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Marine Set-Up 2:  Filtration/Circulation/Aeration & Lighting   


Marine Filtration by Bob Fenner Marine Aquarium Filtration, What Works and Why, by Adam Cesnales 
FAQs on:
Marine Filtration 1, Marine Filtration 2, Marine Filtration 3Marine Filtration 4Marine Filtration 5Marine Filtration  6Marine Filtration 7Marine Filtration 8Marine Filtration 9Marine Filtration 10, Marine Filtration 11, Marine Filtration 12,
FAQs on
Marine Filtration: Designs, Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting/Repair, Brands/Manufacturers, DIY,

Reef Filtration by Bob Fenner  
FAQs on:
Reef Filtration, Reef Filtration 2,
Reef Filtration:
Designs, Installation, Maintenance, Brands/Manufacturers, DIY, Troubleshooting/Repair,

FAQs on Other Types By  System: FO System Filtration, FOWLR Filtration, Small System Filtration 1, Large System Filtration/Circulation/Aeration, Cold/Cool Water System Filtration,
























Sumps & Refugiums


FAQs on: Sumps 1, Sumps 2, Sumps 3Sumps 4Sumps 5Sumps 6Sumps 7Sumps 8, Sumps 9, Sumps 10,
FAQs on
Sump: Rationale, Design,
Sump Design 2, Sump Design 3, Sump Design 4Sump Design 5 Sump Design 6 Sump Design 7, Sump Design 8, Sump Design 9, Sump Design 10, Sump Design 11, Sump Design 12, Sump Design 13, Sump Design 14, Sump Design 15, Sump Design , & Commercially Made Sump Selection, DIY Construction/Repair, Sump Components, Skimmers for Refugiums/Sumps, Pumps/Plumbing/Circulation, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 2, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 3, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 4, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 5, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 6, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ , & Maintenance,


Get Thee To A Refugium by Bob Fenner,
Refugia: What They're For And How To Build Them by Forrest Phillips, 
Converting a Hagen Aquaclear 500 Power Filter into a Hang-on Refugium (or How to Promote the Peace in a Fish Household) by Steven Pro
Pressure Locking Sump Baffles; Welcome to the World of Versatility! By Joshua McMillen & FAQs
See also: Algal Filtration and Mud use sections below
FAQs on: 
Refugiums 1, Refugiums 2, Refugiums 3, Refugiums 4Refugiums 5, Refugiums 6, Refugiums 7, Refugiums 8Refugiums 9, Refugiums 10Refugiums 11Refugiums 12,
Refugiums 13, Refugiums 14, &
FAQs on
Refugium: Rationale/Use, Design, Refugium Designs 2, Refugium Designs 3, Refugium Designs 4Refugium Designs 5, Refugium Design 6, Refugium Design 7, Refugium Design 8, Refugium Design 9, Refugium Design 10, Refugium Design 11, Refugium Design 12, Refugium Design 13, Refugium Design 14, Refugium Design 15, Refugium Design 16, Refugium Design , & Wet-Dry/Trickle Filter Modification/Conversion, Construction, Hang-on Types, Above Tank Refugiums, In-Tank Types, Pumps/Plumbing/Circulation, Refugium Pumps/Plumbing/Circulation 2, Refugium Pumps/Pb/Circ. 3, Refugium Pumps/Pb/Circ. 4, Refugium Pumps/Pb/Circ. 5, & Skimmers for Refugiums/Sumps, Lighting, Media, Substrates/DSBs, Refugium Algae/Plants 1, Refugium Algae/Plants 2, & Life/Livestock, Operation/Maintenance, Refugium Operation/Maintenance 2, & By Commercially Made: CPR, EcoSystem, Marineland, Pro-Clear, Tenecor,

Centralized Filtration Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Centralized Filtration Systems,

Circulation, Pumps, Aeration


Circulation for Marine Systems ( Water Flow, How Much is Enough) by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
Circulation, Circulation 2, Circulation 3, Circulation 4Circulation 5Circulation 6Circulation 7, Circulation 8, Marine Circulation 9,
FAQs on
Rationale, Designs, Pumps, Plumbing, Turnover: What's About the Right Amount?, Troubleshooting/Repair,

Closed-Loop Circulation: Plumbing a Return Manifold (Goodbye Powerheads) by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
Closed Loops 1
Closed Loops 2, Closed Loop Recirculation 3,
FAQs on
Closed Loop: Rationale, Designs, Fittings/Plumbing, Pumps, Troubleshooting/Repair,

