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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 27

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Aiptasia et al. 4/8/11
I have attached a picture, and was wondering if this was Aiptasia.
<Appears to be, yes>
Also, I read that the Red Legged Hermit Crab consumes Aiptasia, does this include the dwarf red legged hermit crab?
<Mmm, neither usually do>
I have also included a picture of a colony of brownish things on my live rock. Is this also a type of anemone?
<Perhaps... more likely a Hydrozoan or Zoanthid>
They don't look like feathers, but they look too thin to be an anemone. Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to do anything until I know for sure what I am dealing with. Thanks!
<Mmm, please do send along a better resolved image if you can... And if/when you have time, peruse WWM re these groups of Cnidarians. Bob Fenner>

Aiptasia?? 4/5/11
Hello again,
So I've looked everywhere I can think and posted this picture on quite a few forums. The only response I've gotten is Aiptasia.
I've had those before and don't agree.
This anemone
has a flat, round, purple base with short, brownish, green tipped tentacles. It closes in on it's self whenever touched or at night.
I know it's not the best picture but if you don't know what it is exactly, then can you tell me at least that it's NOT a pest anemone I need to get out?!
Thanks a ton for your help
<Is there a hard skeleton beneath? This is likely a "single polyp stony coral"... likely a Caryophylliid. Put this string of words in WWM's search tool... or the Net's... and read the cached views. Bob Fenner>

Re: Aiptasia?? 4/5/11
Thanks Bob!
<Welcome Angela>
I looked around a little and found a picture of a larger specimen but almost identical to mine. I'll have to let it grow more to be sure but probably a match. Thanks again
<I would keep this organism... not harmful, likely to be of interest. Cheers, BobF>

Image...? 4/3/11
Hi, I am not able to find this organism. I bought live rock and it was included on it. I have no idea what it is.
<Nor do we. You didn't attach an image. Do remember, we ask people to resize images to about 500 KB; don't send multi-megabyte images straight from your camera please! Cheers, Neale.>
Anemone ID 4/3/2011
<Hello Josh. Is a Actinarian of some type, possibly a Rock Anemone. Might want to search through the species listed here.
James (Salty Dog)>

Mmm, a Zoanthid? RMF

coral identification problem 1/19/11
Sir or Ma'am,
I have been searching for the identification of this coral for several months.
<Mmm, I don't think this is a coral... not an Alcyonacean or Scleractinian definitely>
I have posted pics of it several times on reef central and no one seems to have a good answer.
If you guys can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much!
<From the gross shape, "tentacles" I suspect you have a Pennatulacean here... a Sea Pen. Bob Fenner>
Re: coral identification problem
Thanks bob!
<Welcome Jonah. Please send along any further ID, pertinent husbandry info. you gather. BobF>

Re: coral identification problem 2/14/11
Posted this again on RC and some suggested pulsing leather. That sounds like what I was told by the guy I got the frag from.
<Mmm, had to look this up myself... Pulsing soft corals are Xeniids, Leathers Alcyoniids... I don't see an explanation of taxonomic affinity... Is this supposedly a Sinularia sp.? You got me. BobF>

Re: coral identification problem 2/18/11
Ok. Just heard back from the guy I got it from. Pumping Sinularia???
<Okay... B>

Club-tipped anemone or majano? 1/2/11
I initially thought these were majanos, but I think they look more like club-tipped anemones. They're not green, except for the middle row of tips under actinics. The rest are colorless with white tips. The diameter is about a half inch. I'd be interested in your opinion.
<Mmm, this might be the beginning of a Euphylliid... or even a Corallimorpharian (see the Net re Pseudocorynactis... pix). Can't tell from this image in other words if indeed this is an anemone! Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Club-tipped anemone or majano? 1/3/11
Based on similar pics on the Internet, I'd agree that it's a Pseudocorynactis (white ball).
Thanks for helping to confirm.
<Certainly welcome Dan! BobF>

Coral Identification 12/29/10
<Hello Brian>
I have searched on Google as well as asked several forums for an ID on the attached coral. But, everyone that has look has been stumped. The coral does not seem to have a skeleton but, is similar to a hairy or frilly mushroom.
<This is Rhodactis. Search on Google re: under 'images'>
I have noticed that this coral has several mouths though, as opposed to the mushrooms which only have one.
<Is splitting/ reproducing by fission>
Any help would be greatly
Thank you,
<No Prob.s>


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