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FAQs on Marine Ich, White Spot, Cryptocaryoniasis 37

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Re: What looks like the crypt but is not?      12/5/19
Good day Nobel folk. An update...
Now, we learned and understood that eliminating crypt from a main tank was something 99.99% impossible,
<Can be very difficult; yes>
because we did not have enough QT tanks established to house all of our fish we decided to go ahead anyway while at least we set up several tanks around the house-a pleasure many of you I’m sure have had. After 45 days and 150 ml of Cupramine, a ‘clear’ window appeared. We maintained the levels for 30 post last spot. And on this bleak and cloudy morning we find ourselves back at square one, at least with 4 cycled QT tanks on hand.
So, it cannot be done. This is the third attempt in our history that we have attempted to treat Crypt in the display—to no avail. We tested Cupramine levels twice a day for 50 days. The dose required was 70ml, with absorption, the total dose was 150ml.....
Now for the dismantling...... bleaching.....obsessing over anything white or tang flying in the stream of the powerhead.
<Best to carefully (to avoid stains on carpet, clothes...) chlorine bleach (as gone over on WWM) all in place, including filters, media...>
And, the unavailability of Cupramine in Canada.
<? Wonder why. Bob Fenner>
Re: What looks like the crypt but is not?      12/5/19

Yes, Cupramine, PraziPro, Kanaplex, Metroplex, all API treatments like general cure—-EVERYTHING—-
I can understand the anti- microbials, for the prevention of the creation of ‘super bugs’. People do not dispose of them properly....But Cupramine?
<I know naught. Perhaps friend, fish pathologist and Canadian Myron Roth has insight here. Myron?
Bob Fenner>
Re: What looks like the crypt but is not?      12/5/19

.....It gets interesting
<Ah yes; the plot thickens as they say. B>

Dipping Procedure        10/10/19
I couldn't find online but is a 30 minute bath in Methylene blue safe following a fresh water dip?
<... a bath, for marine fishes? Yes, in saltwater w/ Methylene Blue. B>
Re: Dipping Procedure     10/12/19

Thanks. I have a bunch of fish that were scratching at the gill area pretty consistent. Figured it was crypto or possibly flukes. Have the fish in QT and both copper and PraziPro didn't stop the flashing.
<Could be other source/s of irritation>
I was going to transfer the fish to a new QT tank but wanted to FWD them prior to going into the new QT tank. Some of them also look a little raggedy from either the copper or what's ailing them so was going to also give them a bath in Methylene blue.
<DO review Ed Noga et al.s works re sampling, checking under a 'scope. More
organisms are lost due to over and mis-medication than any other cause. B>

Re: Dipping Procedure. Crypt on an Assessor?      10/25/19
So after being in therapeutic copper for 14 days I transferred all the fish to a new sterile QT tank. In between the transfer all fish went through a 5 min FWD and 30 minute bath in Methylene Blue. All fish have stopped flashing but one of my assessors developed these white spots. I attached a picture and a link to a video. It looks like marine ick and honestly I am not sure how it is possible.
<Well, whatever this is appears more "discrete" in your video (than the still)... I'd want to sample, look at a bit of slime from the area to ascertain whether this is a pathogen. From the clustering and location it appears to be more of a wound site, mucus to me... from a "bump" into something. Gauging from the activity, behavior of the individual I would NOT further treat this fish. The whatever/mucus should go of its own accord. Placing an erstwhile cleaner organism might well speed this along.
Bob Fenner>

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