. Again thanks for your time Doug <I make this out to be a Botryocladia species of some sort. Bob Fenner>

New Print and eBook on Amazon

Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

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