Surge Devices
FAQs on:
Surge Devices,
Wavemaker Pump Specification Chart (by maker/URL, power use, flow), by James Gasta
FAQs on:
Wavemaking Devices,

--Pumps, Submersible and Not--

Submersible Pump Selection, Efficiency and Price Assessments by Steven Pro
External Water Pump Impressions: Move Some Serious Water by Steven Pro
Pump Specification Chart (by maker/URL, power use, flow, head, fitting size), by James Gasta
Wavemaker Pump Specification Chart (by maker/URL, power use, flow), by James Gasta
FAQs on:
Gear/Pump Selection for Circulation, Pump Selection 2, Pump Selection 3, Pump Selection 4, Pump Selection 5, Pump Selection 6,

Related Pump

FAQs on:
Sump Pumps/Circulation, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 2, Sump Pumps/Pb/Circ 3, & Refugium Pumps/Plumbing/Circulation, Circulation Pumps, Closed-Loop Circulation Pumps, Skimmer Pump Selection/Replacement, Chiller Pump Selection, Skimmer Pump Selection/Replacement,
FAQs on
Pump: Installation/Arrangement, Pump Energy/$ Use, Pump Problems
Pump Trouble 2, By Brand/Manufacturer:  Dolphin, EcoTech/Vortech, Eheim Pumps, Hydor/Koralia Pumps, Iwaki Pumps, Little Giant, Mag (Supreme/Danner) Pumps, OceanRunner, PanWorld, Quiet One (Pentair) Pumps, Rio/Taam Pumps, RK2 Pumps, Sequence (Dart), Sicce, Tunze, Vortech,

Cut the Racket! Sources and Solutions for Pump, Plumbing  et al. Noise!
FAQs on:
Pump/Plumbing Noise 1, Pump/Plumbing Noise 2, Pump/Plumbing Noise 3, Pump/Plumbing Noise 4,
Pump/Plumbing Noise 5,


Powerhead Impressions by Steven Pro Powerhead
FAQs on:
Powerheads 2,
FAQs on
Rationale, Selection, Application, Modification, Problems/Repair, By Manufacturer, Makes/Models: Aquarium Systems (Maxi-Jets, Visi-Jets)(EcoTech) Vortech, Hagen (AquaClear), Hydor/Koralia Pumps, Tunze, Other Models/Manufacturers,

Inexpensive Wavemaker Impressions, by Steven Pro
FAQs on:


Aeration  by [to be written]
FAQs on:
Aeration, Aeration: Rationale, Selection, Installation, Valving, Mechanical Diffusers (stones, wands...), Operation, Troubleshooting/Repair, Air Pump Impressions by Steven Pro
FAQs on:
Air Pumps, Rationale/Use, Selection, Placement, Maintenance/Repair, By Brand/Manufacturer: Luft, WISA,

Dissolved Oxygen by [to be written]
FAQs on:
Dissolved Oxygen,

--About Plumbing--

Plumbing Marine Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Plumbing 1, Plumbing 2, Plumbing 3, Plumbing 4, Plumbing 5, Plumbing 6, Plumbing 7, Plumbing 8Plumbing 9Plumbing 10Plumbing 11, Plumbing 12, Plumbing 13, Plumbing 14, Plumbing 15Plumbing 16, Plumbing 17, Plumbing 18, Plumbing 19, Plumbing 20, Plumbing 21, Plumbing 22,
FAQs on:
FAQs on
Parts: Pipe, Valves, Back-Siphon/Check-Valves, Unions, Sizing, Tools, Solvents ("Glues"), Use of Flexible Tubing, Leaks/Repairs, &
Circulation Plumbing, Closed Loop/Recirculation Plumbing, Sump Plumbing, Refugium Plumbing, Drilled Tank Related Plumbing,
Overflow/Bulkhead Plumbing, Cool./Cold Marine Set-Up, & See elsewhere on this Page for Pump/ing Considerations, Overflows, Bubble and Noise Problems...

