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FAQs on Anemone Pathogenic Disease 1

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Though not well-elucidated, Anemones do have infectious, parasitic and viral disease conditions.

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Parasites in an anemone? Hello,     I was checking out my new prize LT tonight and saw these little black things. At first I thought it was some detritus that got caught in the tentacles, but on closer inspection I realized these little black things were actually INSIDE the tentacle tissue. Then I thought maybe they were just some discoloration, but no... the things were moving and crawling around in there!! << Cool... I guess. >> They can move up to the tip or they can crawl down, all the way into the flesh of the disc... they really creep me out! I am praying they are some kind of symbiotic creature and nothing truly harmful (but they mar the beauty of the anemone and are gross!). There are about ten of these, of varying sizes living in different places in my anemone.  They vary in size between just hatched baby brine shrimp size up to sesame seed size.     I've never seen ANYTHING like this before and suspect that very few folks have... but I'm hoping someone at WWM help or point me in the right direction. << Can it be food?  Is it something the anemone ingested?  No idea here. >> I had no idea that anemones could harbor internal parasites, but apparently than CAN and DO! Can anyone help me identify these things?? << A detailed pic could really help. >> Also, how does one go about treating an invertebrate for parasites anyway?  << You don't.  I wouldn't do anything, because if it is bad you can make things worse. >> Or is this something I needn't be concerned about? << Personally I wouldn't worry at all. >> Here is as close as I can get with my camera.  The picture shows one of the largest ones and a smaller one to the right. << Unable to open any attachments.  Please try again. >> Thank you!! Julie <<  Blundell  >>
Re: A Question about Internal Sea Anemone Parasites
Hello Blundell,    Thanks for attempting to help.  There is no way these things are food the anemone has eaten, since they do crawl around rather quickly, quite like ants. << Totally bizarre. >> They only crawl forward (i.e. if they are going up the tentacle and want to head back down, the bug pivots until it is facing down before proceeding).  Here is the picture again.  I doubt it will help though.  The only way to get a clear picture would be to lop off a tentacle and dissect it to remove the parasite :( << That is cool thing to try.  Right now many people are experimenting with photographing through microscopes and magnifying glasses. This time the picture worked.  I'm still unsure, and will be passing this to Bob and Calfo to see if they've seen it before.  Still wouldn't worry me. >> Julie <<  Blundell  >>

BTA infected, splitting or what? >I have had this BTA for about 12 days now.   Got him from liveaquaria.  It was supposed to be medium sized (3"-5"), but this thing is enormous (10"-12).  About 3 days ago it started to develop "sores", and now his mouth is kind of funny.  I've attached some photos from day 2 of their appearance.   >>Yes, I've seen them.  These are NOT sores, it looks to me that the animal is dying quickly.  What I see is the outer membrane breaking open.  It will need to be removed ASAP. >For the most part they are confined to the area around the mouth although there are 1or 2 spots away from the mouth as well.  You can just see one of these in IMG_0051 (renamed "DyingBTA").  The "sores" look worse today and are now on both sides of the mouth. >>Indeed, once an anemone begins to go, it goes FAST. >All of the water parameters in my tank are good (no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate, sg 1.024, pH ~8.2, kH 10).  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks! -matt >>Sorry I haven't got better news for you, Matt.  If it were me, I would contact the vendor and let them know what's happened.  In the meantime, if the thing is still around, move it to its own tank immediately.  Best of luck.  Marina
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