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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 14

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Anemone? ID  11/17/08 Hey Bob/Crew: <Howdy> Hope all is well. Can you help me with an ID? I recently rearranged the rocks in my 125 gallon tank and noticed that there were about three of these Anemones or Zooanthids growing on a piece of rock. I had not seen them before and am not sure what they really are. They are each about a time in size, pink with reddish stripes, they have a central "mouth" in the center of the disk and white ball shaped tips on the outer edge of what appear to be small tentacles. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but any idea would help to set me in the ,right direction. I appreciate your assistance! <Mmm, actually, this looks like a Corallimorpharian... a Mushroom... of the genus Pseudocorynactis... please see WWM and/or the Net re this genus. Bob Fenner>

Deep Water Coral Identification 11/16/08 Hi There. I was wondering if you guys would have any insight to what kind of coral this might be? I was fishing off of the Florida Keys where I live. We were fishing a large hump that comes up from 1300 ft. to about 600 ft.. On top of this hump we snagged this big coral on our line, which we thought was a fish at one point. when we got if to the surface It was something I have never seen before. I work for a company down here which supplies Caribbean life to zoo's and aquariums all over the world, and it has stumped everyone. <I do think it must be a hydrocoral of some kind. A close-up pic of the polyps would make it easier to ID with more certainty. I would also be careful not to be breaking the law here. If it's a protected species, it might get you into trouble taking it home... but I'm sure, with your job, you know about all that. :-)> Any suggestions on whit it is and maybe the best way to try and keep it alive? <If it is indeed a Hydrocoral from 600ft then it likely doesn't need much, if any, light. It will need quality feeding... they are not too difficult to care for if they were healthy when you get them (which this one appears to be). Best,
Sara M.>

Need id -- 10/10/08 I am having difficulty getting an ID for this (the pink tipped ones in the center). <Anemonia amongst a patch of Zoanthids> The colony has been in my tank since early summer. I recently found what appears to be another one on the other side of the tank, but other than that they have not grown past what is in the picture. They have very vibrant colors, including the green even though it doesn't show well in the picture. Thank you! <What is a weed? But an organism that we/humans have not quite found use of sufficiently? Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/anemoniafaqs.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: Question about hermit crab growths  10/6/08 Thanks for the reply. I got a somewhat better picture of it, still not GREAT but hopefully helps you out a little more than the last one. Grant <Ahh, thank you for this pic... do look "Polypoid"... am more sure these are indeed Hydroids/Hydropolyps... There are many "kinds" as you will see... as long as these don't spread to your hardscape, I would count your Hermit lucky to have such a built in defense. Cheers, BobF>

Oh yeah

IDs 9/24/08 Hello <Heya Dwight!> I'm trying to identify these specimens as to common name and scientific [at least to genus]. Please let me know if you can help me on this. <_MG_6819.jpg - Zoanthids - Read about it here - http://www.wetwebmedia.com/zoanthid.htm _MG_6820.jpg - Euphyllia glabrescens (Torch Coral) Read about it here - http://www.wetwebmedia.com/caryophyllids.htm _MG_6867.jpg - Xenia - Read about it here - http://www.wetwebmedia.com/xeniidarts.htm Great Dwight 

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