Drilled Tanks, Drilling Holes for Plumbing for Circulating Marine Systems:
FAQs on:
Holes, Holes 2, Holes 3, Holes 4
FAQs on
Drilled Tank Holes: Rationale/Use, Designs, Fittings, Sizing/Number/Placement, Tools & Processes Themselves, Related Plumbing, Troubleshooting/Repair... Gurgling et al.: See Noise, Tiny Bubbles, Durso et al. below,

The Flow-rates through various Bulkheads (In relation to overflow drains) by Scott Vallembois
Myth of the One Inch Beast (Why Relying on One Inch Overflows... or Overflow! Is foolhardy) by Scott Vallembois

FAQs on:
Overflows 1, Overflows 2, Overflows 3, Overflows 4,
FAQs on
Overflow, Bulkhead/Through-Puts: Rationale/Use, Design, Construction, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 1, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 2, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 3, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 4, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 5, Through-Put Sizing/Number/Placement 6, & Through-Hull Fittings, Hang-On/Siphon Selection, About Overflow Towers, Plumbing, Maintenance/Operation, Troubleshooting/Repair...

"Durso" et al. Stand-pipes:
DIY Durso Standpipes by James Gasta,
FAQs on:
  Stand Pipes, Stand Pipe Sizing, Stand Pipe Aspirating, Stand Pipe Noise Issues, Stand Pipe Bubble Issues, Stand Pipe ,

Make Up Water Systems
FAQs on:
Make Up Water System s,

Tiny Bubbles (not the Don Ho classic) and Larger Ones:
FAQs on
Bubble Troubles 1, Bubble Troubles 2, Bubble Troubles 3, Bubble Troubles 4, Bubble Troubles 5, Bubble Troubles , Bubble Concerns,
FAQs on: Causes/Fixes: Diagnosing Sources, Intake/Overflow Issues, Plumbing Issues, Pump/ing Issues, Discharge Issues, Biological Issues, & Solved Cases,

Cut the Racket! Sources and Solutions for Pump, Plumbing  et al. Noise!
FAQs on:
Pump/Plumbing Noise 1, Pump/Plumbing Noise 2, Pump/Plumbing Noise 3, Pump/Plumbing Noise 4, Pump/Plumbing Noise 5,

Avoiding Floods:
FAQs on:
Avoiding Floods,

Aspects/Types of Marine Filtration: 

Biological Filtration by Bob Fenner 
Establishing Biological Filtration by Bob Fenner
Undergravel Filters/Filtration by Bob Fenner
5 Pros, Cons of Undergravel Filters by Bob Fenner

FAQs on:
Biological Filtration, Biofiltration 2, Establishing Biological Filtration, Establishing Cycling 2, Establishing Cycling 3, Establishing Cycling 4Establishing Cycling 5, Establishing Cycling 6, Establishing Cycling 7, Marine Cycling 8, Marine Cycling 9, Marine Cycling 10,
FAQs on Biological Cycling:
Science/Rationale, Techniques/Methods: Seeding Filter Media, Live Rock/Sand, Using Livestock, Fishless Cycling, Cycling Products: By Manufacturers, Names: Bio-Spira, One & Only, Cycle...  Chemical Feeding, Anomalies/Fixing 1, Trouble/Fixing 2, & Fluidized Beds, Undergravel Filters/Filtration
Denitrification/Denitrifiers, Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Phosphates, & Nutrient Export,

DSBs, An Introduction to Deep Sand Beds by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
DSBs, DSBs 2, DSBs 3, DSBs 4, DSBs 5, DSBs 6, DSBs 7,
FAQs on:
Rationale/Use, Dangers, Physical Make-Up, Biological Make-Up, Size, Location, Depth, Conversion to/from, Maintenance/Replacing/Adding To,

Plenums, Jaubert Systems, Natural Nitrate Reduction (NNR) in Marine Filtration by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
PlenumsPlenums 2,
FAQs on Plenum:
Rationale/Use, Design, Installation, Operation, Altering/Adding Media, Troubleshooting/Repair

Mechanical Filtration by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Marine Mechanical Filtration, Diatom/aceous Filters/Filtration, Foam/Fiber/DLS et al. Media, Gravel Media, Ceramic and Sintered Glass Media, Socks, Cleaning, Troubleshooting/Fixing,

Physical Filtration (Skimmers, UVs, Ozone) by Bob Fenner (Also, see Skimmer Articles and FAQs below)
FAQs on:
Marine Physical Filtration,

