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FAQs on Identification of Stinging-Celled Animals 25

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UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Hey lads,
<And lassies>
Good day to you and lots of greetings from Cyprus!!!
<Ah, have visited your island... back in 96... with the Hash House Harriers>
Been on the web for a while now searching for this mushroom growing day by day (was just a tiny piece and I didn't know what it was until it started rounding itself) but haven't found anything. Any ideas what kind it is?
Many thanks in advance!
<An Actinodiscus/Discosoma of some sort. Read here:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Hey Bob thanks for your prompt reply buddy! If you come over some time again I'll buy you some beer ;o)
<Antonis! Thank you!>
I cannot find it on the net anywhere even with the description you gave me
<Your specimen (thus far) is badly "bleached out"... and will change in structure and form and color with improvement in health, growth. BobF>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10
Ohhh I see, well let's see what turns out to be then .
Water parameters are:
salinity: 1.025
ammonia: 0
Phosphate <.003
Nitrates: 0
<Yikes... need more HPO4 and definitely more NO3... These animals are partially chemoautotrophic>
Nitrites: 0
kH: 11.2
temp: 25 degrees Celsius
And it's under a 150 w halide that's why it grown so well in just one month! It was a 1.5cm piece and now it became like that and still growing:)
<Ah good. BobF>
Alternate ID? for "UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10"
I saw this message from the dailies, "UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/26/10" and would like to offer the guess of a small Sinularia dura instead of an Actinodiscus/Discosoma. The oblong white spots could be sclerites seen through the tissue, with the prominences around the outer margin and on the surface being polyps. Obviously a less blurry picture would help.
<Interesting. Thank you for chiming in Brandon! Will accrue your guess w/ mine. BobF>

Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/29/10
Bob matey, just found this on the net! Could it be one of these thingies?
Looks a LOT like mine I think!
<Mmm, this link is coming up for me... are you thinking something like this:
Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom 9/29/10
How about now, can you see the attachment?
<Ah yes... the soft coral Sinularia dura. B>
Re: UNKNOWN Hitchhiker Shroom
It's almost exactly the same(colour, light coloured irregular stripes, polyps). Might be?
<Could be. B>

Anemone ID 7/22/10
So me and my girlfriend got into a dispute about the ID of this frag we purchased today. Is it possible to clear up our confusion and positive ID from this photo? It is florescent and able to recede.
Thank you,
M & L
<Mmm, could be a Euphyllia sp., but most likely an Anemonia majano. Bob Fenner>

Re: Anemone ID 7/24/10
I guess the image is not very good. It doesn't really look like any majano or images of it that I have ever seen. It likes to extend during the day time and extends to about double the size in the image. There is a
skeletal cup
<Oh! Then scratch Anemonia/Actinarians period... I'll default to my "B" choice... This is likely Euphyllia glabrescens... See here:
or on the Net...>
that they recede into during the night time, and the florescent colors are very vivid. There does not seem to be a mouth in the middle. I thought that it was Euphyllia Glabrescens,
<Oh! I do agree>
my girlfriend thinks it is some kind of bubble tip.
<... not Entacmaea... Anemones don't have hard skeletal parts>
Is there a distinct way to differentiate between the three options? Also could it be a lavender mushroom?
There are some images of it that look strikingly similar as well.

Wrong ID on coral?... no image, reading - 7-14-10
Guys, I just wanted to say thanks again for all you do! I just purchased my first two corals from a LFS. The first is a really nice bright orange Zoanthid. I was told the second was a green star polyp but after getting it home I am not sure the guy at the store knew his stuff. I am sorry I cannot provide a picture
because my camera died. The coral is on what appears to be an old brain coral skeleton that is hard, round and bleached white. The coral inhabits almost every hole in the old skeleton. The coral has a stalk and extends out about a quarter inch. When the coral is disturbed it will retract all the way into the hard skeleton. The open face of the coral is a beautiful rich green color. The underside and stalk area are a nice tan/golden color.
The stalk seems thick compared to the length of the extended coral. Each open face area is about the size of a pencil eraser. They grow very close together and form a mat that completely covers the old skeleton when fully extended. I have looked at many references trying to ID the coral and verify instructions to care for it, but I just cannot find a picture that seems to match what I have. I realize this is not a lot to go on for an exact ID but I was hoping you could get me close so I can take care of it. Thanks, James!
<Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/polypidfaqs.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Jellyfish? Polypoid animal of some sort 7/5/10
Upon cleaning my tank, I have found something resembling a jellyfish, has tentacles, and is only found on my sponge filter.
<... a Polypoid animal of some sort... Appears to have the beginnings of a skeleton w/in... hence a Scleractinian of some sort. If not, and only w/ a single siphonoglyph, an Actinarian. Read here:
and the linked files where you lead yourself. Bob Fenner>

Re: Jellyfish? 7/5/10
My next question regarding this little guy is: Is it able to cohabitate with the other life in my aquarium?
<Likely so. Read where you were referred. B>
I would love to keep it around, either where I found it in the filter area, or amongst the living.

