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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 31

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Question and ID please     8/18/13
Dear Crew, I have a 300 gallon tank that I have been running for about 2 years now and so far so good. Owe a lot of my success to you and your site
<Rick; just hundreds of Kbytes in file size please>
But in recent months I have had a recent outbreak of growth that seems to be taking over everything L
<Oh yes>
Could you please look at the attached pictures and let me know if my hunch about this being an overrun on my tank is correct?
<Ah yes... is GSP>
The green polyps seem to be coming up everywhere and was wondering what I should do?
<Read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/polypcompfaqs.htm
Thanks for all your help
<Ah, welcome. Bob Fenner> 

Reef Tank Growth     8/12/13
Hi Bob!
One other question I have is whether you can identify the thing in the pictures I have attached or not.
<I think so>
This thing hitchhiked into my tank on a small colony of Zoas about 3 months ago. Upon asking folks in my reef forum for help IDing it, I ended up dubbing it a Speckled Cup Coral.
<What's in a (common) name?>
Shortly afterwards, I notice greenish tentacles coming out of it. They are very short so I say, "Okay, its a Fungia....no wait! Its a plate coral of SOME KIND!"
<A Scleractinian; my guess is on a Caryophylliid; though the one pic does look something like a Dendrophylliid>
So for a couple months it was just a mystery plate coral & we would figure out which kind as it grew.
Then, it got switched to Cynarina Button Coral..and most recently saw similarities to a Baby Duncan coral & shortly afterward a Majano!
Phew! So, I think its time I came to an expert!  A couple of things I want to add: it inflates & deflates, it has grown quite a bit and now has its tentacles out always rather than just sometimes, every few bubbles have a tentacle that is like hooked off of the end of it - in other words the bubble & tentacle appear to be attached or one, & lastly, the Zoas are definitely suffering. I have seen the stringy web-type of stuff seemingly from them- although it is entirely possible that it has little to nothing to do with this thing. But the thing used to be squished and hidden under the Zoas and now it always inflated above them and the Zoas are much smaller now due to some kind of disease or injury they have been experiencing.
So, I will attach several photos so you can see how it has changed over time. The third pic is just to show how flexible it is. It closed up like that while eating a bloodworm.
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Identification please    7/23/13
Good evening my Wet Web Friends.
 <Hey ya Scott>
It's been ages since I've had any need to contact you (getting more knowledgeable for me and a little bit of a break for you) but I am in need of an identification of an organism that has recently appeared in my tank.
I was concerned at first that it was a new colony of Palythoa toxica so I stuck a macro camera into the tank and took a photo. Upon looking at the photography, I have ruled out Palys and Zoas so I need your wisdom (or at least better eyesight than mine) to determine if it stays or goes.
 <Mmm, some sort of small Octocoral... Likely an Alcyoniid of some sort; not to worry>
Thank you again for all you do for the wet community.
Scott (no, not that one. Or the other one either.)
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

could you ID these creatures?   7/19/13
Hi WWM Crew,
I have attached two pictures for you.  Curious what these are... and if they are invasive.
<Mmm, can be... the first is a Clavulariid, the second Anemonia. See WWM re. Bob Fenner>
 They have started to grow throughout my tank... not many but they have come up quickly.  If these are invasive, I would like to know sooner than later so I can take care of them.  Does not look like Aiptasia.  Could it be Majano... thoughts?

Anemone or Polyp ID    5/19/13
Hello and thanks for taking time to read my email. I bought a Zoanthid and I noticed on the underside an anemone or polyp maybe. I was wondering if anyone could identify it. It is very small, there are 4 of them, they are translucent except at the tips which are a neon blue.
<Mmm, yes; please send along (attached) a well-resolved image or two... of  a few hundred Kbytes size. Bob Fenner>
Re Anemone or Polyp ID    5/19/13

(Grr accidentally hit send before I meant to, so disregard first message please.) Hello and thanks for taking time to read my email. I bought a Zoanthid and I noticed on the underside an anemone or polyp maybe. I was wondering if anyone could identify it. It is very small, there are 4 of them, they are translucent except at the tips which are a neon blue.
<Ah yes; this appears to be a Corallimorpharian of the genus Pseudocorynactis. Do see WWM re. Bob Fenner>

Hello :)     5/4/13
Thanks for are your helpful information on your site I LOVE it. I need help with an ID of the attached picture please. It looks like maybe an anemone?
<Can't quite make out what this is in this photo. Perhaps Aiptasia, or a Zoanthid. See WWM re both. Bob Fenner>

Coral identification    4/14/13
My LFS had some corals on sale so I decided to pick some up but they didn't have names or labels attached to them. Could you please help me with the identification?
<Mmm, can guess... the first and last (the two w/ stony skeletons) are Mussids of some sort... maybe Lobophyllia/s... the other (sans hard parts) appears to be some sort of Zoanthid... see WWM re these... can be problematical for other Cnidarians and humans>
 Also what is that arm coming out of the green one?
<Can't quite make this out. If it's still there, send along a bit larger, well-resolved image... otherwise, it looks to be some sort of trailing mucus>
 It would make my life easier if they were better at labeling the stock :(
I also picked up a chunk of live rock and much to my surprise it came with a small Lawnmower Blenny!!! I was doing some reading on this fish and it sounds like they can nip at corals.
<Mmm, not usually though. Are very "in" to types of algae>
 Beside the 3 in the pictures I have a Kenya Tree coral, 1 Green Hairy Mushroom and a small Frog Spawn frag. Are these at risk from the blenny?
<Not likely; no>
One more concern I have is what to stock in this tank. I have been reading over the site (haven't gotten through it all yet) trying to figure out what the most hardy, colorful fish that i could put in there. Most common angel and butterfly fish seem to be out. Could you offer any suggestions of some families of fish I could research or is this on wet web and I just haven't found it yet?
<Mmm, likely a good idea to urge you to read here:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/RfLvstkgF15.htm
and the linked files above... you'll find plenty in your own searching here>
There is so much information out on your site and the web that is gets confusing when everyone has an opinion on what will work and what wont.
<You can trust what we offer>
Thanks so much for your help!
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Coral identification    4/14/13
Here are some more pictures. Best my phone can do since my wife took the fancy camera with her on vacation.
<Ahh, and am wondering... these now appear (more than one... see the ones lower, on the left side?) to be hydrozoans... I would carefully brush these off (outside the tank) w/ an olde/soft toothbrush... You don't want these to proliferate in your system. BobF>

Re: Coral identification      4/15/13
Yes I was talking about the Hydropolyps. Sorry should of been more clear.
I was reading over the Hydrozoan FAQ but I didn't see any pictures that match what I but at least I have a better understanding of what I am going against in case I didn't pull the frag out in time. Your team as amassed such a wealth of knowledge on this site I wish I had time to read it all!!!
I read through the thread that you sent me in your first reply and I think I have a suitable list of livestock just need to do more research as to who gets along with who!!
<An adventure for sure!>
Thanks so much for your help!
<Ah, welcome. BobF>

Re: Coral identification      4/15/13
I should of wrote that they are green and kind of rigid.
<... what are?>
Strange I didn't notice this when I was picking them out. This was only in the tank for about 24hrs should I be worried about an infestation popping up?
<... possibly... IF we're referring to the apparent Hydropolyps>
I was able to scrub/pick them off and have put this in my quarantine tank.
 It doesn't have the best light on it. Do you think a couple of days with hurt it much?
<Will definitely NOT hurt Cnidarians to be in such a situation. B>
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