Ozone, Ozonizers, ORP, Reduction/Oxidation by Bob Fenner
Reduction Oxidation Potential, RedOx: A Very Valuable Tool For Assessing, Assuring Maine Aquarium Health, ppt. presentation, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Ozone 1, Ozone 2
Ozone 3, RedOx
FAQs on
Ozone/Ozonizer: Rationale/Use, System/Selection,
About Dryers, Application/Installation, Dryers, Probes, Measuring/MeteringMaintenance/Repair, Anomalies/Fixing, Makes/Models, By Manufacturer: DIY, Red Sea, Sanders, Ozotech,

Ultraviolet Sterilizers by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Ultraviolet Sterilizers, Ultraviolet Sterilizers 2
Ultraviolet Sterilizers 3,
FAQs on
UV: Rationale/Use, Selection, DIY, Installation Issues, Operation/Maintenance, UV Lamp Replacement, Troubleshooting/Repair, By Brand/Manufacturer: Coralife/ESU, Emperor, TMC/Vecton,
Ultra Life,

     See below for Wet Dry/Trickle Filtration, Protein Skimming/Foam Fractionation Articles, FAQs and SubFAQs headings, files  

Marine Filtration Types/Methods/Gear

Central Filtration by Bob Fenner Flow-through Live-holding Systems by Bob Fenner Raceway Live-Holding Systems by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Centralized Filtration Systems,

Power Filter Impressions,  A review of some popular mechanical filtration systems by Steven Pro
Converting a Hagen Aquaclear 500 Power Filter into a Hang-on Refugium (or How to Promote the Peace in a Fish Household) By Steven Pro
FAQs on: 
Outside Power Filters 1, Power Filters 2, Internal Filters, & FAQs on: Rationale/Use, Selection, Installation, Operation, Changing Filter Media, Troubleshooting/Repair. By Manufacturer/Make: AquaClear (Hagen), Marineland BioWheels, Penguin, Tetra...

Canister Filters By Steven Pro Review of the ViaAqua Canister Filter by Gage Hartford
FAQs on
Canister, Cartridge Filters, Canister, Cartridge Filters 2Canister, Cartridge Filters 3,
FAQs on:
Rationale/Use, Selection, Modification, Placement, Media, Plumbing, Maintenance, Troubleshooting/Repair, By Manufacturer: Eheim, Fluval, Other Brands,

Undergravel Filters/Filtration by Bob Fenner
5 Pros, Cons of Undergravel Filters by Bob Fenner  
FAQs on:
SW Use of Undergravel Filters, FW Undergravel Filters
FW Undergravel Filtration

Trickle Filters/Wet-Dries, pt. 1 By Bob Goemans,
FAQs on:
Wet-Dry Filters, Wet-Dries 2, Wet-Dries 3
Wet Dries 4,  
FAQs on
Wet Dry Filter:
Selection, Set-Up, Pumps, Plumbing Issues, Bio-Balls, Bio-Ball, Wet-Dry Media 2, Other Filter/Media/Elements (other than bio-balls), Plumbing, Modification/Conversion, Operation/Maintenance/Repair...   By Manufacturer: A-Miracle, Eheim, (Marineland's) Pro-Clear, Tenecor, Tidepool,

How to make a simple Algae Turf Scrubber (ATS), by Simon Trippick,
Basics of Building an Algae Scrubber by "Santa Monica" Bryan,
The Complete Guide to Algae Turf Scrubbers: Part 1 by Santa Monica Filtration
The Complete Guide to Algae Turf Scrubbers: Part 2 by Santa Monica Filtration
FAQs on: Algae Scrubber Input/Update by Bryan, Santa Monica Filtration
See also: Sump and Refugium sections above
FAQs on:
Algal Filtration 1, Algal Filtration 2
FAQs on: Algal Filtration Rationale/Science, Algal Filter Design, Algal Filtration Lighting, Algal Filter Install, Algal Filter Operation/Maintenance, Algae Filters as Food Sources, Algal Turf Scrubbers (ATS) Filters, Algal Filter Troubles/Fixes,

Mud Use, Mud Filters:
FAQs on:
Mud Filtration, Mud Filtration 2Mud Filtration 3,
FAQs on
Mud Filtration: Rationale/Use, Engineering/Placement, Maintenance/Replacement, Troubles, Products: Miracle Mud/Leng Sy, Other Mud products,

Plenums, Natural Nitrate Reduction (NNR) in Marine Filtration by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Plenums 1, Plenums 2

Denitrification, Gear for Same
FAQs on:
Denitrification Gear

Fluidized Beds
FAQs on:
Fluidized Beds,

Magical Magnetic Water "Filters", "Cure Alls For What Ails Ya?!" & Fantastic
FAQs on:
Magnetic Filters,

Chemical Filtrants: Resins, Zeolite, Carbon...