"Coral" ID 6/18/10
Hey Team! So I just got my first 2 Corallimorpharians. 2 Rhodactis mushrooms I believe. Actually they are my first cnidarians as my tank is just about 5 months old. So on one of the rock pieces was this little guy. Just wondering if you could please help me ID him as he is obviously quite young/new.
<Yes... a delightful little Anemonia sp.>
He is about an inch away from the mushroom and I want to know if first off he is a coral of sorts
<An Actinarian>
which he looks to be for sure and second off if his proximity could be a problem?
<Not likely a problem, unless there's a bunch of them, crowding other Cnidarians>
Thanks guys, as always. You all do such a great job keeping me educated and enjoying all my tank has to offer.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Anemone/ Mushroom? ID help 6/13/10
My name is Nigel and I am from the UK.
<I'm Bob from the States>
I have searched your excellent website and the internet hoping to identify some animals that I have in my marine tank but alas am still unsure, I am hoping that you may be able to help with this.
<Some sort of Corallimorpharian>
I have kept tropical fish for over 25 years and have several tanks scattered about the house ranging from 10 gallons up to 90 gallons, luckily I have a very understanding wife who also appreciates the beauty of the hobby!
<A bonus>
About 7 years ago I was carrying out some work at a customer's house and happened to mention my hobby, the customer was also a fan of tropical fish having a small tropical tank himself, he also had a 21 gallon marine tank
which he was looking at breaking down as it was located in his cellar and he felt it was not getting the attention it deserved. I had always been interested setting up a marine tank and I was offered the opportunity to purchase the complete setup for a very reasonable sum (a day's work!)
<One way of figuring/looking at such things>
At the time the tank contained plenty of live rock, 2 small 'Green Carpet Anemones' a few small metallic green mushrooms and a few polyps.
<Mmm, these may well be some latter day starved out members of the middle group>
7 years later, I have added a sump under the tank containing a DSB, live rock and Caulerpa,
<Mmm, I'd remove this... dispose of properly. See WWM re>
the main tank now is also home to a large leather/toadstool mushroom,
<Oh, this Sarcophyton might well be (mal)affecting these 'Shrooms as well... chemical allelopathy>
10+ hermit crabs, hundreds of small bristle worms, thousands of Amphipods and several feather duster worms and mussels (hitchhikers).
As I stated earlier when I bought the tank I was told that the green animals were carpet anemones but I am not sure, could they just be large mushrooms?
<Am pretty sure the latter>
7 years ago there were 2, I now have around 20 ranging in size from 2 inches up to the largest which is 8 inches, they appear to reproduce/ multiply by splitting and it is normally apparent that this is going to happen when the mouth of the animal splits into 2.
<Typical for the group>
Some are attached to the rocks and others are in the sand bed which is around 2.5inches deep.
They are fed twice a week on a frozen marine quintet (Artemia, red plankton, squid, chopped cockle and chopped krill superb), I places small pieces of these next to the mouths and they slowly engulf the food.
The specific gravity is maintained at 1.0.23
<Mmm, one decimal point too many>
Temperature is 25 degrees Celsius
PH is 8.2
2 x T5 marine blue tubes on 10 hours daily
<I'd switch out these for whites...>
2 x Metal Halide bulbs 250W 14000K on 2 hours daily
<?! These are on a 21 gal. system? I must have gotten lost here>
2 x LED Moonlights on throughout the night
Strong internal filters are positioned at either back corner of the tank and the sump water is returned to the main tank via a spray bar so water movement is good.
I was contemplating moving into the area of keeping marine fish (only thinking of adding a couple of clownfish and maybe a Goby initially) but like to think I have learnt my lesson and will thoroughly research both fish and their requirements before going ahead so I want to be 100% sure that my set up is suitable and in particular am concerned of the reputation of carpet anemones for eating fish!
<These should be fine here>
I have moved one of the animals to my sump to aid in taking the pictures, this particular one has a diameter of approximately 4.5 inches.
Pic 1 is under 1 x T8 Marine blue light
Pics 2 and 3 are under 1 x T8 Power Glo white light
<Mmm, should work out>
I would be grateful for your help in identifying the animal on the attached pictures and thank you for your time and brilliant work on your website.
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Re: Hi quick question regarding weird growths 6/10/2010
Hi all
I wrote awhile ago on identifying this weird creature / anemone / something that was growing on my rocks, I sent some pictures, but they were very small at that time.
Since then my camera skills have improved and the "creature/anemone/whatever" has grown and spread on it rock considerably (though doesn't seem to want to spread to any other rocks - which is a shame, I quite like it!)
<Very nice>
Anyway I've included the two pictures in the hope you may be able to shed further light on this bizarre carpet, 8 armed thing that appeared from nowhere out of live rock! also if its bad/good
Many Thanks
<Is an Octocoral... a Clavulariid of some sort... Please read here:
and the linked files above... Are good tank additions, as long as they don't spread too much... Best to keep isolated to certain rocks. Bob Fenner>
Re: Hi quick question regarding weird growths 6/10/2010
ps if it helps any its a 65 liter "Nano copy" Superfish aquarium with somewhere between 8 - 10 kg of live rock 5 hermits and a very small blue/yellow damson.
There is no skimmer
<Likely part of the reason for you/their success here... the skimmer would likely remove too much food>
just LOTS of water movement with 2 internal filters (filled with carbon and Fluval Clearmax, sandwiched between filter wool, I change the wool every week), and a Koralia Nano movement pump (900lts an hour) the filters are a 200 ltr an hour one that came with the tank (fitted with a spray bar - which I keep about an inch and a half under the water pointing at the surface) and a 900 ltr an hour Ferplast with a dampener on the end to spread the output.
the maintenance schedule is I mix up about 30 ltr of saltwater a week and at the end of the week use about 3/4 of it to do a big change and clean(including filter wool) then mid week use the rest for a refresh. As I was told without a skimmer I should be pretty spot on with water changes etc.
<And you, BobF>

Re: Hi quick question regarding weird growths 6/10/2010
Question about his actually (briefly) is this too much water movement?,
and what the best light period for the day (the lights are what came with the tank a blue and white compact t5 thing) I've been giving about 7 hours, but I do fight with the algae!
<Read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/lgttimerstimingfaqs.htm
and the linked files above. B>
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