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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 20

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Id Help
I pulled this piece of rock from my display tank for many reasons. First and foremost i noticed some Aiptasia popping up. Which i think i have under control. Next i noticed a small bristle worm poking in and out of a few holes. Not sure if they are good or bad from different things I've been reading. should i worry about it?
<No sense worrying. Read on WWM re>
Anyways i rolled the rock over checking for more Aiptasia that might have popped up in the mean time and i noticed three anemones of some sort. This picture is hard to make out because i took it with my phone. the one on the right is closed up and the both the center and left ones are the same thing but fully open. They all have a pinkish foot/body, with many many tentacles that appear to be clear, but have white tips. Hoping you could help me ID these so i can do something with them, or return my rock to my display. Thanks, Dane
<Sometimes called "Strawberry Anemones", I believe these are
Pseudocorynactis sp.. Please read here re:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

coral IDs 08/21/09
I have obtained some corals from a fellow reefer who is taking a long break from the hobby, however I do not know what many of them are. I know that the reefer indicated the one I labeled Coral-4 was "orange crush" and Coral-2 is a Zoanthid, but any further identification would be appreciated.
I also know that the blurry photo shows a coral that has nearly expired, I'm hoping that I can revive it soon once I know what sort of care it needs. Would you please help me to identify them properly? I have attached eight pictures for identification. Thanks ever so much for your assistance!
<Hello Wayne,
Coral 1 is "fleshy star polyps," Pachyclavularia sp.
Coral 2, Coral 3 and Coral 5 are all Zoanthids. The common names given to the different color patterns of Zoanthids don't necessarily have anything to do with scientific classification or naming. But if you'd like to see if they have specific common names anyway, try www.zoaid.com.
Coral 4, I'm fairly sure this is an Acanthastrea sp.
Coral 6, whatever it is, is just about dead (likely not going to be revived-- but anything is possible I suppose). I'd need a closer/clearer picture of the skeleton to say what it is.
Coral 7 is definitely dead. Again, I'd need a clearer/closer pic of the skeleton to properly ID it.
Coral 8 is a Favia sp.>
Sara M.>

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