Chemical Filtration by Bob Fenner
FAQs on
Chemical Filtrants Use (e.g. PolyFilter, Chemipure, Purigen), Chemical Filtrants Use 2, Zeolites,
Nitrate Chemical Filters (e.g. Bio-pellets)
FAQs on  Chemical Filtrant Applications, Delivery Mechanisms (e.g. Reactors), Troubleshooting/Fixing,
FAQs on: Chemical Filtrants By Product Names/Manufacturer's: Chemi-Pure (Boyd Enterprises), PolyFilter (Poly-Bio-Marine), Purigen (SeaChem)

Selection and Placement of Activated Carbon in Marine Aquaria by Adam Jenkins,  Phosphates in Carbon; An analysis of the phosphate content of activated Carbon by Steven Pro,
FAQs on Carbon, Carbon 2, Carbon Rationale/Use, Carbon Types/Qualities/Selection, Carbon Placement, Carbon Renewal, Carbon Negative Reactions, Carbon Sources/Brands (ChemiPure, ),

Zeolite Filters: A Discussion of What Zeolites Are and How They Function by Jens Kallmeyer
The ZEOvit System: A New Concept in Reefkeeping by Alexander Girz
FAQs on Zeolites,

For Phosphate (e.g. Rowaphos), Nitrate et al Nitrogenous Metabolites issues, search the Maintenance sub-index:

Filtration by Type of System:

FAQs on Fish Only System Filtration,

FAQs on FOWLR (Fish and Live Rock, Invertebrates) Filtration,

Reef Filtration by Bob Fenner
New Products: The ZEOvit System: A New Concept in Reefkeeping by Alexander Girz,
The Cutting Edge: Zeolite Filters By Jens Kallmeyer
FAQs on
Reef Filtration, Reef Filtration 2,
Reef Filtration: Designs, Installation, Maintenance, Brands/Manufacturers, DIY, Troubleshooting/Repair,

Small Marine Systems Filtration & FAQs on: Small System Filtration 1, Small Marine Sys. Filt. 2, Small Mar. Sys. Filt. 3,

FAQs on Large System Filtration/Circulation/Aeration,

 FAQs on Cold/Cool Water System Filtration,


Skimmer Articles:
Protein Skimming: An Important Tool For a Successful Reef Aquarium by James Gasta
Protein Skimmers: A Myriad of Choices by Steven Pro
Protein Skimmer Impressions by Steven Pro
Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer Product Review by Justin Norman,
Vertex Aquaristik, A promising line of skimmers from Germany, by James Gasta
AquaC Auto-Shutoff Waste Container, Product Review by James Gasta

DIY Skimmers By Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
DIY Protein Skimmers,

FAQs on Skimmers: To Skim or Not to SkimBest Skimmer FAQs, Skimmers in General 1, Skimmers 2Skimmer Placement, Pump Selection/Replacement, Adding Venturis/Ports,

FAQs on Skimmer Selection: Skimmer Selection 1Skimmer Selection 2, Skimmer Selection 3, Skimmer Selection 4, Skimmer Selection 5, Skimmer Selection 6, Skimmer Selection 7, Skimmer Selection 8, Skimmer Selection 9, Skimmer Selection 10, Skimmer Selection 11, Skimmer Selection 12, Skimmer Selection 13, Skimmer Selection 14, Skimmer Selection 15, Skimmer Selection 16, Skimmer Selection , (and see below)
FAQs on
Skimmers For Specialized Use: FO System Skimmers, FOWLR Skimmers, Skimmers for Large (200 gal. plus) Systems, Skimmers for Small Systems (less than 40 gal.), Skimmers for Eclipse Systems, Hang-On Models, Skimmers for Refugiums/Sumps, Cold/Cool Water System Skimmers,  

FAQs & Reviews on Skimmer Makes/Models by Manufacturer: DIY Skimmers, Aqua C Skimmers (Remora, Urchin, EV's)Aqua C Skimmers 2, & Aqua C EV 180 Review by James Gasta, AquaEuro, AquaMedic/Turboflotor Skimmers, ASM (G2...) Skimmers, Beckett, CPR Skimmers, Coralife Skimmers, DAS/Dutch Aquarium Systems Skimmers, Deltec Skimmers, Euro-Reef/Reef Dynamics Skimmers 1, Euro-Reef  Skimmers (Now Reef Dynamics) 2, ETS/S Skimmers, Kent/Nautilus Skimmers, Orphek Skimmers, Precision Marine (PM), Prizm Skimmers, RK2 Skimmers, Red Sea, Berlin, Sanders, SeaClone Skimmers, Skilter Skimmers, Tunze Skimmers, All Other Brands/Makes/Manufacturers & Tunze 9002 DOC Skimmer Product Review by Justin Norman, Vertex Aquaristik, A promising line of skimmers from Germany, by James Gasta

FAQs on Skimmer Set-up/Operation/Maintenance, Best Skimmer Op./Maint.: Skimmer Op/Maint.2, Skimmer Op/Maint. 3, Skimmer Op/Maint. 4, Skimmer Op/Maint. 5, Skimmer Op/Maint. 6, Skimmer Op/Maint 7Skimmer Op/Maint. 8Skimmer Op/Maint 9Skimmer Op/Maint 10Skimmer Op/Maint 11Skimmer Op/Maint 12, Skimmer Op/Maint 13, Skimmer Op/Maint 14, Skimmer Op/Maint 15, Skimmer Op/Maint 16, Skimmer Op/Maint 17, Skimmer Op/Maint 18, Skimmer Op/Maint 19,      

Tiny Bubbles (not the Don Ho classic) and Larger Ones
FAQs on:
Bubble Troubles 1, Bubble Troubles 2


Marine Lighting Generally















Marine Light by Bob Fenner
Light Fixtures for Marine Aquariums by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Marine Lighting 1, Marine Lighting 2, Marine Lighting 3, Marine Lighting 4, Marine Lighting 5, Marine Lighting 6, Marine Lighting 7, Marine Lighting 8Marine Lighting 9Marine Lighting 10, Marine Lighting 11Marine Lighting 12, Marine Lighting 13, Marine Lighting 14, Marine Lighting 15, Marine Lighting 16, Marine Lighting 17, Marine Lighting 18,

Electricity and Marine Systems by Bob Fenner 
FAQs on:
Electricity, Electricity 2

Lighting Fixtures, Gear, Lamps & Bulbs

Lighting Fixtures, Lamps/Bulbs:
Understanding Spectrographs and Chromaticity Graphs by James Gasta
FAQs on
Marine Lighting: Fixture Selection 1,  Fixture Selection 2, Fixture Selection 3,  (incandescent, fluorescent, MH/HQI, LED, natural...), Lamp/Bulb Selection 1, Lamp/Bulb Selection 2, (See Fluorescent, LED, MH... below), Installing, Waste Heat Production/Elimination, UV Shielding, Measure, Troubles/Repairs, By Manufacturer Make/Model: AquaticLife, Catalina, Coralife, Custom Sea Life, Odyssea, 

Canopies, Covers & Canopies for Lighting Fixtures by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on
Canopies, Covers & Lighting Fixtures 1, Canopies 2,
FAQs on
Canopy/Cover: Rationale, Design/Engineering, Construction, Sealing, Reflectors, Fans, Wiring, Repairing,

Fluorescent Lighting for Marine Systems,
Spectral Quality of Various Fluorescent Lamps by Dana Riddle
FAQs on
Fluorescent Lighting, Fluorescent Light 2Fluorescent Light 3, Normal Output (NO), High Output (HO), Very High Output (VHO), Compact Fluorescents (CFs, PCs)Compact Fluorescents 2T5, TN Fluorescent Lighting,
FAQs on
Fluorescent: Fixture Selection, End Caps, Ballasts, Regular High-Output, and Very High Output Lamp Selection, PC/CF Lamp Selection, T-5 Lamp Selection, Lamp Life-Span Issues, Power Consumption & Heat Production Issues, Installation-Wiring, Troubleshooting/Repairing, By Make/Model/Manufacturer: Aquactinics, Corallife, CSL, Hello Lights, Odyssea, Satellite, Others, UV Lamp Replacement,

Metal Halide/HQI, & Halogen Lighting
FAQs on:
Metal Halides 1, Metal Halides 2, Metal Halides 3Metal Halides 4 Metal Halides 5, Metal Halides 6, Metal Halides 7,
FAQs on:
Metal Halides for Small Systems, Metal Halides for 40-200 gal. Systems, Metal Halides for Medium-Sized Systems 2, Metal Halides for Medium-Sized Systems 3, MH for 200 gal. Plus Systems, Metal Halide Lamp Issues, Metal Halide Lamps 2, Metal Halide Fixture Issues, Metal Halide Fixtures 2, Metal Halide Heat Issues, MH Repair Issues, MH Wiring, MH Electricity Use, MH Ballasts, MH (aka UV) Shields, By Make/Model/Manufacturer: Aqua Medic, Captive Sun, Eclipse, Iwasaki, PFO, Sunlight Supply, Ushio,

  LED Lighting, the New Horizon in Aquarium Lighting? by James Gasta
 Switching from Metal Halides to LEDs by Michael Maddox
Orphek’s Tips for Buying an LED Fixture by James Gasta
Is UV light a gimmick in LED Fixtures, or do corals benefit by it?
by James Gasta
Reviews: Orphek's Pr-156 Power Reef LED Pendant, Reviewed by James Gasta,
Orphek's DIF XP Pendant Reviewed by James Gasta

TMC's Aqua Ray MultiControl, AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra, and AquaBeam 600 Ultra on test. Review By James Gasta
ZooMed AquaSun LED HO Review by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: LED Lighting 1, LED Lighting 2, LED Lighting 3, LED Lighting 4, LED Lighting,
FAQs on:
LED Lighting Science/Rationale, LED Lighting for Small Systems (< 40 gal.s), LED Lighting for Large/r Systems, LED Lighting Installations, LED Lighting Troubles/Repairs, LED Lighting Manufacturers (Kessil, Orphek, ZooMed AquaSun LED HO Review by Bob Fenner), LED Lighting ,

Actinic, "Blue" Lighting
FAQs on:
Actinic/Blue Lights,

Fluorescing lighting:
FAQs on: Fluorescence lighting

Natural/Sunlight, Including Solatubes Use
FAQs on:
Natural/Solar Lighting,

Moonlighting the Marine Aquarium by Bob Goemans,
FAQs on:
Moon Lighting,

Moving Light Systems by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on:
Moving Light Systems

FAQs on:
Photoperiod, Dimmers/Timers, Time for Lighting/Dark

Lighting By Application, System, Livestock

Small System Lighting, Small Marine System Lighting 2,

Lighting Marine Invertebrates, Reef Lighting Without Controversy! by Anthony Calfo
FAQs on
Reef Organism Lighting Systems: Lighting Marine Inverts 1, Lighting Marine Inverts 2, Lighting Marine Inverts 3, Lighting Marine Inverts 4, Lighting Marine Inverts 5, Lighting Marine Inverts 6,

Reef/Coral Lighting:
Coral Lighting: what we know and what we don't know (mostly the latter) by Sara Mavinkurve
Lighting Reef Systems: Considerations, Organisms, Goals and Costs by Bob Fenner

FAQs on:
Coral Lighting 1, Coral Lighting 2 Coral Lighting 3, Coral Lighting 4, & Soft Coral Lighting, & SPS Lighting,
FAQs on
Coral Lighting: Science/Application, Designs/Fixtures, Lamps/Bulbs, Quality, Duration & Intensity, Night-Time, Lighting Costs, Troubleshooting/Fixing, Makes/Models/Manufacturers,

Anemone Lighting: Anemone Lighting 1, Anemone Lighting 2, Anemone Lighting 3, Anemone Lighting 4,
FAQs on
Anemone Lighting: Science/Application, Design/Fixtures, Lamps/Bulbs, Duration, Quality and Intensity, Trouble/Fixing, Makes/Models/Manufacturers,

Giant Clam Lighting:
FAQs on
Tridacnid Lighting 1 Tridacnid Lighting 2,
FAQs on
Tridacnid Lighting: Science/Application, Design/Fixtures, Lamps/Bulbs, Duration, Quality and Intensity, Trouble/Fixing, Makes/Models/Manufacturers,

By Systems: Small System Lighting, Small Marine System Lighting 2,  Large System Lighting, MH for 200 gal. Plus Systems, LR LightingRefugium Lighting,

Acclimating Photosynthetic Reef Invertebrates to Captive Lighting by Anthony Calfo
Photo-acclimation: Why and How by James Gasta
Orphek LED Photo Acclimation, Myth or Fact by James Gasta
FAQs on:
Acclimating Photosynthetic Reef Invertebrates to Captive Lighting

To: Marine Set-Up 1  

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